FIREBOMBS IN JERUSALEM/Tuna And Mackerel Populations Suffer Catastrophic 74% Decline/Chile earthquake aftermath and more signs of JESUS’ soon return (sept 16-17-18 of 2015)

Islamic State Could Unleash The Black Plague

Chris Ryan said its widely known every superpower in the world is holding a range of deadly viruses including the plague, which a terror group such as ISIS could seize…

5776 – A Prophetic Glimpse Into 2016

In this special segment I am joined with Jason Armstrong of “Remnant Fire Ministries” as we discuss the significance of the Year 5776 on the Hebraic Calendar and what to…

U.S. Boots On The Ground In Syria?

Defense officials have told CNBC the Pentagon has boots on the ground in Syria assisting the Kurds. The nature of the special ops was not disclosed. Earlier this week the Pentagon…

Government Plans Regulation Of Faith Leaders

Proposed legislation leaked to the media outlines how the United Kingdom government plans to oversee religious leaders and their messages. “If the reports are accurate, what the government is proposing turns…


8.3 EarthQuake/40+ Aftershocks/CERN


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