French PM warns that 10,000 Europeans may swell ISIS ranks by end of 2015/Social Media Jihad: ISIS supporters create new network/Joint EU Army? Germany, Finland back idea, UK & France wary/Putin Signs Law On Ratification of $100 Billion BRICS New Development Bank Deal and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

‘Extinct’ Burma bird rediscovered after 73 years

'Extinct' Burma bird rediscovered after 73 years

In an amazing discovery a bird that was thought to have gone extinct has been rediscovered in Burma after a team of scientists used a recording of the species’ distinctive call to track it down. 1941 was the last this species was seen. The Jerdon’s Babbler (chrysomma altirostre altirostre) – a small brown bird similar in …

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Pakistan tests missile that could carry nuclear warhead to every part of India

Pakistan has just test-fired a ballistic missile that is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to every part of India according to sources. Pakistani military leaders said the Shaheen-III missile has a range of up 1,700 miles, which could enable it to reach deep into the Middle East, including Israel. After the missile was fired …

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Former SEALs chaplain could be kicked out of Navy for Christian beliefs

In yet another story of  Christian persecution in America, A chaplain who once ministered to Navy SEALs could be thrown out of the military after he was accused of failing “to show tolerance and respect” in private counseling sessions in regards to issues pertaining to faith, marriage and sexuality, specifically homosexuality and pre-marital sex, according …

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550 dead animals found, ‘due to snow and cold’ in Leon, Spain

The harsh temperatures and extreme snowfall has produced much damage in many places in the World and now a report out of Spain is indicating that More than 500 animals have been found dead around Riano, in Leon slope of the Cantabrian mountain range, following heavy snowfall and extreme cold this winter. . The guards …

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104 TONS of dead fish wash ashore along the coast of Montevideo, Uraguay

Sources indicate that over 104 Tons of dead fish has washed ashore along the coast of Montevideo, Uraguay. The Municipality of Montevideo (IMM) completed the cleanup on the coast after the appearance of dead fish on Wednesday. In Canelones, tasks continue during the day and so far collected 95 tons lead. It is the fish known …

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Policewoman among 4 arrested in connection with Paris terror attacks

A shocking report coming from RT News indicates that Four people, including an officer who worked at a police intelligence center, are being held over alleged links to Amedy Coulibaly, the kosher deli hostage-taker who killed five people during terror attacks in Paris earlier this year. Reports indicate that the suspects are being questioned as …

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Benjamin Watson: Rise of ISIS Sign of Christ’s Soon Return

Benjamin Watson the tight-end for the New Orleans Saints, whose statements on Ferguson went massively viral, is now speaking out on ISIS and the soon coming of the Lord.  Watson speaks of stories of families on the run, fleeing their homes while they are pillaged and killed. He said their testimonies hold a familiar chord: “Convert, …

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Is the Church Compromising the Gospel in the Name of Impacting Culture?

The bible speaks of a “Falling Away” as we approach the end of the age and a Recent Charisma report regarding a live sex show that has parents up in arms a couple of weeks ago drove a flurry of #StopSexBox hashtags on Twitter. Now it has been revealed that a pastor holds a doctorate in counseling …

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Pat Robertson Answers the Question: Should I Attend My Gay Child’s Wedding?

Well guess who’s back in the spotlight again? Yep Mr. Pat Robertson and this time the parents of a gay child wrote in to the 700 Club seeking advice from its conservative host about if they should attend the same-sex union of their child.  In the letter one parent felt it would be best to …

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Obama Completely Distorting Islam’s Role in America’s History

Is our president and what he communicates about Islam and its role in America’s founding distorting facts and history? According to a report from Charisma, he is both inaccurate and dishonest in what he communicates to Americans and others overseas. For example has has made statements such as : • “Islam has been woven into …

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Your Favorite Social Media Site May Be Funding Anti-Christian Bigotry

Is your favorite Social Media Site funding Ant-Christian bigotry? According to a report from Charisma the social media site, which allows registered users to submit content that is then “voted” up or down by other users to determine the content’s position on the page, has awarded an $82,765.95 grant to the anti-Christian Freedom From …

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US sends heavy armour to Baltic states to ‘deter’ Russia

It appears that America isn’t backing off of helping Ukraine against Russia as reports indicate that the United States on Monday delivered more than 100 pieces of military equipment to vulnerable NATO-allied Baltic states in a move designed to provide them with the ability to deter potential Russian threats. According to the reports the deliveries …

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Venezuela to install finger scanners to tackle food shortages

We’ve discussed many times how a generation would embrace a system in which would consist of the population embedding chips under their skins or using their fingerprints and retina scans to purchase food, open doors or even checking your emails. And what’s happening out of Venezuela is a good example of this. Reports indicate that …

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Anti-American sentiment in Russia now more intense than during Soviet era

There was a time whe thought the Soviet Union was anti-American sentiment and history is beginning to repeat itself.  After a full year of furious rhetoric has been pumped across Russian airwaves, anger toward the United States is at its worst since opinion polls began tracking it. A wave of anti-U.S. bile has swept the country, …

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Obamacare premiums set to spike

