Russia deploys missile cruiser to Mediterranean after Turkey downs warplane and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 25 & 26 of november 2015)

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Russia deploys missile cruiser to Mediterranean after Turkey downs warplane

THE only surviving pilot from the Russian fighter jet shot down by Turkey on the Syrian border has claimed he did not violate the country’s airspace.

Captain Konstantin Murakhtin, 39, also refuted Ankara’s claims that he and his co-pilot were warned before the SU-24 was fired at on Tuesday. 

Murakhtin managed to parachute to the ground and evade rebels, waiting 12 hours before being rescued by Syrian and Russian special forces. The co-pilot, named by RT as Sergey Rumyantsev, was killed by rebels.continue

‘Turkish jets gave us no warning before shooting’ – rescued pilot of downed Russian Su-24

As well as denying Ankara’s assertions that the plane was in Turkey’s airspace, Murakhtin, who says he knows the mission area “like the back of my hand,” also refuted Turkish officials’ claims that the pilots were warned repeatedly.

In actual fact, there were no warnings at all. Neither through the radio, nor visually, so we did not at any point adjust our course. You need to understand the difference in speed between a tactical bomber like a Su-24, and that of the F16. If they wanted to warn us, they could have sat on our wing,” said Murakhtin, who is currently recuperating at Russia’s airbase in Latakia, northern Syria.continue






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