world news matching bible prophesy (17-18 of february 2017)

Trump vows penalties for companies that outsource American jobs

President Donald Trump pledged to fight for American jobs in a speech to Boeing workers in Charleston, South Carolina, at the unveiling of a new…

Evan McMullin Claims President Donald Trump Is a ‘Domestic Enemy’

Former CIA operative and 2016 third-party presidential candidate Evan McMullin took to Twitter and CNN on Wednesday to defend rogue intelligence agents who break the…

Germany: ‘Settlements’ could lead to war

Germany’s Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, on Thursday warned that building more Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria could end the prospect of a “two-state solution”…

Oklahoma Republicans Act to Legalize Ten Commandments Monuments on Public Property

Oklahoma is one step closer to approving a bill that would allow for the Ten Commandments to be displayed on public property alongside other historic…

Artificial intellgence could destroy human race

Tech billionaire Elon Musk believes artificial intelligence could be catastrophic for humanity who are set to become a cyborg race which will have to grapple…

Atheist Activist Group Seeks to Stop Ceremonial Prayers at New Hampshire Air National Guard Base

A prominent professing atheist organization is seeking to put an end to prayers and Bible readings that are presented by a chaplain during ceremonies at…

An Orange Coast College student who secretly videotaped his instructor making anti-Trump statements was suspended from school and told to write a letter of apology…

China’s Holdings of Treasuries Dropped in 2016 by Most on Record

Child killed, 15 wounded in car bomb explosion in southeast Turkey


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