Twin suicide bombings rock Beirut; 43 killed, over 200 wounded and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 12 & 13 of november 2015)

harvest army


UN condemns Burundi killings as violence escalates

Europe Should Expect 10 MILLION Migrants By 2020, Warn Merkel Allies

Germany’s finance minister has warned that an ‘avalanche’ of migrants has been triggered, just as it was revealed that Germany should expect up to 10 million migrants…

China Discovers Huge Undersea Gold Deposit

The first undersea gold reserves and the largest gold deposit found in China was discovered after three years of investigations near Sanshan Island in east China’s Shandong…

ISIS In Sinai Threatens To Attack Israel

Islamic State released a new video Tuesday threatening to attack Israel, but did not reveal when the attack would take place.  “The video is focused on the…

Russian TV “Accidentally” Broadcasts Plans For A Massive Nuclear Torpedo

Two Russian state-run TV stations aired an image of plans for a long-range nuclear torpedo while showing a meeting between president Vladimir Putin and military generals in…

School To Homeschoolers: Sign Up Or Face Criminal Charges

A number of homeschool parents in Florida have been ordered by a public school district to register their children in classes within three days or face “criminal…

When choosing a smart television, buyers are often presented with a variety of features. One they may not be aware of: that TV could be watching you. Vizio…

5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Alaska Coast

A moderate earthquake with a magnitude of 5.1 struck the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska. This comes only two days after the archipelago was hit…

First Genetically Modified Humans ‘Within 2 Years’

Humans who have had their DNA genetically modified could exist within two years after a private biotech company announced plans to start the first trials into a…

First Transgender VA Clinic Opens In Cleveland

The Cleveland VA Medical Center will open the first VA clinic specifically dedicated to the healthcare needs of transgender veterans. It will provide transgender veterans with primary care,…


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