Saudi Jets Bomb Iranian Embassy In Yemen/IDF clash with Palestinians in Bethlehem and more signs of JESUS’ soon return (8 & 9 of january 2016)

‘Transgender’ Teacher To Open Private K-12 School For Homosexual Youth In Georgia

A female teacher who identifies as a male is set to open a private school for homosexual and transgender youth in Georgia later this year. The “Pride School…

Suspect Shoots Philadelphia Cop In The ‘Name Of Islam’

Authorities say a Philadelphia police officer is recovering after he was shot several times during an ambush late Thursday night in West Philadelphia. Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross…

Netanyahu To Lead Effort In Thwarting Obama Bid For UN Chief

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remembers well just how US President Barack Obama brushed aside Israeli objections and went ahead with the P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran. Now, Netanyahu…

Financial Experts Attempt To Calm Fears, “This Is NOT 2008”

After a tumultuous start for markets in 2016, experts on Thursday cautioned that long-term investors should not panic. The Dow Jones industrial average and Nasdaq both closed the…

Oil Falls To Lowest Levels In More Than 11 Years

Oil futures settled with a loss on Thursday for a fourth straight session, as turmoil in China continued to raise the risk for a slowdown in energy…

harvest army


NASA Opens Planetary Defense With FEMA to Protect Earth from Asteroids






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