CERN Is Fired Up Again/Russia Begins Huge Drill with 20,000 Troops and Announces 4,000 Military Exercises and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

An unknown force is pulling the Milky Way and all else towards it at 14 million mph

The chart shows the whole sky as it would appear from the UK at 23:00 on April 1st, 22:00 on April 15th and 21:00 on April 30th. All times are GMT

Climbing may prove the most popular of sports in space. Today, about 300 people have travelled the world to climb the highest peak on each continent. In coming centuries adventurers of this kind may discover a far more extreme challenge: to climb the most difficult peaks in the solar system.

Olympus Mons on Mars, at three times the height of Everest, looks comparatively easy to climb because of its gentle slopes. But the extreme cold will demand very special suits that retain warmth and oxygen yet are light enough to allow complex movement.

This mountain is also so large that it would cover half of England. Climbers who reached the summit would find its opposite side beyond the horizon.cont

Thousands of dead fish found off Hong Kong’s Lantau island leaves scientists mystified

Thousands of dead fish have been found floating in rubbish between Peng Chau and Discovery Bay.

One scientist said they could have been killed by an algal bloom that starves fish of oxygen, or waste dumped in the water.

Pictures seen by the South China Morning Post showed some had washed up on a beach in Peng Chau, off the northeast coast of Lantau Island.

Islands District Councillor Josephine Tsang Sau-ho said: “The fish are around half the size of a palm. There were thousands of them when they washed up and they really smell.”cont



Pass Over Message. Famine for the Word of God.


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