Netanyahu accuses Persia of trying to ‘conquer the entire Middle East’ amid looming nuclear deal/Yemeni warplane fleet destroyed in raids, Russia, Turkey Condemn Iran Support and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

Did The Great Battle For Control Of The Middle East Just Begin In Yemen?

THE BATTLE FOR THE MIDDLE EAST’S FUTURE BEGINS IN YEMEN AS SAUDI ARABIA JUMPS INTO THE ABYSS Unprecedented in modern Arab history, a Sunni Muslim coalition of 10 nations – including non-Arab Pakistan – has attacked another Arab nation. The Sunnis and the Shia of the Middle East are now at war with each other …

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Mexico’s Colima Volcano sends exhalation two miles high

According to the State Civil Protection and Fire squad Unit of the State of Jalisco, the Colima Volcano sent another exhalation into the air. On its Twitter account, the agency reported that the gray colored emission took into the air at 8:17 am, reaching more than two miles high. Just yesterday, the University of Colima …

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Homes in danger after landslide strikes cliff in Des Moines, Washington

Reports indicate that A landslide Friday afternoon endangered three homes overlooking Puget Sound in Des Moines, damaging at least one of them. The homes were evacuated and no injuries were reported after the slide north of Saltwater State Park, South King Fire Lt. Jeff Bellinghausen said. The slide happened just before 4 p.m. along the …

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Welcome to the ‘Double El Niño’ — and more extreme weather

We’re about to experience a “double El Niño” — a rare weather phenomenon that climatologists had warned about several months ago. That means two consecutive years of the concentration of warm water in the Pacific Ocean that brings West Coast storms, quiet hurricane seasons in the Atlantic and busy ones in the Pacific. The danger …

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California farmers begin selling water instead of crops as drought reaches critical stage

So how bad is the drought getting in California? According to a report from Natural News, California farmers are making more money selling water than planting their fields in some cases. The rice industry in the Sacramento Valley has really been struggling with this year’s drought. Some farmers are choosing not to plant this year …

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California State University bans Christian clubs, calls them “discriminatory”

The Left’s war on organized religion is continuing, especially on the nation’s college and university campuses, those bastions of “tolerance” that are actually becoming zones of speech control. In particular, Christians are becoming an endangered species, especially on California campuses where more and more exchange students from other cultures and religions are attending. As reported …

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No nuclear deal yet as issues still remain

Iranian officials said issues still remained to be resolved in high-stakes nuclear talks Sunday night, rebuffing reports that a tentative agreement had been reached as the sides raced to come together before a Tuesday deadline.  A senior Iranian negotiator told AFP there was no agreement yet with global powers on Iran’s nuclear program, saying outstanding …

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The New ‘Radically Inclusive’ Mega-Church Says Bring Your Own God

“I DON’T KNOW IS THE REQUIRED CONFESSION NEEDED TO BE GRANTED ADMISSION TO THE PATH OF ENLIGHTENMENT AND TO THE WAY OF KNOWING.” DE PAULK “And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus …

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Homeland chief likens Quran to ‘American values

According to a report from WND Jeh Johnson, the secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, raised some eyebrows recently when he likened the Quran to American values and Martin Luther King. He made the inflammatory remarks during a ceremony by the Muslim Public Affairs Council to honor him for “his dedication to and personal …

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People Flock to See Jesus’ Face on Hillside in Colombia

According to a report from ABC News Many say you can see the face of Jesus in nature, but locals in a small town in Colombia are claiming that literally. Both the faithful and opportunistic are flocking to see what they claim is an image of Jesus’ face in a hillside in the town of …

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Married lesbian couple become first to be jointly ordained in US ceremony

A same-sex couple in the US have become the first lesbian pair to be jointly ordained ministers by the Presbyterian Church. Reverends Kaci and Holly Clarke-Porter attended their joint ordination ceremony at the First and Central Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday afternoon last week. The ceremony comes shortly after members of the national …

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Saudi Arabia says it won’t rule out building nuclear weapons

Look who wants Nuclear Weapons now! According to a new report, Saudi Arabia will not rule out building or acquiring nuclear weapons, the country’s ambassador to the United States has indicated. Asked whether Saudi Arabia would ever build nuclear weapons in an interview with US news channel CNN, Adel Al-Jubeir said the subject was “not …

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Why Putin’s Warplanes Are Penetrating European Airspace

As a U.S. Army Stryker convoy crossed from Lithuania to Poland on March 24 —within about 12 miles of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad—nearby NATO warplanes scrambled to intercept Russian bombers and fighters over the Baltic Sea. While neither Washington nor Moscow has suggested the parallel timing of the Russian flyby with the U.S. convoy …


harvest army


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