Syrian 10,000 Refugees Arrive In Louisiana and more signs of Jesus’ soon return (16 & 17 of november 2015)

Obama: Paris Terror Rampage A ‘Setback’

Three days after teams of Islamic State terrorists brazenly carried out raids across Paris that left 129 people dead, President Obama labeled the slaughter a “setback” in…


(J.D King) I was recently talking to a young leader and they posed interesting questions about the ministry of deliverance. It seems that many Spirit-filled Christians are…

DECODING OBAMA’S SPEECH REVEALS SOME STARTLING REVELATIONS “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families…


For the second time this year, the FBI has warned Congress that admitting people displaced by the Syrian civil war into the U.S. is a highly dubious…

French authorities have identified one of the seven terrorists who staged six deadly attacks in Paris, killing at least 129 and injuring more than 350 people, and…

Humans can sleep for days when living alone underground, experiments show

Whenever we’ve tried to test the effects that living in isolation without sunlight have on the body, a common thread has emerged: much longer sleep cycles.

Now Julie Beck over at The Atlantic has pulled together the findings from a number of different experiments that all saw the participants involved drifting off for days at a time… and suffering some fairly acute mental stresses along the way too.

”This is World War III”

The Danish (leftist) mainstream newspaper Ekstra Bladet concludes after the Paris terror: We are at war. World War III has started:

“The attacks in Paris is an act of war committed by the Islamic State’s terrorist army. Right now we are scared and shocked, although terrorism is by no means a new phenomenon. Since September 11, 2001, we have been forced to live with the fear of terrorism. And it is of course what IS, Al-Qaida and other terrorist movements want.”continue

16 US State Governors Refuse Orders to Take Syrian Refugee


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