Palestinian Authority Intent On Establishing A State and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 24 & 25 of january 2015)

Bright Fireball Lights Up Night Skies Of Finland

There were many of reports of a large, bright fireball that lit up skies over towns across southern Finland at about 8 pm on Saturday. Some eyewitnesses…

UPDATE: Millions Of Americans Prepare To Dig Out After Blizzard Dumps Tons Of Snow Across Northeast, Leaves 18 Dead

Millions of Americans are preparing to dig themselves out Sunday after a monstrous blizzard with hurricane-force winds and record-setting snowfall paralyzed the East Coast. New York City…

Here’s some head-turning news: One of the scariest tales of all time is being made into a TV series at Fox. The broadcast network has given a…

In This Country, Literally No Young Christians Believe That God Created The Earth

If you happen to have the chance to talk to young Icelanders about their religious beliefs, be prepared for a surprise. Exactly zero percent of respondents in…

Florida leads the nation in new HIV infections, but it’s not being treated as a crisis by Gov. Rick Scott or the state’s top health officer, Dr….


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