73 Earthquakes In 12 Hours Hit Between Two Volcanoes In Costa Rica and more signs of Jesus’ soon return ( 25 & 26 of april 2016)

America Following In Footsteps Of Venezuela With Polluted Water, Infrastructure Failures And Economic Collapse

Americans enamored with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ socialist economic plans – which essentially amount to taxing the rich (a lot – to the point where they’d leave the…

Facebook Tells Woman To Remove Posts Opposing Men In Women’s Bathrooms

Facebook has attempted to censor a Washington woman who posted viral meme-like photos opposing the push to allow men who self identify as female into women’s bathrooms…

Fired Curt Schilling Predicts Something Will Go Down ‘In A Big Way’

Curt Schilling, who was fired from ESPN for his stance on transgender bathroom usages, predicts the legislation will lead to horrifying consequences. “Everybody’s talking, ‘… People are…

Obama To Send 250 More Troops To Syria

President Barack Obama announced on Monday the biggest expansion of U.S. ground troops in Syria since the civil war there began, saying he would dispatch 250 special…

Widowed Ex-Senator, 90, To Wed Same-Sex Partner, 40

Harris Wofford, a Pennsylvania Democrat who served in the U.S. Senate between 1991 and 1995 – and who was married to a woman named Clare for 48…

U.N.’S Secret Plan For 10 Times More Syrian ‘Refugees’

President Obama and Congress have agreed to fund the permanent resettlement of 10,000 Syrian refugees, but the number of Syrians entering the U.S. over the next three…

Florida Man Recorded Woman Changing In Forever 21 Fitting Room

A woman says she caught a man trying to record her undressing in the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, FL, according to a Local 10 report. Candace…

India To Require Mobile-Phone “Panic Button”

India said mobile phones must include a panic-button feature from the start of next year and incorporate satellite-based navigation technology from 2018 as officials try to make…

Obama Says Merkel Is On ‘Right Side Of History’ By Destroying Europe’s Borders

US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a joint pitch Sunday for deeper transatlantic trade in the face of mounting opposition, vowing to complete…

73 Earthquakes In 12 Hours Hit Between Two Volcanoes In Costa Rica

At least 73 earthquakes have been recorded along a straight line between the Turrialba volcano and the Irazu volcano in less than 12 hours.Are these the two…

Unusual Earthquake Swarm Continues In Northwestern Arizona

More small earthquakes shook northwest Arizona Sunday adding to the list of temblors that have struck the area since March 29. The Arizona Geological Survey said two…

NBA Commissioner Threatens All-Star Game Unless North Carolina Allows Transgenders In Women’s Restroom

Commissioner Adam Silver believes the NBA has been “crystal clear” that the 2017 All-Star Game only stays in Charlotte if a North Carolina law goes. Political and…

Microchip Implants Coming To A Body Near You

No more house keys, car keys, office keys, or airport boarding passes. Now a microchip injected between your thumb and index finger is just about all you…

Major Rabbi Predicts Christians Will Be Source Of Torah In Coming Days Of Messiah

On Wednesday afternoon, two of the greatest rabbis of the generation met and discussed how very close the Messiah is, and how Christians and Muslims have an…

UPDATE: Possible Meteor Strike Triggered Tsunami Buoy 200 Miles Off The Coast Of NJ

A tsunami warning device about 200 miles off the coast of New Jersey went into “event mode” over the weekend, but there were no giant waves threatening…

Market Chaos Could Wipe Out Ten Years Of Retirement Income

Retirees who put their cash into income drawdown plans at the start of last year could have already seen around two years of income wiped, according to…

MYSTERY: Entire Police Force Suddenly Quits In Colorado Town

If you find yourself in an emergency situation in Green Mountain Falls, Colo., don’t bother calling police. In this scenic western hamlet, they no longer exist. All…

UK To Freeze In -5C Tommorow As April Blasted Back To Winter

Severe weather warnings are in place for wintry showers in Scotland and the north with much of the country expecting the odd flurry. Britain will be blasted…

Jordan Warns Israel Of ‘Consequences’ Over Temple Mount ‘Violations’

Jordan on Sunday warned Israel against violating the status quo on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, after several hundred Jews and tourists visited the contested holy site on the…

NASA Astronaut ‘Fascinated’ By View Of Israel From Space

Days before Passover, NASA astronaut Jeff Williams uploaded a breathtaking photo of Israel from the International Space Station, and shared his feelings with the world. “We finally…

Arab League Chief Calls For Special Court To Try Israel

Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi called Thursday for a special criminal court to be set up for Israel, at a meeting to condemn an announcement that it…


Syria ceasefire: Truce comes into effect, ‘cautious’ optimism over deal and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 27 & 28 of february 2016)

The Italian Senate approved on Thursday a watered-down bill allowing civil unions for same-sex and heterosexual couples, with the government using a confidence motion to ram the…

UPDATE: Bakers Ordered To Pay $135,000 For Declining Form Of Participation In ‘Gay Wedding’ Going To Court

A Christian couple that was ordered to pay $135 in “emotional damages” to two lesbian women for declining to make a cake for their same-sex ceremony, which…

Turkey & Saudi Arabia ready to launch ground operation in Syria and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 13 & 14 of february 2016)

Preacher Cited For Offending Students

An Orwellian nightmare became a reality for an evangelical preacher this week when a cop near the University of Texas at Austin issued him a “disorderly conduct”…

A crowd of Carrier manufacturing workers erupted into anger Wednesday as they learned their plant was being relocated to Monterrey, Mexico. Carrier, an Indianapolis-based heating, ventilation and…

Russia Sends 15,000 Troops Ukraine/ OBAMA warns against military action and UN assembles emergency meeting/ Polio outbreak may be cause by vaccines and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


WAR DRUMS: Forgotten treaty could drag U.S and Britain into war with Russia

A treaty signed in 1994 by the US and Britain could pull both countries into a war to protect Ukraine if President Putin’s troops cross into the country. Bill Clinton, John Major, Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kuchma – the then-rulers of the USA, UK, Russia and Ukraine – agreed to the The Budapest Memorandum as part of the denuclearization of former Soviet republics after the dissolution of the Soviet Union Technically it means that if Russia has invaded Ukraine then it would be difficult for the US and Britain to avoid going to war. Putin installed 150,000 troops along Ukraine’s borders after the overthrow of Moscow ally Viktor Yanukovych by pro-European protesters. More

Obama Skips National Security Team Meeting on Russia, Ukraine

A White House official emailed some reporters to say that President Obama’s team met today to discuss the ongoing situation on Ukraine. It appears President Obama did not attend.  ”The President’s national security team met today to receive an update on the situation in Ukraine and discuss potential policy options. We will provide further updates later this afternoon,” reads the full statement. According to Time magazine’s Zeke Miller, Obama skipped the meeting. “Obama did not attend the meeting, but WH official says he has been briefed by Susan Rice and his national security team,” says Miller. More



Obamacare causing Target to drop coverage for part-time employees

 We have warned for more than a year that the Affordable Care Act will prove to be one of the most harmful, job-killing, economy-destroying pieces of legislation ever, and with each passing week we are consistently proven correct. One of the boldest – and easiest – predictions we made regarding the ill effects of Obamacare was that the law’s employer mandate would cause a net reduction in employment. The employer mandate, you may recall, is a provision in the law that requires all employers with more than 50 full-time employees to provide them with health insurance coverage. Well, that provision alone, we knew, would cost employers lots of money – costs that would either a) be passed onto customers in the form of higher prices (which is happening); or b) be reduced by reducing the number of full-time employees (which has also been happening, hence the “part-time economy” reference that some fiscal experts have begun to utilize to describe today’s economic conditions). More


Could polio or other vaccinations be behind the new “polio-like” Illness outbreak in California?

According to reports, there are now about 25 or more cases, and counting, of a new “polio-like” outbreak in California children. Disease control officials have yet to determine the cause of the outbreak and they are looking for a new virus. Perhaps one direction they should take a look at is polio and other childhood vaccinations.  Initial reports have indicated that the children being affected by the new disease have all been vaccinated against polio. The scenario of children vaccinated against polio and other illnesses coming down with a “polio-like” illness is all too familiar. Look for example at what happened in India when widespread polio vaccinations were used to reportedly eradicate polio from India. More

A former Pennsylvania politician who says his family’s house was gripped by evil spirits is sharing new details about the supernatural ordeal they went through in their Pittsburgh home. Bob Cranmer claims his home was infested by a demonic force that terrorized his family for years before being successfully dispelled by a team of faith leaders and paranormal experts. A dark column that glided through the house. Mysterious shadows. A rancid stench. Clocks stopping. A mysterious blood-like substance coating the walls. Broken crucifixes. Cranmer’s children exhibiting signs of possible possession. More

Rouhani: Iran draws ‘red line’ at developing nuclear weapons

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urged Iran’s military leaders on Saturday to let diplomacy prevail in dealing with potential foreign threats, in a clear reference to efforts to end the nuclear dispute and decades of hostile relations with the West. ”Iran is sincere in saying it is not out to attack anyone. Aggression is our red line. Weapons of mass destruction are our red line,” Rouhani said in a meeting with Iran’s top military echelon. Rouhani appealed to the army generals to construe their diction in a non-threatening manner so as not to provoke conflict. ”It is very important to formulate one’s sentences and speeches in a way that is not construed as threat, intention to strike a blow,” he said. More

Prime Minister of Ukraine warns, Military Action by Russia will be “ACT OF WAR”!

Diplomats scrambled Saturday to respond to the unanimous vote by Russia’s upper house of Parliament to approve sending military forces into Ukraine. The vote followed a request from President Vladimir Putin for approval to send troops into Crimea to normalize the political situation there. Putin cited the “extraordinary situation in Ukraine” in making his request, adding that the lives of Russian citizens and military personnel based in the southern Crimea region had been threatened. Late in the evening, Ukrainian acting Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said in a televised address in Kiev that he had been told by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that no decision had been made on whether Russian military forces would indeed enter his country. More

A fisherman, who suffered a seemingly minor scrape during a Sunday outing on Lake Conroe, has died from an infection of flesh-eating bacteria. Travis Lee Moore, a 74-year-old retired postal worker and former firefighter from the Southeast Texas town of Chester, succumbed only five days after a fishing trip with four of his brothers. “It was a scrape on the top of his hand, on his finger,” said his brother, Robert Moore of Woodville. The infection’s severity didn’t become apparent until two days after the trip, when his family thought Moore was suffering a heart attack. His brother, Robert, took him to a hospital in Huntsville where the problem was diagnosed. More

Gang of Knife-Wielding Men Kill 27 at China Train Station.

Knife-wielding assailants attacked people at a train station in southwestern China on Saturday in what authorities called a terrorist attack and police fatally shot five of the assailants, leaving 28 people dead and 113 injured, state media said. China’s official Xinhua News Agency did not identify who might have been responsible for the late-evening attack at the Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province, but said authorities considered it to be “an organized, premeditated violent terrorist attack.” More


As Russian armed forces effectively seized control of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula on Saturday, the Russian Parliament granted President Vladimir V. Putin the authority he sought to use military force in response to the deepening instability in Ukraine. The authorization cited a threat to the lives of Russian citizens and soldiers stationed in Crimea and other parts of Ukraine, and provided a blunt answer to President Obama, who on Friday pointedly warned Russia to respect Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty. Even before Mr. Putin’s statement in Moscow, scores of heavily armed soldiers had tightened their grip on the Crimean capital, Simferopol, surrounding government buildings, shuttering the airport, and blocking streets, where they deployed early Friday. More

WAR DRUMS: Russian parliament demands recall of ambassador to USA.

