Putin considers nuclear strike on ISIS as retaliation for striking passenger russian plane and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 31 of october and 1st of november 2015)

Russia Is Opting A Nuclear Strike On ISIS; The Kremilin Is Awaiting Concent From Its Allies

BREAKING NEWS – According to some sources, In response to the downing of a Russian civilian airliner in the Sinai in Egypt, the Kremlin is now poised…

Ozone Hole At South Pole Getting Wider

The U.N.’s weather and climate agency said on Thursday there was no cause for alarm about a record-size hole this month in the ozone layer that shields…

Freak Hail Storm Strikes Australia

The staff at Chinchilla Hospital are picking up the pieces after hail stones smashed windows and damaged a roof at the facility on Wednesday. At the height…

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Was So Inspired By Christian Movie ‘War Room’ That She Totally Transformed This Old, Wooden Trailer

“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson was so moved by the hit Christian film “War Room” that she decided to create her own designated prayer room, entirely devoted…

Activists Press For Mandatory ‘Gay’ Lessons For Kindergarteners

A dispute has erupted across Scotland over a proposal by activists to impose mandatory LGBT training on children as young as 5 years old. A homosexual-activist group called…

Two Dead As Torrential Rains, Tornadoes Lash Central Texas

At least two people were killed when a storm with high winds and heavy rains pelted central Texas on Friday, flooding highways, causing evacuations after rivers overflowed…

England Stands Alone Against New EU Army

England, the country that birthed the greatest missionary endeavors in history and gave the world the King James Bible is standing alone against an attempt by the…

Islamic State claims responsibility for Russian plane crash in Egypt

A militant group affiliated to Islamic State in Egypt claimed responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger plane that crashed in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula on Saturday, the group said in a statement circulated by supporters on Twitter.continue



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