Hundreds dead in Mecca stampede during Eid al-Adha?POPE says that to say things are good OR evil is extremism and more signs of JESUS’ soon return (sept 23-24-25 of september of 2015)

Pope Lectures Congress On Immigration , Gay Rights And Abortion

Pope Francis delivered a stinging blow to nativist conservatives bent on keeping illegal immigrants and Middle Eastern refugees out of the United States, saying Thursday in a landmark address to…

Multiple Strong Earthquakes Strike Around The Globe

Multiple Strong Earthquakes have struck in various locations around the globe, A preliminary 5.5 to 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of British Columbia Thursday morning, approximately 208 kilometres…

Storm Clouds Are Gathering In Israel

Few prophetic portions of Scripture fail to mention Israel. We see in God’s Word that the existence of this relatively tiny country is essential for the furthering of God’s plan…

Perfectly Timed Photo Shows President Obama With Horns While Meeting With Pope Francis

THIS HAS BECOME A RECURRING THEME WITH THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer…

Iran Promises To Violate Nuke Deal

Multiple senior Iranian officials have vowed in recent weeks to violate the recently inked nuclear accord that aims to constrain the Islamic Republic’s contested nuclear enrichment program, according to multiple…

Feds Acknowledge More Than 5M Fingerprints Stolen In Breach, Far More Than Thought

The number of people whose fingerprints were stolen in a historic breach of federal files has skyrocketed — from just over 1 million to an estimated 5.6 million, according to…

Dirty Bomb Material Goes Missing From Texas A&M

DEVELOPING: A package of highly radioactive material that could have been used by a terrorist organization or a drug cartel to construct a so-called “dirty bomb” went missing for a…

Over Half Of This Denomination Now Supports Same-Sex Marriage

The bible clearly warns us that the “Last Days” would bring perilous times not only for the world but also for the Church. In fact the Apostle Paul told us…

Antibiotic Resistant Diseases Will Cause Social Breakdown, Say Scientists

The impending failure of antibiotics to treat life-threatening diseases could cause a social and economic “apocalypse” in Britain and throughout the first world, scientists warn. Medical experts predict many dangerous diseases…



Paul Begley

harvest army

French jihadist stripped of passport, citizenship and deported


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