Calais migrants sew lips shut in camp demolition protest and more signs of Jesus’ soon return (3 & 4 of february 2016)

BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Readying Nukes

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered his country’s nuclear weapons made ready for use at a moment’s notice, the official state news agency reported Friday. Kim…

Unexplained loud booms have been affecting residents around Grundy County for weeks, and the cause has yet to be determined. “It’s weird because it’s unlike most booming…

A breed of sheep believed to have been raised by the Bible’s Jacob are set to be sent to Israel in the coming months. The 130 rare…

Senior Anglican figures have launched a new bid to unite the Church of England over divisive issues such as gay marriage. ViaMedia.News is a blog edited by LGBT activist…

(J. Lee. Grady) March is Women’s History Month, so for the next few weeks we will be hearing a lot about women inventors, humanitarians, entertainers and entrepreneurs…

March has a few treats in store for skywatchers. There will be a total solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse, and Jupiter will shine extra brightly….

Strong aftershocks rocked Indonesia early on Thursday after a massive undersea earthquake sparked fears of a region-wide disaster similar to the 2004 Indian Ocean quake and tsunami…



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