Russia’s upper house of parliament will ask President Vladimir Putin to recall Moscow’s ambassador from the United States, the chamber’s speaker said on Saturday. Valentina Matviyenko, the head of the Federation Council, asked the Council’s Committee on Foreign Affairs to draw up a proposal setting out the demands to Putin. Reuters

WAR DRUMS: Ukraine says it will not bow to Russian ‘provocations’ in Crimea

Ukraine’s prime minister said on Saturday his country would not be drawn into a military conflict by Russian “provocations” in the Crimea region and appealed to Moscow to halt military movements there. “It is unacceptable when armored Russian military vehicles are out in the center of Ukrainian towns,” Arseny Yatseniuk said before a government meeting in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Russia, which has a naval base in Crimea, says any movements by its military in Crimea are in line with agreements with Ukraine. INFO WARS


DISTRESS OF NATIONS: UN says 703 people killed in Iraq violence in February

APTOPIX Mideast Iraq ViolenceThe United Nations says a total of 703 people were killed in Iraq in February, as the country faces its worst violence in years. The UN mission to Iraq issued the figure on Saturday, which is close to that of January’s death toll of 733. The figure excluded deaths from the ongoing fighting between the Iraqi forces and al-Qaeda-linked militants in the western Anbar Province, neighboring Syria. Some 564 civilians and 139 members of security forces were killed in the violence in the country, while 1,381 people, including 1,179 civilians, were injured. Baghdad was the worst affected region with 239 deaths, followed by central Salahuddin Province with 121 killed and northern Nineveh Province with 94 killed. UN mission chief, Nickolay Mladenov, asked Iraqis to come together to put an end to the violence. More

Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richards said the lives of her three children began when she delivered them, in a Thursday interview on Fusion’s “America with Jorge Ramos.” Richards at first dodged the question several times, arguing that the question of when life begins is unrelated to the issue of abortion. ”When does life start? When does a human being become a human being?” Ramos asked. The question “will be debated through the centuries,” Richards said, and people hold different views on when life begins. ”But for you, when is that point?” Ramos pressed. More


After forest fires and drought, now rains torment Southern California

Mario Vazquez grabbed his dog and got out of the way, as a stream of water and mud came gushing on to his streets Friday. Since California has been in the middle of its worst drought in 100 years, it would seem that the sight of rain would be good news. But in Glendora and other towns in Los Angeles County, it wasn’t. The rain has been much needed, but this deluge — coming down at more than an inch an hour at times — has landed on bone-dry hills scorched by recent wildfires in and around Los Angeles. With little vegetation left to stop them, walls of water have gushed into valleys below. They have spewed mud and debris into quiet residential streets, turning them into thick, brown creeks. More


Lawmakers back Obama’s warning to Russia on ‘costs’ for Ukraine intervention

Key lawmakers backed President Obama’s warning to Russia Friday that “there will be costs” for any military intervention in Ukraine, and offered support for sanctions and other measures aimed at deterring Russia from escalating tensions in the region. Obama, speaking to reporters at the White House, said that the U.S. government is “deeply concerned” by reports of Russian “military movements” inside Ukraine, warning that any violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty would be “deeply destabilizing.” ”There will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine,” he said, without specifying what those costs might be.  A bipartisan group of 12 members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee expressed support for U.S. assistance in Ukraine and raised concerns over the Russian government’s “provocative and dangerous tactics” in response to the upheaval in Ukraine. More

Russian President Vladimir Putin asks parliament to use military in Ukraine

BREAKING NEWS: The Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked parliament for permission to use the country’s military in Ukraine. Putin says the move is needed to protect ethnic Russians and the personnel of a Russian military base in Ukraine’s strategic region of Crimea. No other details were immediately available. Stay with Eyewitness News for the latest details. ABC

Iran advancing nuke program despite pact with West.

Iran is moving ahead with a nuclear program that U.S. officials said would be frozen, and it is now clear the USA and other world powers are willing to accept an Iranian enrichment program that Iran refuses to abandon, say analysts. Iran has continued research and development on new, far more efficient machines for producing uranium fuel that could power reactors or bombs, and its stockpile of low enriched uranium has actually grown, according to a report by Institute for Science and International Security. The Iranian regime has also trumpeted recent tests of new ballistic missiles that could be used to deliver a future warhead while its pariah economy has begun a modest recovery. Analysts watching the movements say the U.S. easing of economic sanctions against Iran to induce it to make compromises on a long-term nuclear agreement may not be having the desired effect. More

WAR DRUMS: Ukraine Says Russia Has Sent In 6,000 Troops

Russia has been accused of sending 6,000 troops into the Ukraine despite calls by Britain and the US for Moscow to back off. Tensions are rising amid reports that Russian and Ukranian troops are trying to gain control of key sites in the south-eastern region of Crimea. The region has a prime minister loyal to Moscow but the government in Kiev has vowed to maintain the country’s territorial integrity.  Reports suggest that Russian troops are trying to occupy an anti-aircraft missile base and have taken control of airports in the peninsular. Ukraine’s border guard service said about 300 armed men were attempting to seize its main headquarters in the port city of Sevastopol. Russian helicopter gunships have also been seen in Ukrainian airspace. But there were claims by Russia that gunmen from Kiev had been sent overnight to seize the offices of Crimea’s interior ministry. There was grainy footage of an unidentified armed group breaking into a building, with smoke rising and reports that people had been “wounded”.More 

Russia Extends Reach in Crimea with Calls for Troops in Ukrainian Region

Russia extended its reach in Crimea on Saturday as officials in the restive Ukrainian region called on Russian troops to help provide security and as Crimea’s newly appointed prime minister, who is pro-Russian, said he was taking command of the peninsula’s police and army. Russia’s State Duma, the lower house of parliament, Saturday issued an appeal to President Vladimir Putin to “use all available means to defend the population of Crimea from disorder and violence,” Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin said on Russian state TV. Sergei Aksyonov, who was appointed head of Crimea after armed men took over the regional parliament this week, said troops from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet are guarding vital facilities in the region and helping with patrols to ensure public order. More

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) and Paramount Pictures jointly announced Thursday the decision to add an explanatory message to future marketing materials for the upcoming film Noah from acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. The move follows an appeal by Jerry A. Johnson, president and CEO of NRB, to help audiences better understand that the feature film is a dramatization of the major scriptural themes and not a line-by-line retelling of the Bible story. Johnson’s request to Paramount Pictures to consider adding this clarification to Noah’s marketing materials ahead of release was an idea fully embraced by the studio and follows a precedent established by other films based on biblical stories. NRB’s reaching out to Paramount was prompted by a special public event earlier this week at the NRB 2014 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Tenn., where Johnson led an engaging and insightful panel discussion with John Snowden, a biblical consultant for Noah, along with filmmaker, media consultant and writer Phil Cooke, who is also a member of the NRB board of directors. More

Video Shows Eerie Electrical Anomaly Happening in Norwegian Mountains

If you thought the worst thing that could happen when power lines went down was your cable or Internet going out, then watch this video. In Norway earlier this year, a snowstorm caused damage in an area that is popular with people who like to go sledding. A man by the name of Steinar Midtskogen was there and captured footage of a downed power line. The scene created a visual straight out of a sci-fi movie. ”An ordinary ski with child,” translates one of the Norwegian subtitles. “Forest’s tranquility.” Video is shown of a family pulling a sled and skiing. After a photo of the snow-covered trees is shown, more text appears. ”Suddenly a sound in the forest,” it reads. “Wind, heavy snow, and trees go bad with power lines.” That could be quite the understatement if that translation reads true. The downed power line perhaps hits a tree and creates a crazy jet of fire lightning. According to the person who uploaded the video, it lasted for about five minutes. More

WAR DRUMS: Russian troops have launched ‘armed invasion’ of Crimea

Russian troops moved into Crimea Friday, U.S. officials told Fox News, prompting Ukraine to accuse Russia of an “armed invasion.” At the White House, President Obama said the U.S. government is “deeply concerned” by reports of Russian “military movements” and warned any violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty would be “deeply destabilizing.” ”There will be costs” for any military intervention, he said, without specifying what those costs might be. U.S. officials told Fox News they see “evidence of air and maritime movement into and out of Crimea by Russian forces” although the Pentagon declined to officially “characterize” the movement. Agence France Press quoted a top Ukranian official as saying Russian aircraft carrying nearly 2,000 suspected troops have landed at a military air base near the regional capital of the restive Crimean peninsula. More

Police Pushing Access to Security Cameras Inside Public Schools

It’s not enough the Austin Police Department has surveillance cameras mounted in nearly every corner of the city. Police are now pushing to gain access to security cameras inside Austin Independent School District public schools. The move comes as the department announces a sprawling surveillance roll-out that hopes to add a myriad of cameras to city streets. Predictably, APD purports its efforts will make Austin schools safer. The department already has 39 HALO (High Activity Location Observation) cameras installed throughout Austin, which surreptitiously monitor in real time Austin residents’ mundane routines. But that’s not enough. More

Michigan Township To Put Cameras ‘In Every Neighborhood’

After placing multiple cameras throughout the city’s West Willow neighborhood several years ago, township officials claim the programs vast success, which is reportedly centered around one single case, warrants an expansive rollout to every last neighborhood. When attempting to find public support for the program, WDIV used quick editing to create the desired answer from a surveillance weary resident. “When they put the security cameras up I kind of thought crime would decrease and it kind of has in a way…” Tony Slaughter hesitantly said before being cut off mid-sentence. Mike Radzik, the director of the Office of Community Standards, justified the program by claiming that the cameras were no different than police officers constantly standing in the neighborhood. “We are recording images that a police officer would see if he or she were standing in the same place,” Radzik said. “They are only in public places.” Not only has the township seemingly decided to go forward with the program without public input, residents will be required to pay a fee for the township’s venture. More

Dozens killed in China stabbing spree

Ukrainian nationalists call for help from terrorists ‘to fight Russia’


In recent weeks, thousands of foreign jihadists have been attempting to infiltrate Egypt, stoking fears of a coming destabilization campaign akin to the insurgency in Syria, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials. The officials warned of a troubling development taking place among the al-Qaida-linked organizations already inside Egypt. They said there is information the militant groups are forming a de fact chain of command, with alarming coordination between the various jihadist factions embedded around the country. The terrorist infrastructure is being set up beyond the Islamist stronghold of the Sinai Peninsula. The officials said al-Qaida-linked groups in Egypt have been forming divisions replete with leadership and assignments to specific territories, including in the Sinai, Suez regions, outside Cairo and along the Delta. More


2014 finds abortion clinic numbers still plunging

The recent closure of a California abortion clinic was the fifth to shut down this year, continuing a decline in which nearly three of every four abortion-providing locations has closed since 1991, according to Operation Rescue.  The group, which itself bought one abortion clinic to put it out of business, has been monitoring the decline of America’s abortion businesses for years. In a year-end report for 2013, it said 87 businesses discontinued offering surgical abortions, including 81 that were permanently shuttered, during the year. In the report,”Death Throws of the Death Industry,” Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger explained the closures left the number of surgical abortion clinics in the U.S. at that time at 582, a drop of 12 percent in just 2013 along and a 73 percent plunge from the high in 1991 of 2,176. More

At a time of escalated tensions with the West over Ukraine, Russia says it is negotiating with eight governments around the world for access to military facilities, to enable it to extend its long-range naval and strategic bomber capabilities. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Wednesday the military was engaged in talks with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Algeria, Cyprus, the Seychelles, Vietnam and Singapore.  “We need bases for refueling near the equator, and in other places,” ITAR-Tass quoted him as saying.  Russia is not looking to establish bases in those locations, but to reach agreement to use facilities there when required. More



U.S. officials said Friday that President Barack Obama may scrap plans to attend an international summit in Russia this summer and could also halt discussions on deepening trade ties with Moscow, raising specific possible consequences if Russia should intervene in Ukraine. Obama himself bluntly warned of unspecified “costs” for Russia.  ”Any violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing,” Obama declared. Such action by Russia would represent a “profound interference” in matters that must be decided by the Ukrainian people, he said. While the president spoke only of “reports” of military movements inside Ukraine, the officials said the U.S does believe that Russia is intervening. More

Tenn. State University Requires Students to Wear Trackable IDs

Beginning Saturday, March 1, students and staff at Tennessee State University will be required to present identification badges at any time that can also track their movements in and out of buildings, according to a local-news report.  After a spate of break-ins and vandalism, officials at the university instituted the new ID requirement as a way to ensure safety on campus, a TSU release said. “Our primary concern is always to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our students, employees and visitors,” said Dr. Curtis Johnson, associate vice president for administration, who is in charge of Emergency Management. “Safety on our campus is priority number one, and with the new policy we want to ensure that our students, faculty, and staff are safe at all times.” More


DAYS OF LOT- Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Ban

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – A federal judge nominated by then-President Bill Clinton has struck down a constitutional amendment in Texas that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia issued his decision, stating that the current law “demeans the dignity” of homosexuals “for no legitimate reason.” He placed a stay on his ruling pending appeal. “These Texas laws deny Plaintiffs access to the institution of marriage and its numerous rights, privileges and responsibilities,” he wrote, “for the sole reason that Plaintiffs wish to be married to a person of the same sex.” “Without a rational relation to a legitimate governmental purpose, state-imposed inequality can find no refuge in our United States Constitution,” Garcia asserted. More

Christianity may become extinct in the Mid East//TEPCO begins dangerous fuel rod removal in FUKUSHIMA/distress of nations: Pakistan and Greece/extreme weather:100 days of heavy snowfall in Britain,SAUDI ARABIA flash floods worst in 30 yrs and severe blizzard in CHINA plus more prophetic signs of JESUS’ soon return


France urges ‘full and complete halt to Israeli settlement’s”!

