message to subs!

Hi beautiful people who have subscribed to this site. I have been going through tough times in my person life, facing sickness all around me. As satan tries to test me, I get stronger in the LORD. For is the author of my life and the creator of all.

For the reasons stated above. I will not  post news that match bible prophesy too often, but I will start posting weekly, news of hope, how to resist the evil times we are in, and how to strengthen yourself spiritually. From time to time I will post news, which are vital for the knowledge that matthew 24 is being fulfilled at our faces light speed.

There are many prophetic events and natural disasters to happen, as the world delves into darkness more and more. More darkness will be seen, because evil is seen as good and good as evil. This is the choice of this generation, so the Father will allow this generation to do as it pleases, and it will be up to us to be the beacon of light in such times.

Stay blessed!


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