Stop buying oil from ISIS! – former CoE Sec Gen tells Western companies and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

Mystery Voice Calls Cops to Rescue Toddler After Deadly Crash

Three police officers, two fire fighters, a fisherman, and a mysterious voice are being credited with saving the life of an 18-month-old baby. She was found unconscious, dangling from her car seat after a crash in the Spanish Fork river in Utah.  According to reports a fisherman called 911 Saturday after he discovered what he …

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Transgender Bathroom Bills: Who’s Really Offended?

On Aug. 12, 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1266 into law, Which paves the way for “Transgender Bathrooms”. Now other States are heading down the same path. Recently, in Midland, Michigan, Yvette Cormier​ ​saw a man in the women’s locker room at her local gym​. She immediately ​complained to management​,​ ​but ​a gym employee notified …

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Record number of Americans renounce citizenship to escape tax laws and surveillance

According to new reports it seems that a record of American citizens are getting fed up with taxes and government surveillance! That is because the number of Americans renouncing their citizenship is raising to record levels! Many because of byzantine, outmoded laws and increasingly oppressive government.  As reported by CNBC, “While politicians are focused on …

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Global debt rose $57 trillion since 2007; economic implosion now unavoidable

More headlines are coming out that are warning of a coming “Economic Collapse” and this latest comes from Natural News who is reporting that Global debt has soared to dizzying levels since the “Great Recession,” and according to a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute. The study estimates that overall global debt since 2007 …

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Frito-Lay chips are filled with poison-producing GMO corn and deadly glyphosate herbicide

A shocking report coming out on Frito Lay Potato Chips amy make you lose your appetite? According to new reports from “Natural News”, The Texas-based Frito-Lay corporation, whose parent company is PepsiCo, has been caught selling deadly processed food products that contain both genetically modified (GM), pesticide-producing “corn” and Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide (glyphosate), which is …

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American Baptist College Defends Invite to Lesbian Speaker, Says Christians Make ‘Idol’ of Bible

What in the world has the Church come to these days? A shocking report is coming out, of an American Baptist College who is defending its invitation to an openly lesbian United Church of Christ minister, asserting that Christians are making an “idol” of the Bible.  “It’s sad that people use religion and idolatry of …

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Florida City Yanks Tax-Exempt Status from ‘Church’ Running Spring Break Nightclub

Officials in Florida aren’t too happy with a Church in Florida, A report indicates that the Florida City Officials has revoked the local tax-exempt status from a so-called church that has been running what the city deems a sexually-charged nightclub during Spring Break. Officials say “It’s very disturbing, especially inside our city limits here in …

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Russia says it has the right to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea

According to a Foreign ministry Official, Russia has the right to deploy nuclear arms in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, which Moscow annexed from Ukraine last year.  This reports comes from Mikhail Ulyanovsk, the head of the ministry’s department on arms control, added that he knew of no plans to do so. “I don’t …

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No Opting Out of Vaccinations Under Proposed California Bill

If you live in California and choose to not vaccinate, you may not be happy with a new report coming out that indicates that a bill on the subject would hit the legislature. In fact one has, It’s called SB 277 and it has been introduced in late February. According to the report it would …

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Obama tax refunds for illegal immigrants to cost $2 billion over 5 years

Are you ready to pay for tax refunds for Illegals? According to a new report Illegal immigrants will file 800,000 claims for Earned Income Tax Credit refunds under President Obama’s new deportation amnesty, costing the government $2 billion over the next five years, Congress’s scorekeeper predicted this week as key lawmakers proposed legislation to cancel …

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Isis blows up 10th century Assyrian Catholic monastery near Mosul

Well the Islamic State (Isis) is not thru destroying artifacts in the Middle East anytime soon, In fact according to sources they have now blown up a 10th century Chaldean Catholic church north of Mosul and bulldozed a nearby graveyard.  This report comes from Nineveh Yakou , An Assyrian Archaeologist and Director of Cultural Heritage and …

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Top Market Strategist Sees Stock Market Storm Brewing

When Wall Street  Experts speak many listen and Jim Stack a man who watches Wall Street like a hawk—from 2,200 miles away, on the shores of Montana’s stunning Whitefish Lake maintains more than a century’s worth of market data that helps him forge a “safety-first” strategy. With the bull market turning 6 years old on …

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UK Treasury unprepared for financial crash

Someone should probably inform the UK Treasury Department that we are in a dangerous hebraic 7 Year cycle called the”Shemitah”. A new report indicates that the Treasury has not learned lessons from the 2007-08 financial crash.  As a result, the report indicates the UK could be exposed to more economic shocks, whether from another eurozone …

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ISIS Orders Assyrian Christian Hostages to Convert to Islam, but All Boldly Refuse to Deny Jesus Christ

Here in America we have people turning away from God from being offended by their pastor, Not being chose to sing in the choir or not considered popular at work, Meanwhile believers in the Mideast are faced with renouncing Christ or death! A new report from the Christian Post indicates that two of the 200-plus …

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The secret your cellphone company doesn’t want you to know


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Canada foils plot to bomb Toronto financial district

According to reports out of Canada, It has foiled a plot by a self-proclaimed Islamic State supporter to bomb the U.S. consulate and other buildings in Toronto’s financial district. Reuters indicates that the alleged plot came to light after the Pakistani man, who has lived in Canada since 2004, tried to recruit an undercover Royal …

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Biblical scholar says claim on 2,000-year-old bone box should be taken literally

A Biblical scholar has added fuel to the fire on speculation that Jesus Christ had a brother. Ben Witherington, an American New Testament expert, has firmed up the claims after a ground-breaking archaeological discovery. In November 2002 a 2,000-year-old bone box was discovered with the Aramaic inscription: “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus,” seemingly …

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Iran Claims it can Defeat the US in ‘Any Scenario’

A report out of the Mideast indicates Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari claimed Wednesday that Iran can defeat the US in “any scenario.” At a convention in Tehran, Jafari boasted “we have grown so much (more) powerful that we don’t feel concerned about the enemy’s unwise attitude. We can go past …

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Mutating bird flu may pose pandemic threat in humans

A sobering new report from scientists indicate that a wave of H7N9 bird flu in China that has spread into people may has the potential to emerge as a pandemic strain in humans, scientists said on Wednesday.  According to reports the H7N9 virus, one of several strains of bird flu known to be able to …

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Photographs emerge of new Pacific island off Tonga Formed by Underwater Volcanic Eruption

Photographs have recently emerged of a newly formed volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean after three men climbed to the peak of the land mass off the coast of Tonga. The New Island is believed to have formed after a volcano exploded underwater and then expanded. The one-mile long cone-shaped island began forming last month, about forty miles …

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