Netanyahu: Hitler didn’t want to exterminate Jews/Syrian refugees in Lebanon blame ISIS for their fate and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 21 & 22 of october 2015)

Christian Persecution Reaches ‘Extreme’ Levels In These 10 Countries

The persecution of Christians has intensified in at least four countries worldwide, increasing the number of nations where believers endure harsh suffering from six to 10 in…

More States Considering Legally Assisted Suicide

Suicide for terminally ill patients is now legal in the state of California. California governor Jerry Brown signed his state’s first assisted-suicide law earlier this month, (AB2X-15),…

Obama Spends $2 Million On Airfare For Golf

Two golf outings taken by President Obama earlier this year put taxpayers on the hook for nearly $2 million in costs on air transportation alone. The costs, released…

Russia’s Presence A Bad Sign For Israel

Recent reports have indicated that hundreds of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps troops entered Syria in early September.Moreover, the accord on intelligence among Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria…

Total Blackout Of Fukushima Truth By U.S. Media; Sailors Suffer And Die While Denial Continues

Nearly four years after a major tsunami created the massive tidal wave that destroyed much of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power complex in the northern part of the…

Mystery Deaths Spread Fear Of Ebola Relapses

A poster in Sierra Leone’s crumbling coastal capital Freetown proclaims a message from an Ebola survivor called Sulliaman: “I feel 100 percent healthy!” Another beaming survivor Juliana…

Canada To Withdraw Fighter Jets From Syria And Iraq Strikes

Canadian Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau has confirmed he will withdraw Canadian fighter jets from the air strikes against Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria. He informed US…

Spiritual Leader Rabbi Kanievsky: Yell It From Loudspeakers, The Messiah Is At The Door

The Messiah is “standing at the doorway” and it is up to each one of us to usher in his arrival, a leading spiritual leader of the…

UK allows one migrant EVERY MINUTE to stay JUST from countries outside the EU


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