message to subs!

Hi beautiful people who have subscribed to this site. I have been going through tough times in my person life, facing sickness all around me. As satan tries to test me, I get stronger in the LORD. For is the author of my life and the creator of all.

For the reasons stated above. I will not  post news that match bible prophesy too often, but I will start posting weekly, news of hope, how to resist the evil times we are in, and how to strengthen yourself spiritually. From time to time I will post news, which are vital for the knowledge that matthew 24 is being fulfilled at our faces light speed.

There are many prophetic events and natural disasters to happen, as the world delves into darkness more and more. More darkness will be seen, because evil is seen as good and good as evil. This is the choice of this generation, so the Father will allow this generation to do as it pleases, and it will be up to us to be the beacon of light in such times.

Stay blessed!


From the 7th of march until the 14th of March. I will be fasting and will not compile world news matching bible prophecy. This ministry has started in 2013 and I wanna hear from our Father in Heaven, what is next? I want to hear his voice on what else I have to do in regards to my private walk and in regards to this ministry where constantly, as of the last few years, bible prophesy has been unfolding rapidly in the affairs of all the nations.

The beast system is taking shape with technology being widely accepted in wester nations and introduced in situations where food is scarce, for example: syrian refugees are asked to give their biometrical information in order to receive food, cards are changing to have RFID in them worldwide. biometrics are being used in supermarkets and airports. The vatican is in it and is slowly strengthening its rhetoric that technology advancements have to work in servitude to us, to end inequalities. Such rhetoric sounds humane and rightful, only if you don’t know the dark agenda of this entity called: Roman Catholic church.

There is also a movement of religious unity powered by the Pope and other major religious leaders, including islam, which for those who do their research is just a byproduct of the Roman Catholic church. One of the horseman of the apocalypse bringing death to those who preach Jesus. The children of Islam however are part of the remnant of Judah and so is Israel, which to this moment I believe is spread all over the middle east, including modern Israel. A nation that is not ruled by the most High God, but by a deity called moloch.

So, we have a mixture of satanism, mysticism and polytheism commanding the world, in which the wheat and tares live. We are told that many will die for his name sake, but some will survive. Many will come to Christ, but almost as many perish, and their everlasting end is up to God, not to us.

The deception of aliens is befalling humanity once again, a quick read in the book of enoch and biblical references of such scripture testifies that aliens are demons, the stars of heaven deceived by the fallen and satan himself. Increasingly people are seeing strange signs in the sky and the elite is releasing half truths and half lies though mainstream media about “life” in other planets. Between truths and lies, the elite will use technology via project blue bean to attack the asleep and weak minded.

The watchman warns and must warn of the coming judgement and the coming of CHRIST, lest the blood of the innocent is in our hands, but we must know when to retreat and recharge our batteries to hear the voice of God for the sake of ourselves and family, whom WILL wake up to Jesus in the right time of God.

I’m coming out of a 21 days of fast, from which I cleansed my body of environmental toxins, but not my mind. In this 21 days I didn’t hear from God and my family fell ill. Sores on my loved ones bodies. This reminds of job and endurance and I’m lacking strength that is unshakable. I had the epiphany today that perhaps this 21 days was simply to get in the mindset of mind cleansing, via avoiding seeking world news and reading the word of God more intensely. I believe this ministry will change and increase in power and so will my faith and strength through Jesus.

In this week I will be reading the book of ezekiel and acts! Join me and allow God to tell you what is next? what do you have to do physically and spiritually?