RETURN OF BABEL: The World’s Tallest Building Is Planned For Iraq and more sigs of JESUS’ soon return ( 27 & 28 of january 2016)

SPREADING: First Zika Virus Case Confirmed In California

A young girl from Los Angeles County who traveled to El Salvador was infected with the Zika virus, officials said Tuesday. The infection, which usually has no…

Iran Says Warns U.S. Warship To Leave Waters Near Strait Of Hormuz

Iran’s navy warned a U.S. warship on Wednesday to leave waters near the Strait of Hormuz where the Iranians were testing submarines, destroyers and missile launchers, news…

First Canadian Euthanized Under New Law In Quebec, Officials Expect 50-60 More To Follow

At least one person and perhaps three have been euthanased in Quebec since the Canadian province’s legislation went into effect in December. Dr. Georges L’Espérance, president of…

Experts Warn Killer Robots Imminent Threat

World leaders need to take the threat of killer robots seriously, according to a warning delivered by a group of experts to the World Economic Forum in…

Oregon Judge Who Refuses To Perform Gay Marriage May Lose Job

An Oregon judge who has refused to perform gay marriages and has drawn a formal ethics complaint for a raft of other issues should lose his job,…

China Warns Soros Against ‘Declaring War’ On Its Currency

Not long after billionaire George Soros forecast a so-called hard landing for the Chinese economy, Beijing fired back by calling out the high-profile investor, warning him of…

Fury In Italy As Nude Roman Goddess Statues Covered So Not To Offend Iranian President

White boards obscured the sculptures in the Capitoline Museum for Hassan Rouhani’s trip, whose country is a strongly conservative Islamic republic. Italian president Matteo Renzi spoke to…

Cruz Admits Trump ‘Could Be Unstoppable’

Sen. Ted Cruz made a somewhat startling statement during a recent address to evangelical pastors, telling them Donald Trump seems on fast-track status to win the nomination…

If Elected President, Will Hillary Clinton Stand With Israel?

2008 – In an interview with the Jewish Exponent of Philadelphia, Clinton supports “limited talks” with the Hamas terrorist group if Israel deems such outreach to be…

20 Years After Dolly, The Temptation To Clone Humans Has Arrived

It’s been almost 20 years since the work of Scottish scientists Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell led to the birth of Dolly the sheep, the world’s first…

Vibrations And Loud Boom Heard Across South Carolina

Shortly before 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, people started calling in to our newsroom reporting vibrations from Charleston, Berkeley and Williamsburg Counties. In Mount Pleasant, people reported hearing…






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