Cyclone Winston “Monster” Hits Fiji 10 Dead/”Damascus Ruinous Heap” Blast 80 Dead 200 Injured ( 21 & 22 of february 2016)

Chinese Officials Detain Christian Woman For Passing Out Gospel Literature On Street

Government personnel in China’s southern Guangdong province detained and interrogated a Christian woman for several hours after she passed out Christian reading materials on Feb. 8. When authorities…

A growing tech trend takes personal computing to its highest level. It’s gone from “hands-on” to “hands-in.” More and more people are “bio-hacking” their bodies with implanted computer…

Chinese state media have urged their national military to fire warning shots and deliberately ram U.S. warships that sail too close to their footholds in the disputed…

Turkey previously shot down a Russian jet. Now, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are threatening to invade Syria. How dangerous could this get, in a worst case scenario? Robert Parry –…

Traffic can be a real grind. For those travelling between work and home by car every day, the seemingly endless cycle of gas-brake-repeat at a snail’s pace…



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