French President Francois Hollande on Monday called for a complete halt to Israel’s settlement activities on land the Palestinians want for a future state. ”France demands a full and complete halt to settlement activity,” he said at a joint news conference in Ramallah with his Palestinian counterpart Mahmud Abbas. Speaking on his first official visit to the Palestinian territories, the French leader warned that settlement construction was problematic for the peace talks which have been limping along for more than three months with little sign of progress. ”Settlement activity complicates the negotiations and makes it difficult to achieve a two-state solution,” Hollande said. Since Israeli and Palestinian negotiators returned to the table at the end of July, Israel has announced thousands of new settler homes in a move which has angered Ramallah. But Abbas on Sunday told AFP that peace talks with Israel would continue for the full nine months agreed with Washington “regardless of what happens on the ground”. More

Ancient City Discovered Beneath Biblical-Era Ruins in Israel

Archaeologists have unearthed traces of a previously unknown, 14th-century Canaanite city buried underneath the ruins of another city in Israel. The traces include an Egyptian amulet of Amenhotep III and several pottery vessels from the Late Bronze Age unearthed at the site of Gezer, an ancient Canaanite city. Gezer was once a major center that sat at the crossroads of trade routes between Asia and Africa, said Steven Ortiz, a co-director of the site’s excavations and a biblical scholar at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. The remains of the ancient city suggest the site was used for even longer than previously known. More

New ‘Noah’ Film Starring Russell Crowe far from Biblical Truth

A new Hollywood epic on the life of Noah has stirred controversy among Christians, Jews and others who have pre-screened the film, as they state that the movie largely leaves out one important foundation: the Bible. Noah is the brainchild of producer Darren Aronofsky, who says that he has wanted to make a film about Noah and the ark since his childhood. With a $1.25 million budget, the film is said to be more of an edgy action epic that depicts a man who fights off his enemies as he prepares for a coming apocalypse, rather than a story of a “preacher of righteousness” who calls the world to repentance from sin. Russell Crowe, known for his roles in GladiatorA Beautiful Mind and Robin Hood stars as Noah in the film, and Anthony Hopkins, known for his roles in Silence of the LambsHannibal and The Legends of the Fall appears as grandfather Methuselah, who provides advice to Noah. “Man corrupted this world and filled it with violence, so he must be destroyed,” Methuselah explains to Noah, who has a dream of “death by water.” More
Scientists are now saying they will need to monitor for decades an enormous — and growing — Louisiana sinkhole that has already forced hundreds to evacuate, contaminated an aquifer and has been registering increased seismic activity, including mini-earthquakes. What is known as the Bayou Corne sinkhole in southern Louisiana is now reportedly 25 or so acres in size and 350 feet deep, having opened in August 2012 when the wall of a subterranean salt mine collapsed and the ground above it was seemingly swallowed by the earth. It has since filled with water. ”While it was a manmade action that started this, it’s geology and natural forces that are making everything happen,” Patrick Courreges, a policy analyst for the Louisiana Dept. of Natural Resources, told TheVerge.com. “And geology happens slow.” When it occurred, Assumption Parish reportedly ordered the 300-or-so nearby residents to evacuate their homes. Hundreds have done so, although more than a few have remained behind, regardless of the danger. More

Parents outraged over palm scanning devices in Puyallup lunchrooms

PUYALLUP, Wash. — Puyallup School District says by the end of the year, every lunchroom will have palm scanning devices that will allow students to pay for their lunch with a wave of a hand. ”Efficiency is another reason for implementing this. The accuracy of the scanner reduces human error, reduces fraud, the ability for students to share numbers allows parents to know the money that they’re spending is being spent on their child’s lunch,” said Brian Fox, spokesperson for Puyallup School District.  The district says the devices will be in all 32 schools by the end of the school year.  So far, Wildwood Elementary and Stahl Junior High have the scanners in their lunchrooms. Christina Allen has a daughter in middle school and said she was blindsided by a letter that her daughter came home with that said the scanners would be used at Kalles Junior High in a few weeks. More

Volcano under Antarctic ice may erupt, accelerate melting

A newly discovered volcano rumbling beneath nearly a mile of ice in Antarctica will almost certainly erupt at some point in the future, according to a new study. Such an event could accelerate the flow of ice into the sea and push up the already rising global sea levels. When the volcano will blow is unknown, “but it is quite likely” to happen, Amanda Lough, a graduate student in seismology at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., told NBC News.  ”At some point, it is going to erupt,” she said. “Is it going to erupt in any of our lifetimes? That is not something that we can pinpoint.” And when it does erupt, she added, “there would be an increase in melting around the area. … You would add water to the system beneath the ice sheet … and that could cause that ice stream to speed up.” In other words, global warming likely isn’t the only factor causing sea levels to rise, and the discovery of a subglacial volcano adds another layer of complexity for scientists trying to model how polar ice sheets move as the world gets warmer. But what overall impact this might have on global sea levels is unknown — and up for debate. More

100 DAYS OF HEAVY SNOW: Britain now facing worst winter in SIXTY YEARS warn forecasters

LONG-RANGE weather forecasters have warned that Britain should prepare for heavy and persistent snow for up to THREE MONTHS with winter 2013 set to be the worst in more than 60 years. The latest detailed forecasts for winter 2013 ALL point towards months of relentless extreme cold with heavy snow ‘extremely likely’ across the country. Arctic air will roar in from the North Pole later this week, triggering the start of the worst winter in many people’s lifetimes. Experts in long-range weather forecasting said the WHOLE of Britain should be prepared for this winter to be the most severe since 1947, which saw the UK hit by relentless snow and some of the lowest temperatures on record. February 1947 was the coldest in history with heavy snow the following month leading to seven-metre high drifts. Flooding was also a problem as rain ran off frozen ground in torrents leading to widespread chaos on the roads. As the Daily Express reported at the time, roads and railways across Britain were blocked by huge Arctic blizzards. Coal supplies – already low in the wake of WWII – struggled to get reach power stations and many were forced to shut down, causing widespread blackouts. The lack of power supplies became so critical that at one point radio and TV broadcasts were suspended, magazines were ordered to stop being published and many newspapers were forced to cut their size. And the latest long-range predictions for this winter show a pattern that look eerily similar to that infamous year, with bitter Arctic gales leading to feet-deep snow drifts right up until February. Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said: “Early indications are that this winter is looking particularly severe, and we could see parallels with the shocking winter of 1947. More

Bank of America looks to biometric ATMs in new patent application

The Bank of America has pushed through a patent application, which describes a biometric ATM system. Reported in ATM Marketplace, the patent was submitted to the USPTO in 2012, and published recently in 2013. Specifically, this patent application outlines a system for authenticating users with a combination of a pin-code and fingerprint biometrics. The design of a biometric ATM and the patent application certainly isn’t very specific, and at this point it looks like the BofA is staking out some territory for development, and doesn’t want to leave much room for competition. “[A] fingerprint scanner for use in the systems and methods of the invention may use optical fingerprint imaging, ultrasonic sensors, capacitance sensors (passive or active) and/or any other suitable method to capture the digital image of a fingerprint,” is just an example of some of the unspecific language contained in this application. “Any suitable method for PIN validation and fingerprint validation may be used to validate the input PIN and fingerprints.” More

50 tornadoes tear through U.S. Midwest, leaving 5 dead

ILLINOIS – A fast-moving storm system triggered multiple tornadoes on Sunday, killing at least five people, injuring about 40 and flattening large parts of the city of Washington, Illinois as it tore across the Midwest, officials said. The storm also forced the Chicago Bears to halt their game against the Baltimore Ravens and encourage fans at Soldier Field to seek shelter as menacing clouds rolled in. Chicago’s two major airports also briefly stopped traffic with the metropolitan area was under a tornado watch. The city of Washington, Illinois, was hit especially hard by what the National Weather Service called a ‘large and extremely dangerous  tornado. “It’s a sad day in Washington. The devastation is just unbelievable. You just can’t imagine. It looks like a war zone in our community,” said Washington Mayor Gary Manier. “It’s kind of widespread and went right through our community of 15,000 people,” he added, saying hundreds of homes in the town, 145 miles southwest of Chicago, had been destroyed. The state Emergency Management Agency said one person was killed in Washington. Thirty-one people injured by the storm were being treated at St. Francis Medical Center, one of the main hospitals in nearby Peoria, according to hospital spokeswoman Amy Paul. Eight had traumatic injuries.
Two people were killed in Washington County, Illinois, about 200 miles south of Peoria, said Illinois Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Patti Thompson. The agency estimated that hundreds of homes were damaged and at least 70 leveled across the state. Washington County coroner Mark Styninger said the two people who died there were elderly siblings. The 80-year-old man and his 78-year-old sister suffered massive trauma when their home was demolished in the storm, Styninger said. Two people were killed in Massac County, Illinois, on the Kentucky border where a twister devastated several neighborhoods, emergency officials said. “It wiped out homes, mobile homes,” said Charles Taylor, deputy director of the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency in Massac County. “It downed trees, power lines. We have gas leaks, numerous injuries whether they were in mobile homes, or outdoors, even in the motor vehicles, people have been trapped.” “We have reports of homes being flattened, roofs being torn off,” Sara Sparkman, a spokeswoman for the health department of Tazewell County, Illinois, where Washington is located, said in a telephone interview. “We have actual whole neighborhoods being demolished by the storm.” Sparkman said the storm also had caused damage in Pekin, south of Peoria.
Illinois State Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said mobile homes were toppled, roofs torn from homes, and trees uprooted. She said officials believe some people may be trapped in their basements under debris. The American Red Cross worked with emergency management officials to set up shelters and provide assistance to displaced residents, even as rescue workers searched for more people who might have been caught and trapped in the storm’s path. The Washington tornado came out of a fast-moving storm system that originally headed toward Chicago as it threatened a large swath of the Midwest with dangerous winds, thunderstorms and hail, U.S. weather officials said. The National Weather Services’ Storm Prediction Center said the storm moved dangerously fast, tracking eastward at 60 miles per hour. This storm system had some similarities to the fast-moving “derecho” storm that knocked out power to more than 4.2 million people and killed 22 in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions in June 2012, according to Bill Bunting, forecast branch chief at the Storm Prediction Center. According to news affiliate KIII TV3, the storm system may have unleashed as many as 50 twisters. Extinction Protocol

Oprah Winfrey: Obama is victim of racism; racists ‘just have to die’

Oprah Winfrey made several racially-charged statements during a BBC interview Friday while promoting her recent film, “The Butler.” The BBC’s Will Gompertz asked Winfrey if racism is still a contemporary issue. “It’s gotten better,” she said. “Are there still places where people are terrorized because of the color of their skin, because of the color of their black skin? Yes. But there are laws that have allowed us to progress beyond what we saw in the Scottsboro [case] and beyond even the prejudice we see in ‘The Butler.’” Gompertz asked Winfrey if she thought the problem of racism was solved. “Of course, the problem is not solved,” the actress said. “As long as there are people who still, there’s a whole generation – I say this, you know, I said this, you know, for apartheid South Africa, I said this for my own, you know, community in the South – there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.” If President Obama weren’t an African-American, Gompertz asked, would he be treated differently? Winfrey mentioned the time when U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., called Obama a liar while the president was delivering a speech to Congress. “Just the level of disrespect,” she said. “When the senator yelled out, ‘You’re a liar.’ Remember that? Yeah, I think that there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs, and that occurs in some cases, and maybe even many cases, because he’s African-American.” More

Snowden: UK spy agency wiretaps hotel rooms of diplomats

A UK spy agency infiltrated international hotel booking systems for some three years, tracing high profile officials and wiretapping their suites, new leaks reveal. GCHQ’s top secret ‘Royal Concierge’ program tracked 350 hotels across the globe.  Germany’s Der Spiegel has published yet another episode of scandalous revelations from the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, currently enjoying temporary asylum in Moscow. Constantly on the move, top officials and diplomats prefer to stay in high-end establishments and boutique hotels with premier service standards. And since the number of high-class hotels in the world is finite, British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) came up with the idea of turning them into a huge net to fish for secrets in high-tech style. After the ‘Royal Concierge’ program underwent testing in 2010, it was readied and put into action. More

