Australia paid boats to turn back: Indonesia/Italian neurosurgeon to attempt first head transplant/”Creatures Crawl Out Of California Coast”/Anti-Bilderberg activists gather ahead of big boss elitist summit in Austria and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


harvest army

CERN/Searching for Other Dimensions/Hi-Luminosity

Fire damaged nuclear sub USS Miami leaves for scrapyard

Virginia Residents Awakened By Mysterious Loud Booms Shaking Their Homes

Earthquakes shaking up rural Alabama; reason unclear

WOE! Pope Francis Asks Orthodox Church to Establish Common Date for Easter

Francis said that he had already proposed to fix the same date of Easter to patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I and to patriarch of Moscow Kirill. continue

Charente-Maritime: thousands of dead fish found on a beach

About 10 000 dead fish were found last Friday stranded on a beach in the natural reserve of Moëze-Oléron in St. Froult. For now, the reasons for this mysterious massacre remains unknown.continue


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