Western govts give Saudi Arabia pass to violate human rights’/ The great “alien”deception:Mysterious crop circles appear in southern Russia and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


harvest army


NEW ASTEROID Between the Earth/Moon

U.S. top court backs Obama, invalidates Jerusalem passport law

Black Rev Threatens ISIS Like Terror Attack in This Country

Live anthrax risen to 66 in 19 states plus D.C. three countries

Earthquake Warning? Another oarfish washes ashore in California

ISIS kidnap 88 Eritrean Christians from people smuggling caravan in Libya after stopping their trucks and quizzing them on the Koran to see if they were Muslim

Islamic State’s Libya branch has carried out another kidnapping, targeting a large group of Eritrean Christians who were traveling to Libya in hope of boarding a migrant boat to Europe.

The news was confirmed by a US defence official. Local media reports claim the migrants were kidnapped by militants south of the city of Tripoli, last Wednesday.

Three Eritrean migrants reportedly managed to escape from the kidnappers after the militants asked who in the group were Muslims and tested their knowledge of the Koran.cont


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