Obamacare: The Final Nail In The Coffin For The Middle Class

If there were any shreds of hope left that the stunning decline of the middle class could be turned around, Obamacare has absolutely destroyed them.  Over the past decade or so, the middle class in the United States has been absolutely eviscerated.  The number of working age Americans without a job has increased by 27 million since the year 2000, median household income in the U.S. has fallen for five years in a row, and the poverty numbers in this country are spiraling out of control.  And now here comes Obamacare.  As you will see below, Obamacare is causing millions of Americans to lose their current health insurance policies, it is causing health insurance premiums to explode to absolutely ridiculous levels, and it is systematically killing jobs even though the employer mandate has been delayed for a while.  All of this is creating a tremendous amount of stress for millions of middle class families that are already stretched extremely thin financially.  According to CNN, a survey that was conducted earlier this year found that 76 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  Most of those families simply cannot afford to pay much higher health insurance premiums for new policies that also come with much larger deductibles and significantly increased out-of-pocket costs.  Millions of those families will ultimately end up choosing to do without health insurance altogether, and that will create a whole host of new problems.  This is a disaster that is so enormous that it is really hard to put into words.  If the U.S. health care system was a separate country, it would be the 6th largest economy on the entire globe all by itself.  And now Obamacare is going to bring the entire U.S. health care system to its knees. More

Israel has the ability to strike Iran, and is willing to do so alone

Amid Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s repeated warnings that Israel will not be bound by a “bad” agreement with Iran, former national security adviser Yaakov Amidror said Sunday that Israel has the ability to strike Iran, and is willing to do so alone. Amidror, in a Financial Times interview obviously timed and placed to send a message to the world, said Israel could halt Iran’s nuclear capability “for a very long time,” and that the air force has conducted “very long-range flights… all around the world” in preparation.  “We are not the United States of America, of course, and believe it or not they have more capabilities than us,” Amidror said. “But we have enough to stop the Iranians for a very long time. “We are not bluffing,” he said. “We are very serious – preparing ourselves for the possibility that Israel will have to defend itself by itself.” Amidror said Israel could not, nor would it want to, “count on others to do the job if the others don’t want to do the job.” Asked how Israel would respond if Hezbollah retaliated by firing missiles and rockets at Israel, Amidror indicated the government would be ready to “use ground forces to go into the urban centers and to deal with the people who are launching the rockets, and to destroy the rockets and launchers.” Jerusalem Post

4 Syrian generals among 31 dead in rebel bomb attack

A rebel bomb attack has killed 31 Syrian military troops on an army base near Damascus. It came as government forces were on an offensive against the rebels on Sunday, AFP reported. Four generals died in the attack. ”Three generals and a brigadier-general were among 31 troops killed in a bomb attack that caused a building in the army transport base in Harasta to collapse,’‘ Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director Rami Abdul Rahman said.  The rebel group Direh al-Aasmeh (Shield of Damascus) brigade – which is part of the Western-backed Free Syrian Army – has claimed responsibility for the attack, posting a video of the blast on YouTube. The video shows the military building collapsing.  More
At least 20 people were killed and 20 others injured when a passenger train collided into a mini-bus and a pick-up truck just south of Cairo, police and state media reported. The train was traveling from Aswan and crashed into the vehicles at a crossing in the Giza district, located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Cairo, according to Egyptian officials.  “We are still investigating the incident and once we are done we will issue a statement,” an interior ministry source told Reuters. The driver of the train was caught off guard when the mini-bus and pick-up truck stormed into the crossing, the head of Egypt’s railway authority, Hussein Zakariya, told MENA news agency. Egypt’s railways have a poor safety record. The transportation ministry was heavily criticized when 50 people, mostly children, were killed when a train collided with a school bus in Cairo in 2012.  The worst railroad disaster to take place in Egypt killed 360 people in 2002, when a blaze ripped through seven carriages on an overcrowded train. The country’s interim government had allocated a US$4.3 billion stimulus package – part of which was dedicated to cover improvements in the transportation sector.  RT

‘Geneva talks a facade, US-Iran worked secretly on deal for past year’

The Geneva negotiations between the so-called P5+1 powers and Iran are a mere “facade,” because the terms of a deal on Iran’s nuclear program have been negotiated in talks between a top adviser to President Barack Obama and a leading Iranian nuclear official that have continued in secret for more than a year, Israeli television reported Sunday. Despite ostensible full coordination between the US and Israel over strategies for thwarting Iran’s nuclear weapons drive, the administration did not keep Israel fully informed on those talks, Channel 10 news reported, but Jerusalem nonetheless has a pretty clear picture of what has been going on in the secret channel. More

Tornadoes and damaging storms sweep through Midwest

CHICAGO — Intense thunderstorms and tornadoes swept across the Midwest on Sunday, causing extensive damage in several central Illinois communities while sending people to their basements for shelter and even prompting officials at Soldier Field in Chicago to evacuate the stands and delay the Bears game. The community of Washington in central Illinois appeared particularly hard-hit, with one resident saying his neighborhood was wiped out in a matter of seconds. ”I stepped outside and I heard it coming. My daughter was already in the basement, so I ran downstairs and grabbed her, crouched in the laundry room and all of a sudden I could see daylight up the stairway and my house was gone,” said Michael Perdun in an interview Sunday afternoon with The Associated Press on his cellphone. “The whole neighborhood’s gone, (and) the wall of my fireplace is all that is left of my house.” In addition, WLS-TV reported that a local grocery store kept customers and workers safe from harm in a freezer during the worst of the storm, a Washington alderman told Chicago’s WBBM Radio that there were “quite a few people hurt” but didn’t offer details. The damage, he said, was extensive. More
























Fukushima operator to start fuel-rod removal



Modern slavery active in Saudi Arabia



Qatar workers ‘treated like animals’



Greeks rally against austerity, mark student revolt



Anti-drone summit held in Washington



Gazans protest Egypt’s closure of Rafah crossing


Curfew in Rawalpindi following clashes



New Video Exposes Albuquerque Abortion Practices



Children of Tobacco – Malawi’s shocking plantation exploitation




TEPCO Begins Removing Fuel Rods From Fukushima Nuclear Reactors





Damascus becoming reap of ruins ( Isaiah 17)/earthquakes/Girls cured from HIV and more signs of the times


Iran Could Have a Nuclear Bomb Within a Month

Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb in as little as a month, according to a new estimate by the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), considered one of the United States’ top nuclear experts. ISIS made the estimate in a new report published on Thursday by USA Today. ”Shortening breakout times have implications for any negotiation with Iran,” stated the report. “An essential finding is that they are currently too short and shortening further.”  David Albright, president of the institute and a former inspector for the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said the estimate means that Iran would have to eliminate more than half its 19,000 centrifuges to extend the time it would take to build a bomb to six months. The Obama administration has said Iran is probably a year away from having enough enriched uranium to make a bomb. Requests for comment on the ISIS report from the National Security Council and the State Department were not answered. In the report, Albright said negotiations with Iran should focus on so-called “breakout” times, or the time required to convert low-enriched uranium to weapons-grade, according to USA Today. Albright, who has testified before Congress, said the negotiators should try to find ways to lengthen the breakout times and shorten the time that inspectors could detect breakout. ISIS’ analysis is based on the latest Iranian and United Nations reports on Iran’s centrifuge equipment for producing nuclear fuel and its nuclear fuel stockpiles. Iran’s stockpile of highly enriched uranium has nearly doubled in a year’s time and its number of centrifuges has expanded from 12,000 in 2012 to 19,000 today. Senator Mark Kirk, an Illinois Republican whose Senate Banking Committee is considering legislation to tighten Iran sanctions, said the report shows that Iran is expanding its nuclear capabilities under the cover of negotiations. ”The Senate should move forward immediately with a new round of sanctions to prevent Iran from acquiring an undetectable breakout capability,” he told USA Today. The White House has said new sanctions legislation should wait while current negotiations – scheduled to resume officially in Geneva next month – are moving forward. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said his country has no interest in nuclear weapons but that producing nuclear fuel is Iran’s right. His foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has said Iran will not ship its nuclear stockpile to a third country. Iran has refused to let international inspectors into its nuclear facilities to verify they are being used for peaceful purposes, access required under international agreements it has signed. On Wednesday it was reported that a prominent Iranian lawmaker has claimed that Tehran does not need any more 20 percent-enriched uranium. “Tehran reactor fuel has been supplied and currently no need is felt for production of 20 percent-enriched uranium,” the lawmaker, Hossein Naqvi Hosseini, was quoted as saying. He added that “Tehran is ready to convert its stockpile of 20 percent-enriched uranium to fuel rods and remove concerns over its non-peaceful use.” The comments come a week after Iranian negotiators met with representatives of the so-called P5+1 – the United States, China, Russia,France, Britain and Germany. During the two-day session in Geneva, the first round of talks between the sides since the election of Rouhani, Iran presented what it described as a breakthrough proposal that would include snap inspections of its atomic sites. The proposal was described by the White House as “useful”. White House spokesman Jay Carney said it showed a “level of seriousness and substance that we have not seen before.” Western negotiators described the talks as the most detailed and serious to date. ISIS estimated in October of 2012 that Iran could produce enough highly enriched uranium for a bomb within 2-4 months. The new estimate is based on an analysis of the latest reports by Iran and the IAEA. ISIS considered various scenarios, including if Iran decided to build a covert enrichment plant like it has under a mountain in Fordow, near the city of Qoms, that was designed for optimal efficiency and minimal time to enrich enough uranium for bomb making. Such a facility built with current Iranian technology could produce enough material for a bomb in a week, according to the ISIS report. ”If they did that and they were caught it would be a smoking gun of a nuclear weapons program,” Albright said, according to USA Today. ISIS has in the past produced satellite imagery which proves that Iran was making alterations to the Parchin complex, a military site that the IAEA says was possibly used to test conventional explosive triggers for a nuclear blast. Iran has refused to give the IAEA access to sites, documents and scientists involved in what the agency suspects were efforts, mostly in the past but possibly ongoing, to develop nuclear weapons. Arutz Sheva 7

DAYS OF LOT – South Korea to get its first nude beach?

Cold water and nude beaches don’t necessarily mix well. Add to the equation a very conservative society and the idea of a nude beach seems rather ambitious, if not impossible. In a surprisingly creative tourism push, officials in north east Gangwon Province are aiming to set up South Korea’s first nude beach, with the first clothes to be shed in 2017. It’s an effort to boost tourism to the peninsula’s east coast beaches, which lose out every year to the west coast in luring summer visitors from the capital Seoul.  Although the east coast has more beautiful, sandy beaches, the water tends to be colder, the season shorter and the distance from Seoul is greater than the beaches to the west. The massively popular annual mud festival is also held on the west coast.
“This is part of our plans to create beaches with specific purpose, like a beach for families, a beach for couples, a beach for pets, and yes, a nude beach,” said an official from the municipality’s Pan-East Sea Division at a seminar on Tuesday, according to the Korea Times. Calls by CNN to officials were not answered on Thursday. Somewhat surprisingly, this is not the first time the subject has been broached by government officials. And in the past it’s the public that’s shuttered the idea. Gangwon Province tried to launch a female-only nude beach in 2005, while Gangneung City also deliberated, but ultimately scrapped, a nude beach idea due to public outcry. The same happened to a Jeju Island proposal in 2009. More

Iran gives Christians 80 lashes for communion wine as UN blasts human rights record

Four Iranian Christians were reportedly sentenced to 80 lashes for drinking wine for communion, a shocking punishment meted out even as a new United Nations report blasted the Islamic republic for its systematic persecution of non-Muslims. The four men were sentenced Oct. 6 after being arrested in a house church last December and charged with consuming alcohol in violation of the theocracy’s strict laws, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide. They were among several Christians punished for their faith in a nation where converting from Islam to Christianity can bring the death penalty. According to a new October UN report by Ahmed Shaheed, UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran, such persecution is common, despite new President Hasan Rouhani’s pledge to be a moderate.  “At least 20 Christians were in custody in July 2013,” Shaheed wrote. “In addition, violations of the rights of Christians, particularly those belonging to evangelical Protestant groups, many of whom are converts, who proselytize to and serve Iranian Christians of Muslim background, continue to be reported.”More

DAYS OF NOAH – Violent Crime Rate alarmingly Increasing

The government says the rate of violent crime in America went up 15 percent last year and the property crime rate rose 12 percent, signals that the nation may be seeing the last of the substantial declines in crime of the past 20 years. Last year marked the second year in a row for increases in the crime victimization survey, a report that is based on household interviews. The 2012 increases were driven by a rise in crimes that were not reported to police, a category frequently involving less serious offenses. Simple assaults also rose. The rate of property crimes increased due to a rise in theft. Other crime categories – rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft – showed less change. My Way News

School Violence Increasing as 11-year-old accused of bringing gun and 400 rounds of ammo to school

A Washington state middle school boy was arrested Wednesday and faces an attempted murder charge, after he brought 400 rounds of ammunition, multiple knives and a handgun to his school, police said. The 11-year-old was booked into a juvenile detention facility after the incident that caused the lockdown of Frontier Middle School, Vancouver Police said. The school, in Vancouver, Washington, was locked down for about two hours. Parents received letters alerting them of the situation, said Kris Fay, a spokeswoman for the Evergreen School District. There were no injuries. Police did not say who was allegedly being targeted.  This incident comes on the heels of several school-related violent incidents around the nation. On Monday, a math teacher was killed and two students wounded by a boy who then killed himself in a Nevada school. On Wednesday, a math teacher was found dead in the woods northeast of Boston, and her 14-year-old student is accused of killing  herCNN

Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupts, Villages Covered In Thick Ash

MEDAN, Indonesia  — A volcano in western Indonesia erupted on Thursday, unleashing a column of dark volcanic material high into the air weeks after villagers were returning home from an earlier eruption, officials said. The explosion at Mount Sinabung, located in North Sumatra province, shot black ash 3 kilometers (nearly 2 miles) into the air, but there were no reports of injuries or damage, said National Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho. He said villages, farms and trees around the 2,600-meter (8,530-foot) -high rumbling volcano were covered in thick gray ash, prompting authorities to evacuate more than 3,300 people. Most were from two villages within 3 kilometers (nearly 2 miles) of the mountain in Karo district. No lava or debris spewed from the volcano, and nearby towns and villages were not in danger, but authorities warned tourists to stay away from the danger zone located 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) from the crater, Nugroho said. Last month, more than 15,000 people were forced to flee when the volcano rumbled to life after being dormant for three years, belching ash and smoke and igniting fires on its slopes. The volcano’s last major eruption in August 2010 killed two people and forced 30,000 others to flee. It caught many scientists off guard because it had been quiet for four centuries. Mount Sinabung is among more than 120 active volcanoes in Indonesia, which is prone to seismic upheaval due to its location on the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” an arc of volcanos and fault lines encircling the Pacific Basin. Huff Post

Deadly, Crime-Infested Park Becomes Scene of Holy Ghost Revival

Delaware is considered the sixth most dangerous state in America by the FBI statistics for rape, robbery, murder and aggravated assault. In Delaware, the city of Wilmington is the crime leader and considered one of the most (if not the most) violent cities in the United States for its size (71,000). Judy Johnson Park is considered the most dangerous park in the city. It would be safe to say that holding a revival service at night in Judy Johnson Park would appear not to be the best of decisions. But when God leads, Pastor Daniel and Sara Day and their congregation at SkyPointe Church in Wilmington, follow. SkyPointe Church is an active two-year-old church planted by First Assembly of God in Wilmington. SkyPointe, which now averages 100 on Sundays, benefited from matching funds through AGTrust and training through Church Multiplication Network. On Sept. 27-29, Daniel Day says SkyPointe held a three-day revival service—two of the days in a large tent at Judy Johnson Park and the final day at the church’s facilities a half-mile down the road in Wilmington. He says even though the police tried to dissuade him from hosting the revival at the park due to the constant violence, he felt God was orchestrating events. More ”You hear on the news about people being shot and raped in that park all the time,” Day says, “but the choice of location was really a matter of prayer. I drive by that park every day, and I couldn’t get away from the feeling that God wanted us to be there.” More

Israel must act to stem recent wave of terrorist attacks – IDF Commander

A number of Israel’s top political and military leaders convened in Herzliya on Thursday for the Jerusalem Post’s second annual Diplomatic Conference with Noam Tibon, the commander of the IDF Northern Corps, speaking last to address issues facing Israel from a security perspective. Tibon noted that Syrian civil war is no longer an internal war, but rather a war that has scene many factions, groups and countries sending fighters to take various sides in the conflict, including Iran and Hezbollah.  He added his belief that Syrian President Bashar Assad “is continuing to struggle inside Syria against the rebels.” Though the IDF is “not taking any sides,” Tibon hilighted Israel’s ongoing decision to offer humanitarian aide to those suffering from the Syrian conflict. He also spoke about the IDF’s monitoring of weapons transfers between Hezbollah and Syria and promised that the “IDF will do everything in its power to prevent it.” Drawing on his 30 years of experience serving in the IDF, Tibon discussed the ongoing threat of terrorism and how it has changed over the years. More

U.N. nuclear agency seeks access to Iranian sites, officials

VIENNA – The U.N. nuclear watchdog wants to inspect sensitive sites and meet important officials – including a mysterious military man – in Iran as part of an investigation into suspicions that Tehran may have worked on designing an atomic warhead. The International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran meet on Monday for the 12th time since early 2012, with the IAEA hoping to resume its long-stalled inquiry into alleged nuclear bomb research by Iran, which denies such work. Both sides signaled a desire to achieve progress after their last discussions about a month ago. This was the first meeting since President Hassan Rouhani took office in August, raising hopes of a thaw in relations with the West. The IAEA talks are separate from – but closely linked to – broader negotiations between Tehran and six world powers on the decade-old nuclear dispute that could descend into a new Middle East war if it is not settled. While the powers are pressing Iran to curb its enrichment of uranium, which can have both civilian and military uses, the IAEA is investigating allegations that it has also sought the know-how for turning such material into a nuclear missile. More

DAYS OF LOT – Universal Studios Hollywood Pulls ‘Anti-Gay’ ‘Bill and Ted’ Halloween Show

Universal Studios Hollywood announced it was shelving its Bill & Ted Halloween Horror Nights show, which critics had charged with being homophobic. The show featured Superman, who was “turned gay” by being sprinkled with “fairy dust,” according to reports. The Superman character then displayed a series of gay stereotypes meant to be played for laughs. ”After thoughtful consideration, Universal Studios Hollywood has made the decision to discontinue production of the Halloween Horror Nights’ “Bill & Ted” show for the remainder of its limited run,” Universal Studios Hollywood said in a statement. GLAAD expressed concerns to NBCUniversal about the show Tuesday and referred to it as “anti-gay” in a story on its website. The organization praised the decision to pull the show. ”NBCUniversal has taken quick and strong action regarding this matter and also started a productive dialogue around future ‘Bill & Ted’ programming to ensure that all park visitors can have an enjoyable experience,” GLAAD Spokesperson Wilson Cruz said. “This decision falls in line with NBCUniversal’s history of including groundbreaking and positive depictions of LGBT people across its brands.”  THR

DEVELOPING – Paul Crouch Sr. Hospitalized, TBN Asks for Prayers

Paul Crouch Sr., founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network, has been hospitalized. TBN posted the following message on its Facebook page Tuesday night about Crouch, 79: “Please join us in praying for Dr. Paul Crouch, who is currently in the hospital. Prayers for complete healing and quick recovery in Jesus name.” The Christian Post is reporting the hospitalization is due to heart problems. Crouch was hospitalized in 2011 for congestive heart failure. TBN, the world’s largest religious network, began in 1973 when Crouch and his wife, Jan, launched a single UHF station in southern California. The network reaches every major continent today, via 78 satellites and more than 18,000 television and cable affiliates worldwide. More

DAYS OF LOT – Gay marriage opponents take on Illinois Capitol

Religious groups opposed to gay marriage rallied Wednesday at the Capitol to encourage lawmakers to reject a measure that would grant same-sex couples the right to marry in Illinois. The gathering came one day after gay marriage supporters sought to press legislators to vote on a measure that would make Illinois the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage. The proposal is stalled in the House after passing the Senate last spring. Those opposed disputed the suggestion that gay marriage in Illinois is an inevitability in the face of shifting public opinion in favor, calling on lawmakers to uphold the tenants of Christian teaching and keep marriage between one man and one woman. The lobbying efforts from both sides played out even as action on a gay marriage bill looks unlikely during the legislature’s fall veto session. Police estimated that 2,500 people packed the Capitol rotunda and grounds, where they sang “God Bless America” and held signs declaring “Marriage is sacred.” They were led in prayer by Monsignor Carl Kemme of the Diocese of Springfield, which a day earlier denied entry to a downtown church by gay rights supporters planning to pray for measure’s passage, saying it amounted to blasphemy. While Cardinal Francis George of Chicago has led efforts to block passage of the gay marriage bill, the Roman Catholic Church also received help from a coalition of African-American clergy members led in part by Bishop Larry Trotter of Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago. Trotter said upholding traditional marriage is about protecting the country’s “moral fiber” and called on Christians to “report for duty” in the effort to prevent gay marriage from becoming a reality in Illinois. “We stand here today because we understand that if we don’t stand for something we will fall for anything,” Trotter said. “It is very clear to us that what could happen in this place is definitely against the word of God and the will of God.” More

Blackout hits Most of Syria after ‘terrorists’ attack gas line

Syria’s state news agency says a blackout has hit much of the country following an attack that damaged the gas pipeline that supplies power stations in southern Syria. SANA quoted the electricity minister as saying maintenance crews are working to restore power. Earlier Wednesday, reports claimed two mortars fell in central Damascus, killing five. A Syrian minister blamed the attack on the gas pipeline on “terrorists,” a term the government uses to refer to those trying to topple President Bashar Assad. It was not immediately clear how extensive Wednesday’s blackout is, and whether every corner of the country was affected. Damascus and southern Syria have been struck by several major power outages over the course of the country’s civil war. Many rebel-held parts of the country have been without power for months. In the past the country has reportedly been alsodisconnected from the internet. More

FALLING AWAY – Air Force Academy may drop ‘God’ from oath

The Air Force Academy is considering dropping the phrase “so help me God’ from its honor oath after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) filed a complaint. The Academy’s Honor Review Committee met Wednesday to review the oath in response to the MRFF complaint, said Public Affairs Director Maj. Brus Vidal. “They considered a range of options and some of those options will be presented to Academy leaders and, ultimately, the Academy Superintendent for a decision,” he said. The current version of the Academy’s oath reads: “We will not lie, steal or cheat nor tolerate among us anyone who does. Furthermore, I resolve to do my duty and live honorably, so help me God.” Last week, the Colorado Springs Independent newspaper published a photograph of a poster at the academy which included the oath. The newspaper then forwarded the photo to MRFF President Mikey Weinstein. Weinstein, a frequent critic of Christianity in the armed forces, wrote a letter to Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson. Weinstein said she responded 68 minutes later. “The Prep School poster has been taken down,” she wrote in an email reply posted by the Independent. “We are assessing the situation and have many mission elements, to include Prep School leadership, the Honor Review Committee and other entities on base, working to put together a way ahead that is respectful to all perspectives.” More

EC Fears Bankruptcy, Votes through Emergency Cash Injection

Тhe European Union has voted through EUR 2.7 B in new cash contributions from national treasuries after senior officials warned of the threat of chaos and unpaid EU bills. MEPs approved the additional EU funding on Tuesday evening during an extraordinary meeting of Parliament’s Budgets Committee. “The amending budget is needed because revenue from import duties collected at the EU’s external borders is far lower than was forecast by Eurostat (and endorsed by the EU member states) and thus had to be replaced by a higher GNI contribution,” according to a statement of the European Parliament press office. The additional budget will take the cost of Brussels overspends and shortfalls to over EUR 12 B this year and is likely to fuel anger at a summit of Europe’s leaders on Thursday. More

IRS sent $4.2 billion in checks to illegal immigrants in one year

The scandal-plagued Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sent $4.2 billion in child tax-credit checks to illegal immigrants the year the agency began targeting conservative groups, according to a new report from Watchdog.Org. The IRS sent illegal immigrant families $1,000 checks totaling $4.2 billion through the federal government’s Additional Child Tax Credit program in the year 2010, when the agency’s improper targeting of conservative and tea party groups began. The child tax credit program was created in 1998 with a $400 cap and now has a $1,000 cap that was made permanent by the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, signed by President Obama. Republicans claim that the Obama administration is taking advantage of the program to provide checks to ineligible illegal immigrants. More

NSA Spied on 124 Billion Phone Calls in One Month

The National Security Agency recorded information about more than 124 billion phone calls during a 30-day period earlier this year, including around 3 billion calls from U.S. sources, according to a tally from top-secret documents released by multiple news outlets. Documents revealing details about the NSA’s Boundless Informant program show that information regarding billions of phone calls and computer communications was collected by the agency from across the world. Boundless Informant “allows users to select a country on a map and view the meta data volume and select details about the collections against that country,” according to the Guardian, which first reported on the top secret program earlier this year. Multiple leaked screenshots of the Boundless Informant program show that information on around 124.8 billion phone calls were collected in just 30-days this year, according to documents released by the Guardian and other news sites. The documents provide a window into the sheer volume of data being collected by the NSA as late as March of this year, according to the Guardian. Critics of the NSA’s multiple data collection programs, which include PRISM, argue that innocent Americans run the risk of having their personal communications monitored. Its defenders maintain that the program has been a key tool in the fight against terrorism. It is unlikely that the NSA examined the content of all of these calls, though it seems possible that the security organization could single out any of the snatched calls and other communications. The sheer extend of the NSA’s data collection effort were compiled from the multiple sources and organized on Wednesday by members of intelligence website Cryptome, which regularly publishes government documents and other information. More

