Plastic Plague: ‘Garbage patches’ threaten world’s oceans/Yemen’s capital Sanaa in ruins as Saudi-led airstrikes continue/Pennsylvania Over 10,000 fish killed after chemical plant fire and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

Discussions at Bilderberg Centered Around Capital Controls, Abolition of Cash

According to some, a very quiet stealth war on cash has begun. May your bank account, debit card and gold reserves be on guard… The world’s elite are meeting in secret this week at the Bilderberg meeting, set at a luxury resort in Telfs-Buchen, Austria. Investigative journalists have confirmed that the private discussions among top power brokers across the globe include arrangements to restrict currency and penalize – or ultimately even ban – cash.

Read the attendees list… real power and wealth are running with the movers and shakers. With bankers, equity giants and financiers all present, the agenda is quite in line with recent reports, as SHTF has long reported. Expert Says “Banning Cash” The Only Solution to Negative Interest Market Problems Cash on Lockdown: Bankers “Want Badly to Charge YOU Interest for Depositing YOUR Funds” Banned: Chase Bank Says You Can No Longer Store Cash or Precious Metals In Your Safe Deposit Box. FULL REPORT



Pennsylvania Over 10,000 fish killed after chemical plant fire

Alert! West Coast ‘ONLY’ Mobile Radiation Mobile Lab Being Removed!




Swarm of mayflies causes crashes, closure of Pennsylvania bridge

A surreal scene descended on Eastern Pennsylvania Saturday night — a swarm of mayflies caused multiple crashes and forced officials to shut down a bridge. A bridged section of Route 462 was closed after the swarm appeared around 10 p.m. local time Saturday. Officials said the flies swarmed around the lights of the bridge, died and fell to the ground. The layer of mayfly carcasses was about an inch thick on the road, officials said.

“It was like a blizzard in June, but instead of snow, it was mayflies,” Wrightsville, Pa., Fire Chief Chad Livelsberger said. “It was very slick, almost like ice.” Authorities said three motorcycle crashes were reported amid the flurry of flies, and a vehicle flipped onto its side. No serious injuries were reported. “It was hard to stop,” Livelsberger said. “When you go to pull out, all your tires would do was spin.” Officials brought in a street sweeper and reopened the bridge around midnight. FULL 


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