Australian prime minister to be protected by $2m steel security fence and two bullet proof, concrete gatehouses and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

Prime Minister to be protected by $2m security upgrade

The Abbott government is pressing ahead with plans to fortify the ministerial wing of Federal Parliament that will see the Prime Minister’s office screened by a steel security fence and two bullet proof, concrete gatehouses.

House of Representatives Speaker Bronwyn Bishop is now seeking parliamentary approval for the new “perimeter security enhancements”.

The new physical security measures, which according to Mrs Bishop’s office will cost around $2 million,  follow the highly visible upgrading of Parliament House security after the national counter terrorism alert level was raised last September and the Canadian Parliament was attacked by a gunman in October. cont

China-led infrastructure bank – ‘indication of de-dollarization that makes US unhappy’

The US was forced to change its mind over cooperating with the China-led development bank after its allies refused to join a boycott, which is a sign that dollar hegemony is not lasting, Lew Rockwell, chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute told RT. cont

Eruption of Russian volcano blamed for mysterious ash rain over U.S. Pacific Northwest

UPDATE – A few weeks ago residents of Oregon and Washington observed a strange milky rain.  As per the reports, the rain contains equal quantity of water and ashes. The officials of Washington and Oregon gathered samples of mysterious ash like rain fall for analysis. They are trying hard to determine the origin and reason …

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Earth’s interior hotter than previously believed

According to a new report the Earth’s Interior is much hotter than previously thought. Many Biblical scholars believe this is the location of what the Bible calls Hell, Hades and the Lake of Fire mentioned in the scriptures. The report went on to say By crushing minerals between diamonds, a University of Utah study suggests the …

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New Zealand community told to prepare for major quake along dangerous Alpine Fault

An alarming report is coming out regarding the citizens of New Zealand to prepare for a catastrophic Earthquake. According to reports A West Coast community will need to consider drastic changes to its town to prepare for an inevitable Alpine Fault earthquake. The fault runs diagonally through Franz Josef Township and geologists have recommended a …

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Volcanoes in Chile and Mexico shaken by explosive ash eruptions

Extinction Protocol is reporting that Volcanoes in Chile and Mexico have been shaken by explosive ash eruptions in the latest volcanic activity, A steady stream of smoke and ash leaking from the Villarrica volcano has residents of a nearby town wondering if – or when – disaster might strike. Chilean officials raised threat levels to …

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Nine countries have debt-to-GDP ratios over 300 percent; this will end disastrously

The world’s great powers, over the past 100 years, have grown more liberal in their societies and socialist in their economies. Of course, plenty of people will dispute that, but facts are, as they say, facts, and no matter how many times you shout down the truth teller, that won’t change. And in this case, …

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One earthquake could cut off 70% of California’s water supply

A New report from Natural News is making things in California even more frightening as they have recently reported that just one sizable earthquake could result in cutting off 70% of California’s Water Supply. What do you get when you cross a record-setting drought with an earthquake? This question was recently asked on NPR, and …

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Franklin Graham: History Shows That When Nations Do This, Their End Is Near

History certainly repeats itself and Franklin Graham doesn’t seem to bothered by the rebuke he received from a group of pastors. Indeed, he’s still speaking out as boldly as ever. This time, he’s speaking out about America’s future. “One of the greatest threats to America is the progressives (a new name for liberals) led by …

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Navy Bans Chaplain From Ministering to Family of Dead Sailor

It really takes a special kind of lowlife to stop a chaplain from ministering to the family and colleagues of a dead sailor. But that’s exactly what happened last week at Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek, South Carolina, according to attorneys representing Chaplain Wes Modder. “For this Navy to bar a chaplain …

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Arkansas Senate Considering Proposal to Place Ten Commandments Monument on Capitol Grounds

The Arkansas state Senate is considering a proposal to allow a privately-funded Ten Commandments monument to be placed on the grounds of the state capitol building. The Senate State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee approved the proposal by Sen. Jason Rapert (R-Bigelow) on Tuesday, just a day after the motion had failed, sending the matter …

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Did Pope Francis Turn Vial of Blood Into Liquid?

