Italy: earthquake death toll reaches 247/Germany warns citizens to stock pile on goods/Three parent triplets born and more signs of Jesus’ soon return (august 2016)

UPDATE: North Korea Test Fires Missile Towards Japan…

North Korea appears to be poking a hornet’s nest as they continue to provoke Japan and once again has reportedly fired a submarine-based missile toward Japan Wednesday, CNN, Reuters and other news organizations are reporting, attributing the word to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff and its Defense Ministry. The missile was fired at around 5:30 a.m. local time from the city of Sinpo on North Korea’s east coast, Reuters reported.

The act is one of a series of launches conducted by the country in defiance of United Nations sanctions. The launch comes during an annual drill between the United States and South Korea that involves 25,000 U.S. troops, CNN reported. North Korea has called the exercises preparation for invasion and has threatened retaliation, according to Reuters. CONTINUE

South Korea and U.S. Begin Drills Despite North Korea’s Threat of Nuclear Strikes

(SEOUL) — South Korea and the United States began annual military drills Monday despite North Korea’s threat of nuclear strikes in response to the exercises that it calls an invasion rehearsal.contnue

Brussels stabbing: Woman shot by police after attacking three bus passengers with machete

A woman has been shot by police after she launched a knife attack on bus passengers in the Uccle suburb of Brussels.

At least three people were wounded with a machete, two seriously, while the attacker was taken to hospital with gunshot wounds, according to Belgian media reports.

Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française (RTBF) reported that the attacker had been hit in the arm by police, and been arrested.continue

Scientists install ‘memories’ in DNA of human cells

Scientists have managed to record histories in the DNA of human cells, allowing them to recall past “memories.” The advancement could prove vital for researchers studying how cells undergo genetic changes that lead to disease.

The advancement was made by biological engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), using the genome-editing system CRISPR. The system consists of a DNA-cutting enzyme called Cas9 and a short RNA strand. The strand guides the enzyme to a specific area of the genome, directing Cas9 where to make its cut.

Although CRISPR is well known for its gene editing capabilities, the MIT team managed to use it for memory storage – the first that can record the duration and intensity of events in human cells. Such memories include events such as inflammation.

250Gbps: Russian scientists aim to revolutionize computing with plasma-driven antennas

A team of Russian physicists has found a way to tune silicon nanoparticles so they can process optical data at previously unattainable speed, paving the way for the creation of “ultracompact and ultrafast” processing devices.

The findings of the experiment-based survey conducted by scientists from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and ITMO University were published in the ACS Photonics journal in late July.continue

WAR DRUMS: Air Force Deploys Fleet Of Bombers To Guam

China and North Korea aren’t the only Nations flexing their muscles and showing signs of hostility but now In a strong and unmistakable signal to…

Record-Breaking Deadly Heat Will Be The New Normal In The Future

DEVELOPING: Mysterious Gas Leak Forces 100 People To Evacuate San Diego Neighborhood

About 100 people are evacuating the area of Bacon and Del Monte Avenue, according to officials, local NBC-affiliate KNSD reports.CONTINUE

US Air Force Reveals Radical Plan To ‘Bomb The Sky’ To Improve Radio Reception

A fleet of tiny satellites could one day be used to detonate plasma bombs in Earth’s upper atmosphere to improve the range of radio communications. The US Air Force has granted contracts to three research teams to develop the technology needed to do this, with hopes that CubeSats could carry massive amounts of ionized gas to the ionosphere to create radio-reflecting plasma. The ionosphere begins roughly 40 miles above the surface and becomes denser with charged particles at night, allowing signals to travel much farther. CONTINUE

Three Tropical Systems Spin Near Japan At Once

Japan was on heightened alert as Satellite imagery this weekend showed an interesting sight near Japan as a trio of tropical systems spun near the country. One of those three systems, Mindulle, made landfall near Tokyo as a typhoon on Monday. Mindulle has since weakened back to a tropical storm after moving inland. Winds gusted to 57 mph at Tokyo’s Haneda International airport as Mindulle moved through. To the southeast of Tokyo, wind gusts up to 78 mph were reported in Tateyama.

WAR DRUMS: Chinese Ships And Planes Conduct War Games In Sea Of Japan

Continual war rhetoric continues as Chinese planes and ships held war games in the Sea of Japan last week, the military said, during which Beijing displayed its latest-generation frigate at a time of bitter territorial disputes with Asian neighbors. The Defense Ministry said in a statement on its website late Saturday that the long-range exercises staged Friday pitted a red army against a blue one in a simulated bomber attack on a naval task force.

It quoted the commander of an unidentified flight wing under the East Sea Fleet, Zhang Wenzhong, as saying the planes found, identified and struck their targets in a “radically short time.” The statement made no mention of what sort of conflict the exercise was intended as a response to, prospective foes or why the Sea of Japan was chosen as the location of the drills. CONTINUE

Over A Thousand Fish Found Dead In Yellowstone River, Montana

Over a thousand fish have been recently found dead in Yellowstone, River in Montana. Is volcanic activity taking place? Vicki Schwarz had friends in from out of state, so they decided to float down the Yellowstone River on Sunday afternoon. They put in at Mayor’s Landing near Livingston, six people on the raft. But as the Livingston schoolteacher rowed them along, it became clear something strange was going on.

