Merkel Calls In 4000 Troops As Germany Faces Migrant Chaos and more signs of JESUS’ soon return (sept 13-14 of 2015)

Geologists Brace For 9.0 Earthquake!

A 9.0 Earthquake such as the one that struck Japan back in March of 2011 produced a massive Tsunami and actually shifted the Earth’s axis!…

Russia Warns The U.S – Talk To Us On Syria Or Risk ‘Unintended Incidents’

Did Russia just give America a chilling warning about its cooperation with the Soviet State’s involvement in Syria? According to sources, Russia has called for…

Mexico’s Colima And Popocatepetl Volcanoes Simultaneously Erupt – Shooting Out Ash, Smoke

BREAKING NEWS – Colima Volcano, located in southwest Mexico, is spewing fresh smoke and ash in a series of small eruptions, according to reports Saturday….

harvest army


ALERT ALERT Russia super submarine has reached Syria, with 200 nuclear warheads

Australia Earthquakes M6.0 South of Kermadec Islands


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