Unrest engulfs West Bank/ST. Louis Next “Chernobyl” Catastrophic Potential and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 12 & 13 of october 2015)

Homeland Security To Revive Warning System

President Barack Obama’s top homeland security official has ordered a review of the nation’s terrorism alert system to reflect what he called the growing threat of attacks…

Is The U.S. Headed Towards War With China?

Washington is currently debating the possibility of deploying U.S. Navy ships and aircrafts to the South China Sea. U.S. government officials have shared that the decision has…

Methodist, Episcopalian Clergy ‘Bless’ Cleveland Abortion Clinic In Prayer Service

More than a dozen religious leaders from a variety of denominations gathered last week to support abortion and “bless” a Cleveland abortion facility. The “blessing” of the Preterm…

Los Angeles Has Worst Heat Wave In 25 Years

Record-breaking heat has suffocated Southern California since last Thursday and will finally ease Tuesday. From Friday to Sunday, downtown Los Angeles hit 100 degrees on back-to-back-back days. The sweltering 100-degree…

Mind-Boggling New Terms For Men And Women!

The insanity continues as the pronouns “he” and “she” are being joined on American college campuses by “e/ey,” “em,” “eir/eirs,” “eirself/emse” “hu,” “hum,” “hus,” “humself,” “per,” “per,”…

Obama Says Clinton Emails Not A Threat And Putin’s Stance Not As Important As “Climate Change”

President Obama said during a nationally televised interview on “60 Minutes” on CBS News he didn’t think Hillary Clinton’s private email server was a threat to America’s…

New Asteroid Approaches Earth.


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