Yemen military, Houthies on frontline as UN decides to impose arms embargo on rebel leaders and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

Netanyahu warns of second Holocaust from Iran

In a speech already winning attention in Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday compared Washington’s deal with Iran to Europe’s appeasement of Adolf Hitler which led to the Holocaust and world war. In a speech at a Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, Netanyahu said, “Democracies cannot turn their …

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Researchers believe a biological revolution enabling humans to experience everlasting youthfulness is coming

It is likely the first person who will live to be 1,000 years old is already alive today. This is according to a growing regiment of researchers who believe a biological revolution enabling humans to experience everlasting youthfulness is just around the corner. At the epicentre of the research is Aubrey de Grey — a Cambridge gerontologist …

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Denzel Washington: The Bible is ‘The Answer People Are Looking For … Give It a Shot’

In explaining why the Bible is a best seller year after year, Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington said there is something “tugging” inside of us, “telling us to believe in something,” which is God, and that the Bible provides “the answer people are looking for” even if they do not realize it at first. In …

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Putin Gets Ready to Showcase His New Military Weapons

For the past year Russian President Vladimir Putin has been stressing the need – and his intentions – to strengthen his country’s military might by investing in new and better technology. Next month, at the annual Victory Day parade held in Moscow, the Russian people will get their first glimpse of some of their armed …

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Lesbians4Hillary Is Clinton’s First Major Endorsement

HILLARY CLINTON HAS GARNERED ONE OF HER FIRST MAJOR ENDORSEMENTS IN RUN BID FOR THE WHITE HOUSE: THE NATION’S LARGEST LESBIAN POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE. – On The View last year, co-host Jenny McCarthy speculated that one of the reasons why Hillary Clinton has stayed with philandering Bill so long was because she is a lesbian who …

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ISIS appears ready to announce expansion to Gaza

Internet forums and group chatter among ISIS supporters indicate the brutal jihadist organization is debating when to declare the Gaza Strip part of its expansive caliphate, WND has learned. Informed Middle Eastern security officials said Hamas has been preparing a major crackdown on Salafist cells supportive of ISIS ideology, fearing the group could indeed make …

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Shallow 5.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off Northeast coast of Japan

A 5.2 magnitude earthquake has struck off the Northeast coast of Japan. The shallow quake occurred at a depth of about 10 km (6.2) miles under the sea, near the Japanese Trench. Japan and the surrounding islands straddle four major tectonic plates: Pacific plate; North America plate; Eurasia plate; and Philippine Sea plate. The Pacific …

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Obama Hid North Korea Rocket Component Transfer to Iran

US intelligence officials revealed that during the ongoing Iran nuclear negotiations, North Korea has provided several shipments of advanced missile components to the Islamic regime in violation of UN sanctions – and the US hid the violations from the UN. The officials, who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon on Wednesday on condition of anonymity, …

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China and Russia Coming Closer To Create A New World Order

The emergence of China has prompted the U.S. to shift its focus to Asia Pacific under its “Asia Pivot” strategy. But unfazed China continues to expand its geopolitical influence and military power, challenging the United States’ position as the world’s superpower. Meanwhile, economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its allies have prompted Russia to …

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China’s Next Super Weapon Revealed: Satellite Destroyers

China will soon be able to destroy every satellite in space, a senior U.S. military official has said. According to Breaking Defense, Lt. Gen. Jay Raymond, commander of the 14th Air Force, said this week that China’s amassing formidable anti-satellite capabilities. Raymond claimed that Beijing is already capable of holding every low-orbit satellite at risk, …

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Unrest after 15 year slumber: Iceland’s Hekla Volcano shaken by earthquake swarm

Small earthquake swarms occurred at shallow depths during the past days near the volcano. The quakes were located approx. 6-10 km south of Hekla volcano and at shallow depths around 5 km. The largest quakes were two magnitude 2.6 events at 4 km depth on Thursday (9 April). It is impossible to say whether the …

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Japan’s Volcano Mount Zao shaken by swarm of tremors – volcano last erupted 75 years ago

Fears of fresh eruption of Mount Zao, a volcano that sits on the border of the Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures, rattled Japan after the country’s meteorological agency recorded 12 volcanic earthquakes on Tuesday. The seismic activity prompted warnings of a volcanic eruption, with the agency asking the public to stay safe from falling rocks in …

