Heavy rains flood Gaza & Israel streets /Israeli PM Netanyahu visits Washington for face-to-face talks with Obama (9 & 10 0f november 2015)


Harvest army

Paul Begley


Fireballs Are Falling To Earth This Week In Numbers We Won’t See For Another 10 Years

Keep your eyes peeled this week for some spectacular fireballs — extremely bright meteors — lighting up the sky. Right now, Earth is passing through Comet Encke’s tail,…

University Of Kansas Student Senate Bans Gender Pronouns Because They’re Microaggressions.

A governing body made up of students at the University of Kansas has voted to eliminate their use of gender specific pronouns, stating the terms pose “microaggressions”…

We Have Never Seen Global Trade Collapse This Dramatically Outside Of A Major Recession

If you have been watching for the next major global economic downturn, you can now stop waiting, because it has officially arrived. Never before in history has…

Yuan Moves To Topple Dollar

China took another step to boost the yuan’s global usage, saying it will start direct trading with the Swiss franc, as the nation pushes its case for…

Stunning Pictures Of California Rocket Testing

For those San Franciscans who happened to be looking skywards on Saturday evening this was the ethereal and somewhat terrifying sight that greeted them shortly after 6pm. With…



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