Palestinian flag raised at United Nations HQ/Pope Francis Embraces Chrislam/Israel Prepares Ground Invasion Of Syria and more signs of Jesus’ soon return ( 1st of october 2015)

WWIII One Giant Step Closer After B61-12 Nukes Reach Europe

Washington’s decision to station 20 next-generation advanced nuclear bombs of Type B61-12 is threatening to turn the specter of WWIII into a terrifying reality, F. William Engdahl warns. Although the Pentagon…

Russian Military Forces Start Airstrikes In Syria

The Russian Air Force has begun carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, the country’s Defense Ministry said. “In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander of the…

Pope Francis Met With Davis In Private Meeting

Pope Francis allegedly met with embattled Rowan County court clerk Kim Davis during his recent visit to the United States, according to Davis’ attorney Mat Staver. Staver said the two had…

Israel Prepares Ground Invasion Of Syria

Israeli Minister of Intelligence Yuval Steinitz will tell the United States, Russia and other world powers Israel will not tolerate Iranian forces near its border, the Jerusalem Times reported on Tuesday. Steinitz…

U.S. Moves 30,000 Marines To Counter China’s Assertiveness

The current tension between China and the United States just went to another level as China’s assertive posture in the South China Sea has prompted the United States Marine Corps to…

Russia Appears To Prepare For Airstrikes In Syria

Russia continues to position itself to potentially launch airstrikes in Syria — but their movements suggest that their targets are something other than ISIS, according to U.S. officials. Russia did not…


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