Apocalyptic skies return above Chile after second volcano erupts and entire landscape is bathed in blood red 

More astonishing, apocalyptic images of a volcanic eruption have emerged from Chile, this time from Villarrica in the south of the country.

A band of cloud had wrapped itself around the peak as lava spewed into the air, giving the entire landscape an eerie blood-red glow.

Villarrica, located near the popular tourist resort of Pucon around 750 km (460 miles) south of the capital Santiago, is among the most active in South America. cont

Area around Fukushima is now a radioactive wasteland that will be uninhabitable for decades
(NaturalNews) A foreign correspondent whose career consists of traveling to dangerous regions around the world has called the area around Fukushima, Japan, one of the most hopeless places he has ever visited, likening it to a “post apocalyptic ghost town.”cont

Muslim schoolgirl, who famously converted to Christianity on Facebook and ran away from her Ohio home, reveals how ten years on she’s still estranged and living in fear of honor killing by family or fanatics

Rifqa Bary, the Ohio teen who made national headlines in 2009 when she ran away from her Muslim family after secretly converting to Christianity, writes in her new book that nearly six years after her escape she still lives in fear but does not regret her decision.

Born Fatima Rifqa Bary, the Sri Lankan native moved with her family to the US in 2000, when she was 8 years old, ostensibly to seek medical treatment after an accident involving a toy airplane left her blind in her right eye.

At age 12, Rifqa secretly became a Christian. When her devout Muslim parents discovered her conversion four years later, the teen fled her family’s home in New Albany, Ohio, and sought refuge in Central Florida.cont

Ground level in Mount Hakone volcanic area rises as much as 12 cm

The ground level in the Owakudani hot-spring area of Mount Hakone has risen by up to 12 cm since mid-April, days before volcanic activity intensified in the popular tourist spot, according to a geographical survey institute.

The alert level for Mount Hakone, some 80 km southwest of Tokyo, has been raised to 2, which advises against entry to areas around the volcanic vent. Alert level 1 means the situation is “normal.” cont
9 Die in Rajasthan Dust Storm, Government Announces Rs. 4 lakh as Compensation for The Families

RAJASTHAN:  Nine people died after strong winds and a dust storm hit parts of Rajasthan on Tuesday afternoon. The storm has brought the temperature down by a few notches.

Chief minister Vasundhara Raje has announced a compensation of Rs. 4 lakh for the affected families. cont

Tasmanian water supply ‘poisoned for years’

Residents of north-east Tasmania may have been unknowingly drinking lead-laced water for years, experts have warned.

Five Tasmanian towns including Pioneer and Winnaleah have water supplies that cannot be consumed at all, and another twenty-two towns must boil their water before drinking.cont


harvest army


Isolated and nuclear armed, dictator Kim Jong un keeps world on edge

Police seized record heroin stash in New York


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