The latest reports coming out regarding Obamacare will probably not make you excited about the “Hope and Change” promised to America that is because Obamacare exchange customers could see a significant spike in their premiums over the next few years as insurers face pressures from both the government and the marketplace, the Congressional Budget Office …

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NY’s homeless population hits record high as poverty explodes in America

According to a new report coming out of New York the Economy isn’t approving very much because the homeless population in the nation’s largest city has exploded to an all-time high, forcing officials to provide shelter to desperate families in dilapidated tenements that have been identified by housing authorities as dangerous. New York City’s Mayor …

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Planet Fitness Revokes Woman’s Membership After Speaking Out About Man in Womens’ Locker Room

How would you feel if you were a woman and saw men in the women’s locker room at your gym? Well a report from a Planet Fitness in Michigan has revoked the membership of a woman who complained—and then warned other women at the gym—about a man who identifies as a woman who uses the …

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H1N1 breaches 800 mark in Mumbai

Mumbai has just breached the 800 mark on Sunday, taking it statistically close to the 2010 situation when a global swine flu pandemic was raging on. That year, Mumbai reported 847 confirmed cases and 30 deaths.  While in terms of fatalities the city is better placed with seven deaths this time, it has already reported …

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British Army could be slashed to smallest number in 250 years

According to a new report coming out of Britain it appears that the United States isn’t the only Nation dramatically cutting their Military Force, According to reports the British Army could be reduced to just 50,000 soldiers – its smallest size in 250 years – a report has warned. This report indicates that troop numbers …

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China developing new DF-31 for multiple warheads

China appears to be developing a new variant of the solid-fuel, road-mobile DF-31 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of carrying multiple warheads. The new report came from US admiral Cecil D Haney during a session of the US House of Representatives’ Armed Services Committee on Feb. 26, according to a recent report from the UK-based …

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Iran’s New Missile Puts Israel ‘in Range’

It appears that Iran isn’t flinching on the their Military advancements and their intentions to keep Israel in their crosshairs as a new report indicates that,  as the US and its allies continue to discuss limiting Iran’s nuclear program with Tehran, the Iranian military on Sunday announced that it had developed a new long-range cruise …

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Mysterious drone spotted over military site near Paris

A mysterious drone has been spotted over a sensitive military site south-west of Paris, in the latest in a series of flights that has stumped authorities. according to reports the drone was seen late on Saturday over a base in Seine-Port from which France’s navy communicates with its submarines, a source close to the inquiry …

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5,000 Military Servicemen to Take Part in Norway Drills Near Russian Border

Roughly 5,000 servicemen and 400 units of military equipment will be involved in the “Joint Viking” exercises that kick off on Monday in the north of Norway, not far from the Russian border as tensions continue to mound in that region. According to reports these drills are the largest to take place in the region …

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French PM warns that 10,000 Europeans may swell ISIS ranks by end of 2015

A shocking report is coming out of Europe this morning as the number of Europeans swelling the Islamic State group’s ranks could reach 10,000 by the end of 2015 according to the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls suggested on Sunday in an interview with French television, AFP reported Sunday. “There are 3,000 Europeans in Iraq …

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Netanyahu says Israel will not cede land to Palestinians

Benjamin Netanyahu may have just derailed Obama’s attempt to bring peace to the Middle East anytime soon because on Sunday Netanyahu said that Israel will not cede any territory due to the current climate in the Middle East, appearing to rule out the establishment of a Palestinian state. Netanyahu’s comments, which came as he sought …

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Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Coca-Cola Among 379 Companies to File Brief Supporting of Gay Marriage

If you are one that tries to boycott every company that supports “Gay Marriage” you may be on a very exhaustive journey as a new report has come out indicating that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Coca-Cola are among 379 companies that filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of same-sex …

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Islamic State attacks Christian villages in northeast Syria

Just weeks after the Islamic State kidnapped 220 Assyrian Christians from Northeast Syria we are now receiving reports that ISIS has once again targeted Assyrian Christian villages in northeastern Syria in a series of brutal attacks on Saturday, causing clashes with Kurdish militia in the area. Most of the fighting occurred on the northern banks …

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Arctic sea ice near its all-time minimum low and could break previous record

A new report indicates that the sea ice in the Arctic is near its all-time minimum for the end of winter and could break the previous record within the next two weeks if it fails to grow, according to the latest satellite data. The data indicates the area of the Arctic covered by floating sea …

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Implanted tracking devices, forced vaccinations and euthanizing the sick, weak and feeble-minded

A chilling report of what may be coming to America as early as 2016 may leave you speechless! So what’s in store? Can you say “forced chemotherapy and radiation”? It’s going on right now, you know. Yes it is. Here’s a case in Michigan now.  Or how about US doctors and oncologists experimenting on humans …

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Michigan City Unanimously Passes Muslim-Based Resolution Against ‘Hatred’

It appears that Michigan is edging closer to a “Hate Crime” Legislation Bill as a city council in Michigan has unanimously voted to pass a Muslim-based resolution against religious discrimination and hatred.  While the resolution does not specifically mention Islam, Councilman Alex Garza told the News Herald that he introduced the measure to stand in …

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iPhone BRAIN IMPLANT Coming Soon From Apple?

 harvest army

Refugees mount as Iraq steps up offensive against ISIL


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