WWIII in the news/Global Climate March scuffle and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 29 & 30 0f november 2015)

2015 – When Your Television Is Now Watching YOU!

While much has been made recently about “smart” devices, a new television set may just have crossed the line from smart into snooping. Smart phones have been around…


Mattel’s latest Wi-Fi enabled Barbie doll can easily be hacked to turn it into a surveillance device for spying on children and listening into conversations without the…

Germany could send 1,200 soldiers to the Middle East by the end of the year to provide service support to planes and ships of a coalition battling…


The intimidating beast which weighed in at 330 lbs was caught by shocked fisherman. You’d be forgiven for thinking these images have come straight from a Sci-Fi film. But…

Chinese Professor Claims US Faces Nuclear War Threat Over South China Sea

China is willing to start a nuclear war with the United States over the South China Sea, according to a Chinese professor. Beijing’s rhetoric after an incident with…

The migrant crisis which has seen refugees flood into Europe in unprecedented numbers could lead to the collapse of the euro, EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker warned today. Mr…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning Floridians about the potentially deadly Chagas Disease from the kissing bug. The bugs have invaded the southern United States,…

The Obama Administration got back in the face of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the other governors who said they would not accept Syrian refugees in their…

ISIS militants ARE posing as refugees to plot attacks in Europe warns German official

A GROWING number of migrants arriving in Europe are Islamic State (ISIS) militants plotting terrorist attacks, a senior German police official warned today.continue


NATO Will Stop At Nothing To Support Their Proxy Army!

harvest army




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