Hungary predicts: 35 Million Muslim Migrants May Set Sights On Europe and more signs of Jesus’ soon return (19-20 of september 2015)

Lake Powell’s Receding Waters Show Risk Of U.S. ‘Megadrought’

Where the Colorado River falls from the snow-capped Rocky Mountains into the arid U.S. Southwest, lies Lake Powell. More than 500 feet (150 meters) deep in places and with narrow side…

Nearly 50 Million Americans Now On Food Stamps

For much of the presidency of Barack Obama, a record number of Americans have subsisted in part or in whole on taxpayer-subsidized programs. For much of his presidency, Obama has claimed…

Dow Closes Off Triple Digits As Fed Uncertainty Weighs

U.S. stocks closed sharply lower Friday as investors weighed concerns over the implications of the Federal Reserve’s decision to keep short-term interest rates unchanged.  “The signaling by the Fed yesterday,…

Spiritual Awakening Is Our Only Hope!

The church is under attack in every way imaginable right now, both literally and figuratively. We are still reeling from the horrific attack on the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston,…

Pentagon Preparing New War Plans For A Baltic Battle Against Russia

For the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. Department of Defense is reviewing and updating its contingency plans for armed conflict with Russia.The Pentagon generates…



Deadly air raids against Isis as Russia sends in jets- It begins


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