MARK OF THE BEAST/ China recognises Palestine and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 22 & 23 of january 2016)

After Sandstorm, Israel Braces For Mega Snowstorm

Israel is still recovering from the major sandstorm that hit on Monday, bringing with it dust particulates and air pollution for at least two days, but now…


(Michael Snyder) Wall Street banks and the stock market exchange is basically legalized gambling, lawyer and blogger Michael Snyder says. The whole “Too big to fail” idea?…

Swine Flu Has Killed 39 In Russia

Swine flu has killed nearly 40 people in Russia since last month, with one of the cases reported in the capital, Moscow. According to official data gathered…

Bill Gates Says U.S. Needs To Take In More Refugees

Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates chided the United States for failing to take in what he characterized as enough refugees, saying America has an obligation to…

PROPHECY WATCH: Are Implanted Chips The Future Of Boarding Passes?

These days, flying means having your travel documents in order and carrying multiple forms of identification. American fliers could potentially even have to carry a passport on…

Could 2016 Be The “Year Of The Clone”?

For anyone wondering what strange or foreboding things 2016 might bring, heres one clue. We’ve had car production plants for many years, churning out thousands of standard…

Jewish Transgender Man Gives Birth, Embraces Life As A Single ‘Abba’

When Rafi Daugherty of Denver went to the hospital for the birth of his first child, he posted a sign on the delivery room door. “I am…


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