NASA: New Horizons Gets Amazing Detail of Blue Skies, Water Ice and Structures and more signs of JESUS’ soon return (10 &11 of october 2015)

Nasa announcement: ‘Amazing’ Pluto discovery to be revealed, senior scientist says

Senior planetary scientist Dr Alan Stern said that Nasa wouldn’t allow him to say anything before the official announcement continue


harvest army


Up To 1,000 Deer Dead From Bluetongue Outbreak In Idaho

In light of proceeding with reports of dead deer, Idaho Fish and Game authorities assessment up to 1,000 whitetails have died in the state from a flare-up of…

Praying Muslims On Florida Beach Raises Concerns For Locals

A group of Muslim men praying on a beach in broad daylight on Mashes Sands Beach in Wakulla County, Florida, has set the town on edge, with…


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