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Mount Paektu growing unrest: major eruption 1,000 years ago, unleashed energy equal to 1 million atom bombs

Mt. Baekdu, (Mount Paektu ) the symbolically charged volcano straddling North Korea and China, could erupt again soon, a study warns. Professor Yoon Sung-hyo of Pusan National University says there are indications that the volcano, though quiet for decades, could erupt any time and urged closer monitoring of the situation. The last eruptive activity at …

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DHS to Purchase 62 Million Rounds of AR-15 Ammo

The Department of Homeland Security is set to purchase over 62 million rounds of ammo typically used in AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, just weeks after the ATF was forced to back down on a ban on M855 bullets. A posting on this week reveals that the DHS is looking to contract with a company to provide …

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Student Kicked Out of College for Being Homeschooled

A West Virginia college student is back in the classroom after the school kicked him out because he was homeschooled. In March, 22-year-old Jacob Berry was dismissed from West Virginia Junior College in Bridgeport. Berry was homeschooled by his father, Dr. Nathan Berry, and his mother, Cynthia Berry, who holds a lifetime teacher’s license. Upon …

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Japanese fighters respond to Cold War-level aggression by China, Russia

Japan’s air force said on Wednesday said jet fighter scrambles have reached a level not seen since the height of the Cold War three decades ago as Russian bombers probe its northern skies and Chinese combat aircraft intrude into its southern air space. In the year ending March 31, Japanese fighters scrambled 944 times, 16 …

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Large scale WMD drills hosted throughout Iowa

This week you may notice extra emergency vehicles and public safety officers running around in tactical gear, Hazmat suits, and bomb suits. It’s a part of a statewide drill Des Moines is hosting Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare emergency personnel for dealing with weapons of mass destruction. Brian O’Keefe with the Des Moines Fire Department said emergency …

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The race to modify the DNA of endangered animals and resurrect extinct ones

Jurassic Park has a lot to answer for. It made the idea seem so simple. Take the DNA from a microscopic drop of dinosaur blood, preserved for 65 million years in the gut of a mosquito trapped in fossilised amber. Carry out a bit of jiggery-pokery involving chaos theory and Jeff Goldblum. Insert the dino …

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Fast food workers to strike in 230 cities

Heartened by growing support for their cause and recent pay hikes by large corporate employers, America’s low-wage workers will continue their fight for higher pay Wednesday with protests, rallies and one-day walkouts scheduled in more than 200 cities. The actions are expected to attract thousands of participants in what organizers are calling the “most widespread …

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Police protests spread across US cities

Protesters in several U.S. cities blocked highways and swarmed police precincts, leading to at least two dozen arrests in demonstrations touched off by fresh cases of police violence against unarmed black men. About 250 activists marched across New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, holding up signs that read “Stop murder by police” and “Stop killer cops”. At …

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UK scrambles jets as Russian ships enter English Channel

BREAKING NEWS- British fighter jets were scrambled on Wednesday in response to the sighting of two Russian military aircraft near UK airspace, hours after three Russian ships were monitored as they entered the English Channel. “Quick Reaction Alert Typhoon fighter aircraft were launched today after Russian aircraft were identified flying close to UK airspace,” said …

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Education departments, textbook publishers now spying on students’ social media accounts

One of the globe’s biggest publishers of textbooks and other educational materials, which also designed the standardized tests for the new Common Core curriculum, has taken to monitoring the social media accounts of students to see if they discuss their exams. As reported by Fox News, Britain-based publisher Pearson, whose U.S. headquarters is located in New …

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Islamic Extremists Have Seized Control Of U.S. Cities, Says NRA Seminar

Islamic extremists have seized control of cities across the United States and have enacted sharia law, according to a speaker at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting who spoke about current and emerging threats to American gun owners. Author Steve Tarani said during a presentation in Nashville on Sunday that he has witnessed the alleged “no-go …

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PLA’s DF-21D anti-ship missile can reach Philippines

China’s DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile has extended the attack range of the People’s Liberation Army Navy all the way to the Philippines, according to the US Navy’s first unclassified assessment report of the Chinese navy in six years. In The PLA Navy: New Capabilities and Missions for the 21st Century, released April 10, America’s Office …

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Boat from Japanese tsunami filled with fish from Japan washes up in Oregon

WHAT!! Pacific Ocean hiding heat, responsible for global warming slowdown

Sandstorm covers Beijing, air pollution rises to dangerous levels



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