Wall of rock rises out of the ground in the Philippines: new fault triggered large quake

 – As the magnitude 7.2 earthquake ended on Oct. 15, residents of Sitio Kumayot in Barangay Anonang heard an explosive sound like a thunderclap. Villagers watched in horrified disbelief as the ground cracked open and, with smoke and the stench of sulphur spreading, one side started to rise. The emerging wall of rock and earth missed by a hairline the toilet of baker Menecia Bautista Aparecio, 43. “We will be living forever in fear, being so close to the fault line,” said Aparecio, who fears returning to her home and now bakes her “pan Bisaya” or “pan kinamot,” a local bread, in the village chapel. The rock face, about three meters high and two kilometers long, raised fears among villagers that more cracks would appear on the ground and swallow them up. Scientists, who may declare a 300-meter permanent danger zone around the fault, described the appearance of the ground rupture as a “eureka” moment in their search for what they have long suspected was an active earthquake fault in the area. Government scientists said the appearance of the yet unnamed fault, which does not exist on the country’s map of fault lines, triggered the powerful earthquake in Central Visayas. “We are 100 percent sure that this is the generator (of the earthquake),” Teresito Bacolcol told GMA 7 as he noted that the rock face appeared near the quake’s epicenter at the boundary of Sagbayan and Catigbian towns. “When we saw (the fault), eureka! This is it.” Bacolcol led a team from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), which inspected the rock face last Monday. “We recommend that no structures should be built on top of a fault and within the five-meter buffer zone on both sides of the fault,” Phivolcs director Renato Solidum told The STAR. He also urged the local government of Bohol to revise its land use policy around the fault. 
Geologists from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) found “ground zero” or the fault that triggered the devastating magnitude 7.2 earthquake. The discovery on Monday confirmed the existence of a previously unknown fault in western Bohol. The Oct. 15 earthquake claimed around 200 lives and caused major infrastructure damage, including Spanish-era churches in Bohol and Cebu. Immediately after the earthquake, Phivolcs said the tremor was caused by the movement of the East Bohol Fault. The epicenter, first reported as Carmen town, was later adjusted to the general area between Sagbayan and Catigbian towns in north central Bohol based on the distribution of aftershocks. Geologists found a 5-kilometer surface rupture that extended from barangay Anonang in Inabanga town to barangay New Anonang in Buenavista town. “That fault motion caused the earthquake,” Renato Solidum, director of Phivolcs told ABS-CBN News Channel’s Talkback yesterday morning. The ground rupture pushed the ground upward from two to three meters, cutting through mountains, roads and possibly settlement areas. Phivolcs teams are still studying the extent of the fault line which could extend 100 kilometers or longer.

Meanwhile, aftershocks recorded by Phivolcs indicate a general distribution from north Bohol to the offshores of Dalaguete, Alcoy and Boljoon towns in southern Cebu. The data was plotted on a map by Jessie Alaivar Floren, a private Geographic Informatino System expert in Cebu. Aside from structural damage, residents in southern Cebu towns of Alegria and Badian and Carcar City have complained that ground water turned to “milo” brown. “The earthquake may have disturbed the clay-limestone land formations in these areas, affecting their water table and underground water channels,” said Jun Lucero, senior geologist of the DENR Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB). Lucero told Cebu Daily News that they are now checking reports of possible liquefaction in several areas in Cebu and Bohol. Severe liquefaction could result in the sinking or submersion of lands, he  said. Areas near the river and those reclaimed from the sea are more prone to liquefaction, Lucero said. Structures in reclaimed areas, he said, should have stronger foundations and must use materials that can withstand strong ground shaking and liquefaction.  Extinction Protocol

BREAKING NEWS: IAF jets destroy weapons shipment from Syria to Hezbollah

Israeli warplanes on Tuesday destroyed a shipment of missiles that were to be delivered to Hezbollah near the Lebanese-Syrian frontier, according to the Kuwait newspaper Al-Jarida.BThe paper’s story, which quotes a senior Israeli official, has not been confirmed by any other news source. There was also no word on whether the attack took place on Lebanese or Syrian soil.  The report seems a bit far-fetched in that it involves a senior Israeli official leaking classified information to a Kuwaiti paper with no confirmation so far coming from the Israeli press. Amir Rapaport, a researcher at  the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) and the Editor-in-Chief of the Israel Defense magazine told the The Jerusalem Post that he believes there was no attack. Israel has reportedly launched at least three attacks against convoys that were said to be delivering arms to the south Lebanon-based Shi’ite organization. The Kuwaiti daily also reported last Friday that Israel has information on the location of long-range missiles transferred from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon and is considering taking military action to destroy the weapons. More


An Ohio pastor says he was savagely beaten after Sunday’s church service by a man one local outlet called a “self-described militant atheist,” who left him with a broken nose, cuts, stitches and bruises. Rev. Normon Hayes of the Bridge Community Church in North Hampton, Ohio, says he feared for his life during the attack, which unfolded inside the house of worship. The 57-year-old preacher apparently drew the ire of James Maxie, 28, after asking the man’s girlfriend after the service if Maxie was abusing her, Dayton’s WHIO-TV reported.  “I questioned his girlfriend in his presence if she felt safe,” Hayes told the station. “He was very, very upset that I’d even suggest that he would hurt her. Then he turned around and hurt me very badly.” Tensions had apparently already been building that morning. The pastor said that before the attack it seemed as though Maxie was looking for a fight. The Daily Mail reported Maxie made comments about Adolf Hitler before service began and “heckled” Hayes while he was at the pulpit. Exactly what was said about Hitler is not known. More


Numerous studies have shown that church attendance in America is on the decline. Considering this dynamic, people of faith may be asking themselves what’s behind increasingly-emptying pews and how they can get involved to reverse the trend. In the new book, “Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore,” authors Thom and Joani Schultz provide some answers — and four possible solutions — to the growing problem. Among them, the husband and wife duo believe that the church needs a renewed sense of hospitality, more openness to the sharing of divergent ideas, true and elevated humility and a focus on God’s providence in the modern-era. TheBlaze interviewed Thom Schultz last week to learn more about his theories on the subject.  While some of the purported causes are predicated upon social and cultural trends, he also pointed to problems within the practice of the Christian faith — issues that will require believers to work diligently to reverse the trend. More

Are Food Stamp Riots on the Horizon?

With 20 percent of all American households on food stamps, amounting to 23.1 million households and 47.6 million individuals in July, a little-known across-the-board cut in food-stamp benefits is scheduled to go into effect in November. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service, the benefit increase granted by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to help people adversely affected by the recession is scheduled to expire Nov. 1. The USDA projects that the average monthly food stamp payment of approximately $272 per household will decline in November by $36 for a family of four. The USDA projects that the average monthly food stamp payment of approximately $272 per household will decline in November by $36 for a family of four.


Will the resulting drop in benefits prompt riots? For the past two years, austerity riots have swept across many countries in the European Union. On Nov. 14, millions of workers went on strike across Europe to protest against cuts in government spending, as labor unions coordinated general strikes in Spain and Portugal, while calling for workers in Greece and Italy to walk out in sympathy with the protest. The Guardian in London reported the European Day of Action and Solidarity was designed to send a message to government leaders urging them to abandon programs of increasing tax rates implemented while cuts were made in social welfare benefits. The European Trade Union Confederation organized the European Day of Action and Solidarity with the slogan “For Jobs and Solidarity in Europe. No to Austerity.” More


DAYS OF LOT: Controversial site facilitating extra-marital affairs to open in Singapore

Ashley Madison, a dating site that facilitates hook-ups between married couples, could be here in Singapore by next year. The launch of the controversial site, which works like a match-making site — except it is targeted at married couples — was reported by My Paper.  The site boasts users from all over the world, from countries such as Mexico, Hong Kong, Brazil and Spain. The site is ranked among the top 2,000 sites in the US. The Canada-based site has courted controversy since its founding in 2001 with its colourful and bold advertising campaigns. The slogan on its main page is ‘Life is short. Have an affair.’  Its marketing efforts have often hit road blocks, mostly because of the nature of the site. In 2009, Ashley Madison tried to buy $200,000 CAD worth of advertising on Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) streetcars. If it had been approved, the streetcars would have ads on them featuring the site’s slogan.  The offer was shot down after five of the six TTC commissioners sitting on the advertising committee voted to reject it. In 2010, the site made an US $25 million offer to buy the naming rights of New Meadowlands stadium in New Jersey, US. The stadium’s proposed new name was AshleyMadison.com stadium. The naming rights eventually went to an insurance company, MetLife, in 2011. More


U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno shocked many Tuesday when he stated that just two Army brigades were currently combat-ready as a result of the financial toll taken by sequestration and other cuts in military spending, but a retired U.S. Air Force general says severe problems can be seen throughout all service branches. “The Air Force, at one time, grounded a third of all their squadrons because of the cost savings driven by sequestration. That means their readiness is declining in almost dramatic terms,” said retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney, who served as both assistant vice chief of staff and commander in chief of U.S. Air Forces Europe during his time in uniform. “The Navy is cutting down their steaming hours or flying hours and the Marine Corps the same thing,” he told WND. “They’re all about a third in decreased readiness, which permeates the whole force and you atrophy gradually. Without a doubt, the sequestration has had a huge impact, negative impact, on U.S. military readiness.” Sequestration was the default result of the 2011 Budget Control Act that was passed to resolve that summer’s debt-ceiling showdown. Lawmakers were supposed to come up with areas to trim spending but failed to reach any consensus. As a result, sequestration kicked in, with President Obama and Democrats demanding half of the cuts come from military spending in exchange for some trimming in entitlement spending. The military’s sequestration cuts followed closely on the heels of another major drop in funding. The combination of actual cuts and reductions in planned spending increases totals roughly $1 trillion over 10 years. The Defense Department, like all government agencies, have been known for extravagant spending at times, but McInerney said the rules of sequestration prevent officials from prioritizing the spending reductions, so critical programs are suffering. “It doesn’t give the Department of Defense the reprogramming authority that they would like, so much of it cuts across the board. It’s a straight-line salami slice. If you’re able to go into certain areas where you can delay certain modernization or do certain things, that enables them to keep their readiness up. They don’t have that tool right now, but that’s what they need,” he said. More

DAYS OF LOT: States get sued for enforcing ‘gay rights’

Lawsuits against Christians – sometimes even churches – have become common when they refuse to support non-Christian events, such as same-sex weddings. But now those defendants have started to fight back, filing lawsuits against state officials who are trying to coerce them to violate their faith. WND reported in May when a Washington state florist sued Attorney General Bob Ferguson for allegedly trying to violate the state and federal constitutions’ religious freedom provisions.  And this week the Christian Institute in the United Kingdom profiled an Iowa couple suing their state’s Civil Rights Commission for the same reason. “They have filed their own complaint saying that if the commission forces them to go against their beliefs and host gay weddings this would be a violation of the Iowa Civil Rights Act,” the Institute reports. At issue is a claim against the Mennonite couple, Dick and Betty Odgaard, who own and operate the Gortz Haus Gallery, an old church building that is used for a variety of private events. Homosexuals Lee Stafford and his partner, identified only as Jared, claim the Odgaards, devout Mennonites, turned them away from their facility when they wanted to hold a “gay wedding” there, and that violates their rights. They complained to that same Iowa Civil Rights Commission. More

Obamacare wipes out more than 1 million plans

Owners of individual health-insurance policies already have received more than 1 million cancellation notices, according to a compilation of news reports. But the pain likely won’t end there.  Health-policy expert Bob Laszewski has concluded that about 16 million Americans will lose their current plans because of Obamacare. Laszewski explained that about 19 million Americans are in the individual health insurance market. “Because the Obama administration’s regulations on grandfathering existing plans were so stringent about 85 percent of those, 16 million, are not grandfathered and must comply with Obamacare at their next renewal,” he said. The 16 million, he said, will receive letters from their carriers saying they are losing their current coverage and must re-enroll to avoid a break in coverage . “Most of these will be seeing some pretty big rate increases, he said. Blue Cross in New Jersey, alone, is dropping more than 800,000 customers due to Obamacare. In a letter earlier this month to customers who purchase insurance on the individual and small-employer markets, the insurance giant explained that their health-insurance plan would no longer exist next year because it does not cover all the essential benefits required by the Affordable Care Act. More





















Harvest Army








HIV-infected girl in remission sends whisper of AIDS cure


Doctors are touting a medical breakthrough after a girl born with HIV has gone into extended remission, saying that they’ve never seen such a recovery and opening the doors to the question: Have scientists and researchers finally discovered a cure for AIDS?