According to reports coming from around the world Pope Francis has been credited with performing a miracle in Naples on Saturday by the Archbishop of Naples, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe.  During a visit to Naples Cathedral, the pontiff venerated a vial of blood belonging to the Neapolitan patron St. Gennaro, who was once the bishop of …

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Glenn Beck Warns “A New World Order is Imminent”

Glenn Beck is making some waves again with future predictions. In his latest he is predicting a soon arrival of a “New World Order”! According to sources, New York City always seems to bring out the more cynical side of Glenn, and this trip is no different. Glenn opened the radio program this morning with …

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The Gulf Stream system may already be weakening. That’s not good.

In the 2004 disaster film The Day After Tomorrow, climate change causes a major disruption of ocean currents in the Atlantic Ocean, which in turn brings about a sudden ice age in New York City. That scenario was ridiculous and overwrought. Still, the underlying idea that global warming could mess with some important ocean circulation …

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Moscow demands removal of U.S. nuclear missiles

A New report is showing increase tensions with Russia and the U.S as Russia issues a demand that the United States remove all non-strategic nuclear weapons from Europe.  Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich referred to comments by Jen Psaki, his counterpart at the U.S. State Department, that U.S. missiles are under constant U.S. control, as …

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CERN set to test bounds of physics

CERN is set to test the very bounds of physis according to a new report from the Japan Times. Europe’s physics lab CERN said March 12 that it had begun tests in preparation for rebooting the world’s biggest particle collider and trying to uncover new particles that could alter our understanding of the universe. “We …

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See The Place They Call The Doorway To Hell, The Erta Ale Lava Lake

ETHIOPIA’S ERTA ALE IS THE WORLD’S OLDEST CONTINUOUSLY ACTIVE LAVA LAKE “For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains.” Deuteronomy 32:22 (KJV) The word Hell appears 54 times in the King …

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Sweden and NATO report Russian military planes over Baltic Sea

The Swedish Air Force and NATO jets on Tuesday tracked four Russian combat aircraft flying with their transponders turned off over the Baltic Sea, officials said. The Russian planes — two long-range, nuclear-capable Tu-22M3 bombers and two Sukhoi Su-27 fighters — were flying in international airspace, according to Sweden’s Armed Forces and alliance sources. NATO …

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UK’s Cameron urges Netanyahu to pursue two-state solution

It now appears that pressure is coming from Britain to force Israel to sucumb to a “Two-State Solution” as reports indicate that Britain’s prime minister spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by phone on Monday, urging him to pursue a two-state solution with the Palestinians.  David Cameron told Netanyahu that a negotiated solution that created a Palestinian …

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Boko Haram has kidnapped hundreds in northern Nigerian town

A grim report is coming out of Nigeria where Reuters is reporting that Boko Haram militants have kidnapped more than 400 women and children from the northern Nigerian town of Damasak that was freed this month by troops from Niger and Chad, residents said on Tuesday. There was no immediate official confirmation of the figure, …

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More States Added to ‘Jade Helm’ Military Exercise

The US military has quietly added more states to its eight-week Jade Helm joint training drill, originally designated to take place in seven southwestern states. Speaking of the exercise at the Brazos County Commissioners Court in Texas last month, Jade Helm Operations Planner and retired Green Beret Thomas Mead told an audience that the drill, …

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UN nuclear watchdog says Iran not providing needed information and access

Iran is making things even more difficult regarding Nuclear ambitions according to a new report that is indicating that the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said that Iran has failed to provide the information or access needed to allay the agency’s concerns about the weapons potential of the country’s nuclear program. With the …

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NASA on alert as HUGE Asteroid 2014-YB35 set to ‘skim past Earth’ at 23,000 mph on FRIDAY

Once again NASA has put us on alert as reports indicate that a Mammoth asteroid capable of wiping out an entire country is on a near-collision course with Earth. The 1,000-metre wide monster will hurtle terrifyingly close to the planet within days, sparking fears of an unprecedented disaster. The object called ‘2014-YB35’ is almost the same …

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Palestinians to Obama: We Told You So About Netanyahu

It appears that the Palestinians are trying to express to Obama of what he will be facing with Netanyahu’s re-election. Now that President Obama is calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an unwilling partner in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Palestinian representatives in the United States have a simple message for him: We told you so. “Ever …

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US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel’s Nuclear Program




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