Rise Of The Insect Drones /US And Chinese Ships Face Off Again In The South China Sea and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 10 & 11 of november 2015)


harvest army



DNA Data Base For ALL Californians Born After 1983

Russia To Deploy New Weapons To Counter US Missile Shield

Russia will counter NATO’s U.S.-led missile defense program by deploying new strike weapons capable of piercing the shield, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday. Putin told defense officials that…

JPMorgan’s 2014 Hack Tied To Largest Cyber Breach Ever

The U.S. described a vast, multi-year criminal enterprise centering on hacks of at least nine big financial and publishing firms and the theft of information on 100…

We Have Never Seen Global Trade Collapse This Dramatically Outside Of A Major Recession

If you have been watching for the next major global economic downturn, you can now stop waiting, because it has officially arrived. Never before in history has…

In 2016, A Driver’s License May Not Be Enough ID To Board A Plane

Beginning as soon as 2016, U.S. travelers who want to board a domestic flight may need to bring more than just their driver’s license for identification at…

12 Earthquakes Jolt Andaman & Nicobar Islands In 24 Hours – Site Of Deadly 2004 Quake And Tsunami

The region yesterday saw nine quakes, of these, one was recorded in North Sumatra region in Indonesia while others have been recorded in and around the Andaman…

Rise Of The Insect Drones

Being a fly on the wall in that highly guarded, closed or exclusive location used to be the stuff that daydreams were made of. Not any longer,…

Facebook’s ‘Teleporter’ Technology The Final Nail In The Coffin For Humanity’s Connection With Reality

With their phones in hand, they bow their heads, eyes narrowing in on their pocket screens. No awareness of the now, they wander like intoxicated drivers, veering…

Detroit Becomes The First American City To Elect A Majority Muslim Council

A Detroit suburb may have elected the nation’s first Muslim-majority city council. On Tuesday, Hamtramck voters elected Saad Almasmari and re-elected Abu Musa and Anam Miah. They join Mohammed…

Muslims To Conquer Europe With Religion And Procreation

In a stunning interview, the Maronite patriarch of Antioch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, has contended that Islam has a clear, two-pronged strategy to take over Europe: religion…


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