“I noticed as I was paddling that like every 5 feet I could see a belly-up whitefish,” Schwarz said. “It was really sad. I didn’t know what to tell anyone.” State officials aren’t yet sure what to tell anyone either. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has now counted more than 1,000 dead mountain whitefish in the Yellowstone River. Dead fish have been seen as far upstream as the Point of Rocks Fishing Access Site south of Emigrant and as far downstream as one east of Springdale. But they can’t point to a cause just yet. CONTINUE

German Minister Calls For Facial Recognition At Airports, Train Stations…

Germany’s Interior Minister wants to introduce facial recognition software at train stations and airports to help identify terror suspects following two Islamist attacks in the country last month. Speaking to the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, Thomas de Maiziere said internet software was able to determine whether persons shown in photographs were celebrities or politicians.

“I would like to use this kind of facial recognition technology in video cameras at airports and train stations. Then, if a suspect appears and is recognized, it will show up in the system,” he told the paper. He said a similar system was already being tested for unattended luggage, which the camera reports after a certain number of minutes. CONTINUE

Germany Advises Citizens To Stockpile Food And Water

A german newspaper is helping it’s citizens to be ready for anything that may come! The federal government wants to encourage the population again for stockpiling, so that they in the event of major disasters or of armed attack temporarily can take care of himself.  “The population is stopped, hold up a personal supply of food of ten days”, according to the “civil defense concept”, which is to decide the Cabinet on Wednesday.

The reports the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS), citing the text, which has been elaborated by the Ministry of the Interior and the newspaper was present. The federal government also penetrates to an adequate supply of drinking water. “The population should be encouraged by appropriate means, to own / first aid reproach two liters of water per person per day in not harmful quality to installation state individual measures for a period of five days,” it said in the concept.CONTINUE


WAR DRUMS: U.S. Informs Americans To Leave Gaza “As Soon As Possible” As War Looms

In fear for the safety of many, The United States has reportedly called on Americans in the Gaza Strip to leave the coastal enclave “as soon as possible.” as all indicators are pointing to a military confrontation between Israel and Palestine. Palestinian militants and the Israeli military have not engaged in a conflict since the seven-week war that began in July

2014 and left more than 2,200 Palestinians and 70 Israelis dead but flare-ups have been intermittent, particularly on the border between the two territories. The U.S. State Department said that Americans in Gaza should enter into Israeli or Egyptian territory when they could due to the security threat to its citizens. CONTINUE

Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Strikes Central Burma

On the heels of a powerful earthquake that has struck Italy producing death and destruction a powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.8 has rocked central Burma on Wednesday, knocking glasses off tables and sending people running out of buildings in the country’s largest city. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake was centered about 15 miles west of Chauk, an area west of the ancient capital of Bagan. It was located fairly far below the Earth’s surface at a depth of about 52 miles, it said.

Deep earthquakes generally cause less surface damage. Worried residents of Yangon, the country’s main city, rushed out of tall buildings, and objects toppled from tables and from Buddhist shrines in homes. However, there were no immediate reports of serious damage in the city. CONTINUE

Very strong M6.8 earthquake hits Myanmar

A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.8 hit Myanmar at 10:34 UTC on August 24, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 84.1 km (52.2 miles). 

The epicenter was located 25 km (15.5 miles) W of Chauk (population 90 870), 58.8 km (36.5 miles) NNW of Yenangyaung (population 110 553), 69.8 km (43.4 miles) SW of Pakokku (population 126 938), 87.4 km (54.3 miles) NNW of Minbu (population 57 342) and 92.8 km (57.7 miles) NNW of Magway (population 96 954), Myanmar.

There are 3 788 932 people living within 100 km (62 miles). 1 million people are living within 50 km (31 miles).

USGS issued a yellow alert for shaking-related fatalities and economic losses. Some casualties and damage are possible and the impact should be relatively localized. Past yellow alerts have required a local or regional level response.

Estimated economic losses are less than 1% of GDP of Myanmar.

COMING MASS DECEPTION? ‘Second Earth’ Could Be Home To Aliens

Astronomers have discovered a “second Earth” orbiting our closest star and it could have exactly the right conditions to sustain alien lifeforms. Could we be on the brink of a “great deception” awaiting for the world?  Stargazers from the European Southern Observatory spotted the mystery world circling Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf star that’s just four light years away.

The planet is orbiting in the “goldilocks zone” of Proxima Centauri, which means it’s close enough to the star that water would not freeze but far away enough so that water wouldn’t boil. This is important because the presence of liquid water is thought to be necessary for the development of life. CONTINUE

Tehran Warns US To Stay Out Of Iranian Waters In Gulf

Following the recent news of the US Navy firing warning shots to Iranian vessels, Tehran is warning Washington against deploying warships in Iranian territorial waters in the Gulf, after a close encounter earlier in the week between Iranian and US naval ships in the Strait of Hormuz. Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan said on Thursday that every US ship that entered Iranian waters would first be warned, but if the intrusion was considered an invasion, there would be a confrontation.

“If an American ship enters Iran’s maritime region, it will definitely get a warning. We will monitor them and, if they violate our waters, we will confront them,” he said in a statement reported by the Iranian Students’ News Agency. The warning follows an incident on Wednesday when a US warship and Iranian ships faced off near the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf. CONTINUE


Race for Survivors in Italy as Quake Death Toll Climbs to 267

Rescue workers raced to find survivors one day after a powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocked central Italy, killing at least 267, injuring nearly 400 more and leaving thousands homeless.

A powerful 4.7 magnitude aftershock hit the area at 6:28 AM local time Friday morning, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).


WARNING!!! – 3 Super Storms Headed For US but NOT sure WHERE they are going to HIT Land!

Apollo Astronauts: Deep Space Radiation Caused Heart Problems for Astronauts.


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