Pakistan Blast: Suicide bombing in Lahore leaves dozens dead, hundreds wounded and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 28 & 29 of march 2016)

Manmade Earthquakes Put Millions At Risk

Earthquakes from fracking and drilling for oil have made Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and Arkansas nearly as quake-prone as naturally high-hazard areas of California, a


Islamic State jihadists are reportedly plotting more than 20 terror attacks on British soil as a follow-up from the deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels. Officials at…

Dead farm animals are washing ashore on a Mississippi beach and a local police chief said he’s at a loss to explain why they’re floating in from…

The federal government has the authority to force churches to comply with Obamacare regulations that force employers to provide contraceptive and birth control coverage to their employees,…

An Easter egg hunt in Orange, Connecticut turned ugly on Saturday when hundreds of impatient parents suddenly stormed the field and took all the candy, witnesses say….

U.S. State Dept Just Issued Rare Warning For U.S. Citizens

The State Department issued a rare travel alert for Europe Tuesday, warning Americans of “potential risks” in the wake of the deadly terror attacks in Brussels. The…

Sun Could Produce Killer Superflares

Every now and then large sun storms strike the Earth, where they cause auroras and in rare cases, power cuts. These events are, however, nothing compared to…


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