Syrian War “UN Security Council Votes PEACE PLAN” and more signs of JESUS’ soon return (18 & 19 of december 2015)

Chrislam’s Rick Warren Partnering With Mosques To Teach That God And Allah Are The Same.

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Amos 3:3 (KJV) (Written By NTEB In 2012) EDITOR’S NOTE: OVER THE YEARS THAT NTEB HAS BEEN REPORTING ON RICK…

ALERT: Dow Plummits More Than 350 As Stocks Lower For Week As Oil Continues To Slide

Stocks in the US took a hit this Friday and it appears that low oil and economic data in the aftermath of the Federal Reserve’s rate hike Wednesday…

DHS Warns Of “ISIS Trojan Horse” Coming To America

(Written By Douglas Ernst) The Obama administration admitted this week that Islamic terrorists may infiltrate its Syrian refugee program – and then promptly told Americans their concerns…

Bolivia’s Second Largest Lake Dries Up

Written By Thomas Reuters – What happens when a lake dries up entirely? In the case of the Lake Poopo in Bolivia, the Andean nation’s formerly second largest…

Arrested German Jihadist Warns Merkel Of Coming “Islamic Blitzkrieg”

A detained German terrorist told authorities that Chancellor Angela Merkel can expect an Islamic blitzkrieg from returning fighters. Lawyers for a disillusioned member of the Islamic State group…

Charity Finds $50,000 Under Baby Jesus

The Children’s Home in Amarillo, Texas, received a mysterious phone call earlier this week, telling them to inspect their nativity.   Lo and behold under their tiny Savior,…

How Children Of The Future Could Have 32 Parents: DNA Cocktail On The Way, Experts Warn

Scientific advances will soon allow children to have any number of parents, legal experts warn. The arrival of ‘multiplex parenting’ is a ‘mere matter of time’ as the…

California Man Accused Of Trying To Join ISIS

A California man was charged with trying to join a terrorist group active in Syria after he expressed his love for the head of the group and…


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