World News matching bible prophesy and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 21 & 22 of january 2016)

Man ‘Frozen To Death’ Resuscitated

Paramedics believed 25-year-old Justin Smith was dead when they arrived on scene. The Pennsylvania man had no pulse, no blood pressure, and had turned blue. Smith had…

Senate OKs Obama Judge Who Called Reagan Bigot

The Republican-led Senate confirmed President Obama’s pick for federal judge, despite warnings from the conservative watchdog Heritage Action for America about her past writings characterizing former President…

A Large Satanic Cross Is On Display Outside Of A City Hall In Florida

Passerby will notice a curious display outside of the Hallandale Beach City Hall in Florida this week: a giant upside-down cross — a satanic symbol that is…

Powerful Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Strikes Off Jalisco, Mexico Coast

A magnitude-6.6 earthquake struck well off the Pacific coast of Jalisco, Mexico on Thursday morning. The quake initially registered at 6.9 in magnitude but was later downgraded…


Investors Smell 2008 As Dow Takes Another Hit, Worst Start To A Year Since Great Depression

Will the last year of the Obama administration see an economic downturn, even more, severe than the recession George W. Bush suffered as he left the White…

IDF Holds Multi-Front War Games On Northern Border

The Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday announced the conclusion of a major two-week drill on the northern border, which for the first time simulated concurrent wars on…


Donald Trump Pledges To Move US Embassy From Tel Aviv To Jerusalem

Donald Trump said he would move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. “They want it in Jerusalem,” the front-runner among Republican presidential candidates said in an interview posted…

IRS Wipes Hard Drive That Court Ordered It To Preserve

Despite a court preservation order, the IRS has wiped the hard drive of their former director of transfer pricing operations, Samuel Maruca. Maruca is connected to the…


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