Saudis spreading radical ideology, causing mass murder, destroying states: ex-Iraqi Defence Minister/Thousands of migrants & refugees arrive over weekend, cause far-right rise and more signs of JESUS’ soon return (21-22 september of 2015)

Was Psalm 83 Fulfilled In 1948?

Some people believe that the Psalm 83 prophetic war was fulfilled during the 1948 Arab-Israeli “War of Independence.” This view was recently shared on the September 19, 2015, Understanding the…

Vatican Flag To Fly Over New World Order

Pope Francis departed for Cuba Sept. 19 on the Alitalia Airbus A330-200 christened Raffaello Sanzio at 10:35am from Fiumicino Airport. The Jesuit legacy is strong in Cuba. Father Antonio Llorente, a…

Do You Want To Be Pastored Or Pacified?

I have been concerned over the years that what is often looked at as pastoring is not always true pastoring. A pastor is a shepherd, who wat

Blood Moon Sequence Happens Only 9 Times In 2,000 Years

The grand finale of the rare blood-moon tetrad will be a spectacular “supermoon” eclipse, the first in more than three decades. And the scholar who discovered the correlation between a sequence…


harvest army

Paul Begley

White House senior technology adviser killed Saturday

Refugee kicked by Hungarian camerawoman was member of terror group

Israel, Russia to coordinate military action on Syria


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