Rest in the Lord! Rise for the Battle!

Heavenly family,

As the world falls into confusion, war, pestilences, famines and its love grows cold. Separate for  yourself a time alone with the Lord. At this moment he is instructing his children on their role in this generation. The greater role that will lead to the harvest, revelation and culmination of conflicts.

Once you are prepared spiritually, you will be a witness in the world, against some people or for some people. Against those who reject the gospel, and for those who embrace its truth!

Divine intervention will happen through US! We will perform miracles by the power of God, witness the gospel of Christ, speak against the antichrist and his fallen angel( alien) deception. Expose the many ‘christs’ that will manifest in the inner rooms  worldwide. We will condemn with the power of God, all worldly temples where ecumenism and satanism will be practiced.

Many will die in the process, many will live to see Jesus coming, many will be persecuted but will not fear.

whatever you are going through now in your life- STOP- breathe and ask Jesus: what do you want me to learn? what do you want me to do? Even if the situation is beyond what you think you can cope, plead over yourself :” Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” ( ephesians 3:20).

ArkofGod has for many years spoken about the “sign of the times.” The signs are here! The time for matthew 24 is here. Are we being prepared for the spiritual battle ahead? Are we choosing sanctification over gratification? Are we exercising self – control? let’s us repent of our sins, and recognise our weakness. Let us ask the Father for his strength and mind to abide in us and work through us in Jesus’ name, our YESHUA ha mashiach — the redeemer of our souls eternally — Family of heaven- RISE UP!


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