The Intifada has begun/WHAAAT?Kosovo MP throws tear gas grenade during parliament debate and more signs of JESUS’ soon return( 8 & 9 of october 2015)

US Intel Investigating How ISIS Has Acquired Fleet Of Toyotas

Have you ever wondered where ISIS obtained all of those Toyota Trucks you always see in many of their videos they propagate? Well now, The United States…

US Denies Reports Of It “Threatening Israel”

Looks like the Obama Administration is “Backpedaling” as the administration of US President Barack Obama has denied reports in Israeli media Tuesday, according to which Obama threatened Prime…

Mysterious Blazing-Fast Ripples Racing Around A Star Defy Explanation

Scientists were looking for planets forming in the large disk of dust surrounding a young star when they encountered a surprise: fast-moving, wavelike arches racing across the…

U.S./Canada/World, Now Under Muslim Law


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