Israel Confirms Plan To Seize West Bank Land/ISIS holed up at Syria’s largest dam, uses hostages as human shield, escapes airstrikes and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 25 & 26 of january 2016)

Donald Trump Attends ‘Gay-Affirming’ Presbyterian ‘Church’ In Iowa Days Before Caucus

Whether or not he was aware that it was not the same branch of Presbyterianism he claims to follow, Donald Trump obtained a lesson in “humility” during…

W.H.O Warns Of Deadly Birth-Defect Virus Quickly Spreading Around The World

The Zika virus, a mosquito-borne disease suspected of causing serious birth defects, is expected to spread to all countries in the Americas except Canada and Chile, the…

Scientists May Have Discovered Cure For Type 1 Sugar Diabetes

A cure for Type 1 diabetes is a step closer after scientists managed to halt the condition for at least six months thanks to insulin-producing cells. Experts…


UPDATE: Streets Littered With Rubble As 6.1 Quake Strikes Off Coasts Of Spain, Morocco

An earthquake registering 6.1 on the Richter scale has struck the Mediterranean Sea between Spain and Morocco. Buildings have been damaged by the quake, which was felt…

STDs Soar In Los Angeles

Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise across the nation, but the problem is particularly acute in Los Angeles County. Not only does the county have the…

DEVELOPING: UK On “Red Alert” As Storm Jonas Poses ‘Danger To Life’

Swathes of the country are on alert for up to eight inches of rain – a month’s worth – to fall over the next 48 hours. Remnants…

WARS AND RUMORS OF WAR: Turkish Border On Brink Of Becoming A Russian Warfront?

Turkey is “closely watching” Russian troop movements in Syria near its border, a government source in Ankara said on Friday, after reports that Russian servicemen had deployed…

Obama Talks 3rd Term In White House

President Obama said during a broadcast interview on CBS News he wouldn’t seek a third term in the White House, even if he lawfully could, because his…


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