Hundreds Of Fish Wash Ashore In California Due To Drought/ISIS boasts US-made Humvee war spoils, Iraq loses 2,300 vehicles in Mosul alone/Iraqi jets bomb ISIS militants, hideouts & vehicles and more signs of Jesus’ soon return

Tens of thousands of teenage girls believed to have fallen ill with debilitating illnesses after routine HPV cervical cancer jab

Thousands of teenage girls have suffered serious illness after being vaccinated against cervical cancer.

Official figures show the HPV vaccination programme drew 8,228 reports of suspected side-effects over the last decade – almost more than all other routine jabs put together.

More than a quarter of these reports were classed as ‘serious’, a category that includes symptoms severe enough to require hospital treatment or even be life-threatening.cont

Do you want an exorcism with that? World’s first witchcraft cafe sells love-spells and black magic alongside coffee and cake

A Thai cafe is offering the standard fare of lattes and cake alongside some less conventional services- like love-spells and exorcisms.

Situated in the central Bangkok, Ace and Cups is the world’s premiere Witchcraft Café, and it’s proving a hit with young occult enthusiasts.

The lower floor of the sells food and drinks along with witchcraft tools like crystals and wands -but the real spectacle is upstairs, where the supernatural services take place, reports VICE.


harvest army




ALERT: Oregon Coast Another Earthquake M 5.9


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