The build up to ww3, the third jewish temple in the news and more signs of JESUS’ soon return (7-9 october 2016)

Police Issue Warning As Creepy Clowns Terrorise People Across Australia

Creepy clowns have been terrorising schoolchildren across America in recent months, and now it seems they have arrived in Australia. The haunting figures have been spotted loitering at parks, near railway tracks and in woodlands in a spate of incidents across the U.S sparking widespread fear.  This week some were even apparently caught on camera in Sydney,

and Victoria Police were forced to issue a statement warning people about the creepy characters. However the spooky sightings have been laughed off by some as nothing more than a stunt. A number of Facebook pages dedicated to hunting clowns across Australia have emerged as the hysteria over sightings continues. READ MORE

UN human rights watchdog orders Saudi Arabia to stop stoning children

The United Nations has called on Saudi Arabia to repeal laws that allow stoning, amputation, flogging and execution of children.

Children over 15 years are tried as adults and can be executed, “after trials falling short of guarantees of due process and a fair trial”, according to the report by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.continue

WAR DRUMS: Russia Vetoes UN Resolution To ‘Save Aleppo’…

Russia on Saturday vetoed a UN draft resolution demanding an end to the bombing of Aleppo, but its own rival measure on a truce in Syria’s war-battered city was rejected. The failure of the two resolutions deepened divisions at the Security Council between Damascus ally Moscow and the Western powers backing opposition rebels in the war.continue 

PUTIN WANTS WAR: Nato jets from FOUR COUNTRIES intercept Russian nuclear planes off Europe

Haiti’s Death Toll Hits 842 And Is Expected To Rise Into The Thousands

ISIS to send wannabe ‘serial killers’ to the West in bloody new terror tactic

The hate group is now urging extremists living in Europe and the US to carry out frequent and random knife attacks in cities, towns and villages continue



Two men from the Canadian Atlantic Coast made an astonishing catch while fishing near the confluence of the Matane River and the St. Lawrence River. The fishermen captured a northern prawn measuring over 2.80 meters (9 ft) long and weighing more than 145 kilograms (319 lbs), the biggest crustacean of this type to have ever have been caught. continue

Japan’s Mount Aso volcano erupts for the first time in almost two decades and blankets ENTIRE cities as far as 250 kilometres away in grey ash

US seeks to enforce global dominance by unleashing war on countries who oppose it – Assad

ashington’s pursuit of hegemony has fallen short of its goal, causing havoc and collapse of states, Bashar Assad said in a new interview. Syria’s head believes that US meddling in the conflict aims to “save what is left” from its fading global preeminence.cont

Russia launches huge nuclear war training exercise that ‘involves 40 million people’

‘Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow,’ says Russian government-run TV network cont

Russia suspends nuclear cooperation with US, says Washington violated agreement

Moscow has announced the suspension of cooperation with the US in the nuclear and energy sectors. In a written statement the Kremlin said Washington violated the agreement by imposing sanctions on Russia over Ukraine. cont

Sex robots with warm skin in ‘intimate areas’ set to hit dating scene ‘and could even benefit relationships’

 New technology is being designed to heat up the robot bodies, although the exact technique is yet to be pinned down cont

ISIS Calls For Random Knife Attacks In Alleys, Forests, Beaches, ‘Quiet Neighborhoods’…

A new magazine issued by the Islamic State advises lone jihadists to get over any squeamishness about using knives and embrace sharp objects as “widely available” weapons of jihad in nighttime stabbing campaigns. ISIS’ Al-Hayat Media Center issued the second issue of its magazine Rumiyah, meaning Rome, in English, Turkish, German, French, Indonesian, Russian, Arabic and Uyghur.cont

16 ISIS fighters are killed when faulty suicide vest worn by one militant goes off during meeting to plan an attack in Iraq 

Worst disaster in Haiti since 2010 earthquake: Storm leaves 340 dead as it approaches US

The death toll in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew has gone up to 339 with authorities saying it’s the largest humanitarian event witnessed since the earthquake six years ago.

Authorities in Haiti have reported 339 deaths, Reuters reports, citing local officials. Many of the deaths were caused by falling trees or other debris. The Caribbean nation has been the hardest hit by the hurricane, suffering the most casualties and severe structural damage. The storm has destroyed more than 3,200 homes, displaced 15,000 people and decimated plantations and livestock.

“Haiti is facing the largest humanitarian event witnessed since the earthquake six years ago,” said Mourad Wahba, the UN special representative for Haiti, as quoted in USA Today.

“Much of the population is displaced and communication systems are down. At least 10,000 people are in shelter. We’ve received reports of destroyed houses and overflowing hospitals with shortages of buckets and fresh water.”cont


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