Critics in the medical field say not so fast — it’s too soon to tell. continue



Fattest Guy In The World “960 Lbs” – Keith Martin




Paul Begley













Residents of Ancient Syrian Christian Town of Sadad Forced to Flee by Wahhabi Militants




Baby ‘Cured’ of HIV Still Infection-Free After 3 Years. 10/24/2013.



New Flu Virus, ‘A/bat/Peru/10,’ Found In Peruvian Bats



Obama to shutdown congress?/NAME Jesus censored from popular US show/Earthquakes + tornadoes/Saudi intelligence linked with chemical attacks?/ the rise of CHINA and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


U.S. seismologist calls for national early warning system for earthquakes

October 5, 2013 – CALIFORNIA – An eminent U.S. seismologist is urging the installation of a national early warning system to alert people to an impending earthquake. Richard Allen, director of the University of California, Berkeley’s Seismology Laboratory and professor of Earth and planetary sciences, writing a Comment piece in the journal Nature, has taken politicians and public officials to task for not putting an early warning system in place before the next major quake occurs. Recent decades have seen dramatic improvement in the technology to detect quakes, he said, largely led by Japan, as proven by the advance warning people there received about the deadly earthquake that struck in 2011. With the advance notice trains were stopped, chemical plants shut down and people were able to take cover, Allen said. While California, Oregon and Washington have initiated programs to create early warning systems for parts of their areas, that’s not enough, Allen wrote; there should be an expansion of such systems to cover the entire United States, particularly areas most at risk. It’s not a matter of whether a major quake will strike, it’s when, Allen said, and if people have prior warning — the amount of which would depend on how far they are from the epicenter — then lives could be saved and property damage minimized. –Space Daily

Mysterious earthquake swarm damages many villages in Galati, Eastern Romania: strange sounds like ‘boiling water’

October 5, 2013 – ROMANIA — The Galati area experienced dozens of earthquakes up to a magnitude of 3.8(last one just before writing this article). The quakes have an extremely shallow depth, have a relatively high shaking intensity and are causing a lot of damage in the villages near the epicenter areas (the epicenters have to be situated in an area of many kms and not in one location). Some people are not waiting for more earthquakes and left their houses due do the damage, fearing a collapse if further quakes would strike. Galati is a region with relatively low seismic activity and earthquake swarms like the current events are only known from the newspapers in other regions/countries (ER could trace some unconfirmed reports that a number of earthquakes occurred in March 1894). Residents and seismologists are very surprised and are trying to understand what is happening. Oil extraction and flooding where initially mentioned as  possible triggers but these reasons cannot explain why some other phenomenon like  a constant sound like “boiling water” (coming from the ground) and a strange water smell (like sulfur) is being noticed. Another reason the people are scared of are the big cracks appearing in the ground. There is no question that the seismic activity is caused by flood or oil exploitation,” said Mihnea Costoiu, Minister for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Development. Scientists  are saying that there was surely no big historic earthquake in the Galati area. Although scientists are absolutely not sure about what will happening in the near future, they are trying to prevent panic in the affected villages. The affected population are upset about the lack of information from the authorities and the scientists (we at ER know that people are expecting answers from science which cannot be fulfilled at this level of scientific knowledge). As a reaction people tend to believe stupid rumors coming from so called people with special capacities while others have been praying to the Gods to end the swarm. Romanian TV stations are reporting on the phenomena with a number of LIVE reports. –Earthquake Report

U.S. gridlock on debt ceiling increasing dangers of default: banks loading ATMs with cash for possible bank runs

October 4, 2013 – WASHINGTON – The U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday released a report warning of potentially “catastrophic” damage should Congress fail to raise the debt ceiling and prevent the government from defaulting on its debt. “A default would be unprecedented and has the potential to be catastrophic: credit markets could freeze, the value of the dollar could plummet, U.S. interest rates could skyrocket, the negative spillovers could reverberate around the world, and there might be a financial crisis and recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worse,” the report states. In recent weeks, Wall Street has become increasingly skittish about the prospect of default, as top Republicans have argued that a standoff over the debt ceiling offers their party the most leverage to exact concessions from a Democratic Senate and a Democratic president. On Tuesday, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) called the debt limit a useful “forcing mechanism.” President Barack Obama has said he will not negotiate over the full faith and credit of the United States. The cost of insuring one-year U.S. bonds against default has quintupled since Sept. 23, according to data from Markit, a financial information company. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has said that the government will run out of legal options to avoid defaulting on the national debt by Oct. 17. Thursday’s Treasury report mentioned that even the prospect of default can cause economic problems, including lower consumer confidence, stock market volatility and higher interest rates on business loans and mortgages. An actual default could have consequences for years to come. The U.S. has never defaulted on its debt, which is widely considered to be the world’s safest financial asset. “Considering the experience of countries around the world that have defaulted on their debt, not only might the economic consequences of default be profound, but those consequences, including high interest rates, reduced investment, higher debt payments, and slow economic growth, could last for more than a generation,” the report states. –Huffington Post
 Experts warn political miscalculation could end in global economic disaster
Banks loading ATMs with cash: Even as the fear mongering over the debt ceiling hits proportions not seen since 2011 (when it was the precipitous drop in the market that catalyzed a resolution in the final minutes, and when four consecutive 400 point up and down DJIA days cemented the deal – a scenario that may be repeated again), some banks are taking things more seriously, and being well-aware that when it comes to banks, any initial panic merely perpetuates more panic, have taken some radical steps. The FT reports that “two of the country’s 10 biggest banks said they were putting into place a “playbook” used in August 2011 when the government last came close to breaching the debt ceiling. One senior executive said his bank was delivering 20-30 per cent more cash than usual in case panicked customers tried to withdraw funds en masse. Banks are also holding daily emergency meetings to discuss other steps, including possible free overdrafts for customers reliant on social security payments from the government.” The problem with bank runs is that often times, steps taken to mitigate future panics become self-fulfilling prophecies. Hopefully this is not one of those cases. Then again, since increasingly fewer Americans actually have money in deposit and savings accounts with banks, there is likely nothing to worry about. –Zero Hedge
No end in sight to shut down: Washington entered the fifth day of a partial government shutdown on Saturday with no end in sight even as another, more serious conflict over raising the nation’s borrowing authority started heating up. The U.S. House of Representatives prepared for a Saturday session but with no expectations of progress on either the shutdown or a measure to raise the nation’s $16.7 trillion debt ceiling. Congress must act by October 17 in order to avoid a government debt default. Republican House Speaker John Boehner tried on Friday to squelch reports that he would ease the way to a debt ceiling increase, stressing that Republicans would continue to insist on budget cuts as a condition of raising the borrowing authority. On the shutdown, Boehner said Republicans were holding firm in their demand that in exchange for passing a bill to fund and reopen the government, President Barack Obama and his Democrats must agree to delay implementation of Obama’s health care law. The launch date for Obamacare health insurance exchanges came and went on October 1, meaning Republicans are now in a more difficult political position of trying to stop something that has already begun. Although essential government functions like national security and air traffic control continue, the economic and policy effects of the shutdown are amplified the longer hundreds of thousands of federal workers remain at home and unpaid.
Negotiations on tax and free trade treaties are on hold, enforcement of sanctions against Iran and Syria are being hindered, and a government tester of dangerous consumer products spends his days at home. Nerves and sometimes tempers frayed on Friday after several weeks of long sessions of Congress and non-stop posturing. “This isn’t some damn game,” said Boehner, responding to a Wall Street Journal article that quoted an unidentified White House official saying Democrats were “winning” the shutdown battle. The Democratic president reiterated that he was willing to negotiate with Republicans, but said, “We can’t do it with a gun held to the head of the American people. There’s no winning when families don’t have certainty over whether they’re going to get paid or not,” Obama told reporters when he visited a downtown Washington lunch spot that was offering a discount to furloughed federal government workers. The shutdown began on Tuesday when the Republican-led House of Representatives refused to approve a bill funding the government unless it included measures designed to delay or defund key provisions of Obama’s signature legislation, the 2010 Affordable Care Act, which are now being implemented. –Reuters


Mother Who Begged Her Daughter to Renounce Christ Miraculously Healed

God turned the hearts of both a daughter and a mother in Asia.
Tambura knew the rice was an act of love, but she only felt pain at the sight of it. After all she had sacrificed for her youngest daughter, Paadini, this is how she would repay her, by following another God, praying and fasting and offering handfuls of rice to her God for Tambura’s salvation. Tambura wouldn’t have any of it. She took her daughter’s offering to put it away and end Paadini’s antics, but before she could, she suddenly fell to the ground.
Mother Raises Children to Worship Deities
As a single mom, Tambura had been heavily devoted to the wellbeing of her four sons and daughter. After her husband died, she grew and sold vegetables to keep them well fed, but she knew a good life depended on more than fulfilling physical needs. Tambura took great delight in worshiping her deity. Every day, she cleansed herself and burned incense in front of the god’s image. She taught her children to perform the rituals as well. As a family, they offered sacrifices, read holy books and fasted with great fervor. More

It’s Time to Consecrate Ourselves for Revival

Praying woman
“It’s time!” are the two words I recently heard from the Lord that have had an incredible impact on me. These two words have released in me a sense of faith and expectancy beyond anything I have known probably in years. It released a sense in me that things I have prayed about and put off for the future are now here. I am not to cry out for revival or awakening as I have in the past, but I am to walk, act and speak in the realization that God’s time to act mightily on our behalf is here. Then, just recently, God showed me what I believe is the next step in moving more fully into this new season into which He has brought us. More
demonic chess
Either the devil isn’t fleeing or one demon is lined up right after the other to take the last one’s place—at least that’s the thought that crosses my mind in seasons of heavy spiritual warfare. I’m resisting the devil all right, but it sure doesn’t seem like he’s fleeing—much less fleeing seven ways (Deut. 28:7). Despite resisting with all my might, sometimes the enemy continues raging against me like he’s deaf or oblivious to the power in the name of Jesus. Yet I know God is not a man that He should lie (Num. 23:19). The Word is absolutely 100 percent true all the time, without fail. And God’s Word says every knee must bow to the name of Jesus (Phil. 2:10). So what gives? When God’s Word doesn’t seem to be working, this I know: It’s not God’s Word that’s not working. Usually, we’re either missing some revelation or doing something wrong somewhere—whether we realize it or not. Either way, we need a revelation! With that in mind, let’s look at this “resist the devil” Scripture in context. The Bible actually says, “He gives more grace. Therefore He says: ‘God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’ Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded” (James 4:6-8). Isn’t that a far cry from what you hear in some spiritual warfare circles? More

Obama to usurp Constitutional power from Congress?

Barack Obama mulls over breaking the law by seizing the power from Congress to determine debt and spending.
According to sources in Congress and the White House,Barack Obama is preparing to usurp the Constitutional power of Congress to control the purse strings of the federal government. The Obama plan entails using the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to bypass Congress on the upcoming debt ceiling debate and unilaterally raise the debt ceiling without the approval of Congress. On Thursday Mark Levin cited several Congressional sources who have told him that Obama has no intention of negotiating with Congress on the debt, which is just under $17 trillion, the highest in U.S. history. When unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare are added in, the real debt is over $125 trillion – a figure so astronomically high that the country has no hope of ever paying it back. Uncontrolled spending has led the nation to this point. More

Asia Grain ‘Mountains’ Swell as Governments Fret Over Food Security

An employee sweeps wheat grain at the Aktyk farm outside Astana, Kazakhstan, September 10, 2013.
Towering grain mountains in Asia, already large enough to feed China for eight months, are set to grow even bigger as governments persist in shoring up their safety buffers against hard times. Haunted by a 2008 food crisis that sparked unrest and panic buying, states will keep piling grain into reserves despite the strain on their finances and storage problems, buoying prices that have been hit by expectations of bumper harvests. “The most populated countries, especially in Asia, will be very reluctant to see their inventories go down,” said Abdolreza Abbassian, senior economist at the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome. “Lessons learnt during the [19]90s and 2007-08 have convinced policymakers that the international market is important but it cannot be relied on 100 percent for food security.” More

U.S. forces take part in 2 Africa raids targeting alleged terrorists

2.si copyU.S. military forces were involved in two separate operations in Africa — one of them targeting a member of the group Al-Shabaab that was behind last month’s Kenya mall attack, and the other going after an al Qaeda leader tied to bombings of two U.S. embassies. The Al-Shabaab raid took place in Somalia, where that terrorist group is based, sometime in the past 24 hours, a senior U.S. official said Saturday evening. The team of U.S. Navy SEALs had to withdraw before it could confirm whether it killed the target because they came under fire, the official said. The SEALs made the “prudent decision” to withdraw rather than engage in further combat, according to the official. The other mission ended in the capture of Abu Anas al Libi, who is suspected to have played a significant role in the August 7, 1998, bombings of American embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; and Nairobi, Kenya, U.S. officials said. The key al Qaeda operative was captured by U.S. special operations forces in Tripoli, Libya, according to the officials. This U.S. operation was conducted with the knowledge of the Libyan government, said one U.S. official. CNN


