Mark of the Beast System:Citi’s Australian bank branches go cashless/ JAPAN earthquake and more signs of JESUS’ soon return (22 & 23 of november 2016)

Syrian rebels used Sarin nerve gas, not Assad’s regime: U.N. official

EU COLLAPSE? Blow for Brussels as Eastern European countries ‘begin siding with RUSSIA’

ISIS Has $1B Worth Of US Humvee Armored Vehicles; One Was Used In Monday’s Suicide Bombing Near Baghdad

Citi’s Australian bank branches go cashless

Citi is removing cash from its Australian bank branches, because it is no longer worth offering a service that is used by less than one in twenty customers.

As consumers embrace digital banking and the role of cash dwindles, the US bank said its six Australian retail branches would remove cash handling services, because of falling demand from customers who instead manage their money digitally. continue

Medieval GIANTESS is found in a Polish cemetery: 7ft 2in woman had a traumatic life full of disease and injury


She’s been outstanding’ Obama tells Germany to be GRATEFUL for Merkel’s migrant madness

Fukushima reactor cooling system stops following quake & tsunami

Strong 5.6 Earthquake Shakes New Zealand’s North Island

Woman Who Wants To Be Man Has Eggs Frozen Before Hormone Therapy: ‘I’m Meant To Be A Father’

Russia responds to NATO advance with missiles in its Europe enclave

Spotting UFOs delivers close encounter of stirred kind by stimulating sexual appetite



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