Syria peace plan unveiled following historic Vienna talks/UN Official Warns Of ‘Amputation’ Of Christianity’s DNA In The Middle East and more signs of JESUS’ soon return (30 & 31 of october 2015)

Catastrophic & Historic Flooding Underway In Parts Of Central Texas

It has been an incredibly busy morning across Central and South-Central Texas. Several tornadoes and catastrophic flash flooding are underway across Hays county. I’ll be honest when…

US Deems Russia And China As Its Enemies

The US policies towards Russia and China show that Washington deems the two powers as its adversaries, says a political commentator and former US Army officer. Joachim Hagopian…

The skies over central Costa Rica filled with 800-meter clouds of gas and ash as the active Turrialba erupted. It’s the latest in a series of eruptions over…

The defense program DARPA is working to create an artificial brain—but what will it mean for humanity if it succeeds? The Los Alamos National Laboratory sits at the…


harvest army



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