President Barack Obama says he would “think about changing” the Washington Redskins’ name if he owned the football team as he waded into the controversy involving a word many consider offensive to Native Americans. Obama, in an interview with The Associated Press, said team names such as the Redskins offend “a sizable group of people.” He said that while fans get attached to the names, nostalgia may not be a good enough reason to keep them in place.  ”I don’t know whether our attachment to a particular name should override the real legitimate concerns that people have about these things,” he said in the interview, which was conducted Friday at the White House. An avid sports fan who roots for his hometown Chicago Bears, Obama said he doesn’t think Washington football fans are purposely trying to offend American Indians. “I don’t want to detract from the wonderful Redskins fans that are here. They love their team and rightly so,” he said. More

Pope to visit Palestine and Israel in November

Pope Francis plans to visit the Holy Land in November, Hebrew-language Israeli daily Maariv reported Friday.
The pope’s tour is set to include sites in both the occupied West Bank as well as Israel, according to the report.
Maariv reported that the visit follows a series of meetings between representatives of Israel and the Vatican. Ma’an News Agency

Iran ‘a year or more’ away from nuclear weapons – Obama

US intelligence agencies believe Iran continues to be a year or more away from having the capability to make a nuclear weapon, said US President Barack Obama in an interview with the Associated Press. The president also said that the US would not accept a “bad deal” on the Islamic republic’s nuclear program. The US, other Western countries and Israel suspect Iran of developing nuclear weapons under the guise of a civilian program. Tehran insists the program is exclusively for peaceful purposes. RT

SIGNS IN THE SUN … Sun Eruption Hits Earth’s Magnetic Field

On late Tuesday night, the Earth’s magnetic field was hit by a strong solar explosion. A recent report has uncovered that the same bolstered the Northern Lights throughout areas of the United States and Canada. It was on Monday when the sun eruption took place with a large veil of charged particles reaching the Earth by stripping into space. Their speeds, according to the findings, were extremely high. The magnetic field of the planet was whacked nearly at 10 p. m. at night on Tuesday by coronal mass ejection (CME), i. e. the cloud. The eruption, however, did not go as without its capture for once. NASA caught the sun explosion in a video, before it closes down for the government shutdown at present. It has been found that G2 geomagnetic storms could lead to voltage frights in high-latitude power systems. Also, orbiting spacecraft could be knocked by it outside their ideal orientation. Thereby, ground controllers are needed to interfere, said the SWPC. ”G2 (moderate) levels of storming were observed overnight as a result. Earth remains under the influence of this CME, so there is likely still more to come”, said the Space Weather Prediction Center’s officials. The report said the center is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s service. French Tribune.com

DAYS OF LOT: Public Schools ‘Celebrating’ LGBT History Month

school classroom
What are your kids studying in school today? Public schools from California to Florida are celebrating LGBT History Month, where they highlight a homosexual or lesbian each day. Thursday, America’s schoolchildren learned about Edward-turned-Gwen Araujo, who was intimate with men who allegedly beat him when they discovered he was not a woman. “If parents think our schoolchildren should be focused on science and math, not sex and murder, they need to talk to teachers, principals and school boards to ensure that this program is stopped,” cautions Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel. “The sexual assault on our children is mind-boggling,” Staver adds. Earlier this week, Staver was in federal court in New Jersey challenging the new law that bans minors in the Garden State from receiving counseling to overcome unwanted same-sex sexual attractions, behavior or identity. Liberty Counsel has already challenged a similar law in California. Washington, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia have introduced like measures that insert the government between the client and the counselor. “Parents and concerned citizens must stand up to protect our children,” says Staver. “Enough is enough! The innocence of our children is under assault in the public schools. Parents and concerned citizens must stand up and demand that public schools focus on the essentials of learning and not become vehicles of a sexualized agenda.” Charisma




Holy War Over Evolution and Intelligent Design Breaks Out at Ball State University
When atheist activists launched a battle over intelligent design at Ball State University earlier this year, they sparked a holy war in higher education that has university officials scrambling to critically examine courses and professorial credentials. It all started after the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an atheist group, waged a complaint about a science class that taught creationism at BSU. In response, the Discovery Institute, a think tank that rejects evolutionary theory, launched a counter-grievance over a different course — one that allegedly touts secularism. TheBlaze initially reported on the FFRF’s complaint against the public university back in May. At the time, the group argued that the Muncie, Ind.-based college was violating the separation of church and state by allowing intelligent design to be taught in physics and astronomy professor Eric Hedin’s honors class. The description of Hedin’s course, as reported by World on Campus, said that students would “investigate physical reality and the boundaries of science for any hidden wisdom within this reality which may illuminate the central questions of the purpose of our existence and the meaning of life.” More


Residents in Bartow, Fla., have been asked (or ordered, depending on whom you speak with) to remove “God bless America” signs from their lawns. The crack-down on private property may seem uncommon or targeted, but a city ordinance that limits the presence of signage on private property has been on the books for the past 13 years. While residents are allowed to have temporary messages up only around certain holidays, there is an expiration date surrounding just how long billboards and posters can remain on display.  The “God bless America” signs at the center of the first debate were originally handed out by First Church of Bartow, a local house of worship, to commemorate the July 4th holiday. The Blaze called the church and spoke with a representative who told us that someone made the signs and left them out for parishioners to take and use back in June. Now, three months later, the city believes that some of the 300 placards that were distributed and posted have overstayed their welcome, WTVT-TV reports. The City of Bartow Code Enforcement asked residents to remove the messages within the next three days, as July 4th celebrations are long past. More



Restaurant in Texas shut down from Obamacare

Texas Carls Jr. Restaurant Posts Closed by Obamacare Sign
A recently-shut down Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Carrollton, Texas, currently has a sign posted outside that reads: “Closed by Obamacare.” After being tipped off by a reader, TheBlaze traveled to the location to confirm the sign’s authenticity. It wasn’t immediately clear whether or not President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, which made its very bumpy debut earlier this week, actually forced the location to shut its doors. Attempts to call the phone number associated with the location only resulted in exchanges with an automated messaging system announcing the number is no longer in use. It is entirely possible that the sign is more of a political statement than a statement of fact. However, TheBlaze is currently working to obtain more information about the sign and reason for the Carl’s Jr. location’s going out of business. We have reached out to the restaurant chain’s corporate office and this story will be updated should the company respond. More

Tornado strikes Nebraska as winter storm hits South Dakota, Wyoming

Wicked weather dominated much of the American Midwest and westward on Friday. A tornado laden storm shocked the people of Wayne, Nebraska, as afternoon turned to evening. A few people sustained minor injuries, but luckily no one was killed, said mayor Ken Chamberlain. The storm produced one or several tornadoes, officials said, that touched down in five spots. ”The primary damage is mostly in the industrial area of Wayne,” Chamberlain said. “Approximately 10-12 houses were destroyed but everyone is accounted for and safe.” The storm flipped cars, trapping motorists and ruptured a natural gas line in Wayne, the state’s emergency management agency said. “Hazmat is on the scene dealing with the gas leakage,” said spokeswoman Jodie Fawl. The American Red Cross is sending teams to the scene, said Liz Dorland of the agency’s Nebraska/Southwest Iowa regional chapter. The agency is “working with local authorities and emergency management to see what the needs are and (to) respond as needed,” she said.  Fifteen people injured by the storm were taken to Providence Medical Center in Wayne, hospital spokesperson Sandra Bartling said. No deaths from the tornado had been reported, officials said. Farther west, in Rapid City, South Dakota, and in eastern Wyoming, a winter storm caused locals to take cover. Half the approximately 60,000 residents of Rapid City were without power as of Friday evening, said Jerry Reichert, a battalion chief with the Rapid City Fire Department. Reichert said firefighters responded to reports of several people stuck in the road because of the weather.



At least one tree landed on the roof of a home on Friday, but Reichert said he was not aware of any fatalities or injuries as of Friday evening. In the morning, Rapid City police issued a “no travel” advisory for the city. They described conditions as “deteriorating quickly” and warned travelers that visibility was “at about a quarter-mile.” Police also warned that “thick slush on the roads is causing vehicles to hydroplane.” In Wyoming, road closures also dominated travel. A dispatcher for the Wyoming Highway Patrol said the majority of Interstate 25 in the state had been shut because of bad weather. A small stretch in the middle of the state, around Casper, remained open, but it was restricted to necessary travel, the dispatcher said. Dave Kingham, a spokesman for the Wyoming Department of Transportation, said Interstate 80 westbound between Laramie, Wyoming, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, was closed after an early evening accident. On the eastbound side of that same stretch, Kingham said, the “chain law” was in effect. That means vehicles must use chains or snow tires to travel the interstate legally. On average, Kingham said, the closed stretch of I-80 accommodates about 6,000 vehicles each day. CNN


US Military Will Use Drones to Spy on North Korea

US Military Will Use Drones to Spy on North Korea
The United States military will use long-range surveillance drones to spy on North Korea next year, U.S. government officials announced this week. Beginning next spring, the Air Force will fly several dronesnear North Korean borders to gather intelligence data on the reclusive country, where an estimated 24 million people live under oppression, sealed off from the rest of the world. The unarmed Global Hawk drones will fly out of an undetermined base in Japan, according to The Washington Post. U.S. government officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, met with Japanese representatives this week to finalize the military agreement. Both sides hope the surveillance missions will enhance understanding of the threat posed by North Korea. [7 Strange Cultural Facts About North Korea] Despite repeated warnings and tough U.N. sanctions, North Korea continues to pursue its nuclear weapons and long-range missile programs. Earlier this year, North Korea conducted its third nuclear test, and recent intelligence analyses suggest the country has restarted its main nuclear complex, a Soviet-era reactor used to produce plutonium for atomic bombs. Global Hawk drones are capable of flying at altitudes of more than 60,000 feet (18,300 meters), and are the Air Force’s most advanced surveillance vehicles. The drones also boast impressive aerial endurance, and can perform flights that last more than 28 hours. The planes are equipped with a range of instruments, including infrared sensors and satellite communications systems. The RQ-4 Global Hawk, the biggest drone in the U.S. Air Force fleet, is capable of surveying 40,000 square miles (103,000 square kilometers) of ground in one day. The Air Force currently has Global Hawk drones stationed in Guam, in the western Pacific Ocean, and in the Persian Gulf. This week’s agreement is the first time the Pentagon has obtained rights to operate drones from bases in Northeast Asia, reported the Post. American drones previously conducted flights over Japan in 2011 to monitor the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which suffered a partial meltdown following the region’s devastating earthquake and tsunami that claimed nearly 16,000 lives. Yahoo

‘DUCK DYNASTY’ Star Claims Editors Cut Jesus’ Name From Prayer At End Of Show…

Popular A&E reality show “Duck Dynasty” continues to smash competition in the ratings on Wednesday nights, but one star has spoken out about how the show is portrayed. In an interview with Sports Spectrum TV earlier this year that’s only recently gone viral, Phil Robertson admitted that fake bleeps were inserted into the show even though there was no cursing happening. “The inserted fake bleeps … like somebody had used profanity, but no one had used profanity,” Robertson said. “I ask those guys that produce the show … ‘What’s the point of the fake bleeps?’” Robertson admitted that there are up to 20 editors who are “arranging the scenes” on the show so they might think that’s where cursing likely happened. “Of course these people probably thought that there was some profanity going on which there was zero,” Robertson stated. “If we’re not using profanity, why make it look like we’re using profanity? What is the point? Why don’t you just run it and say what we say?  Robertson also said that the name Jesus has been cut out during the family’s prayer scene at the end of the show. “So they would just have me saying, ‘Thank you Lord for the food, thank you for loving us. Amen.’ So I said, ‘Why would you cut out ‘In Jesus’ name?’ They said, ‘Well those editors are probably doing that. They just think that they don’t want to offend some of the Muslims or something.’” Robertson said that since that conversation the show has been leaving “Jesus” in the show. “So I notice now they are … leaving it in there, but you got to remember, spiritual warfare,” Robertson said. “I mean you have people with no moral compass, it ain’t there.” “Duck Dynasty” has been a smash hit for A&E, garnering 11.8 million viewers for the Season Four premiere. The Robertsons’ Duck Commander business is located in West Monroe, La. CBS Houston







Lost Leonardo da Vinci painting of Isabella d’Este discovered in Swiss vault



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Damage control: Iran’s Khamenei Says U.S. Cannot Be Trusted.



Iranian Revolutionary Guards Deny Death Of Officer Was Assassination.




1m Long 5kg Giant Rat (zilla)

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