World News:ISIS/chemtrails/ earthquakes/volcanoes and more signs of JESUS’ soon return ( 29 & 30 of april 2016)

Earthquake In Japan Dries Up Centuries-Old Kumamoto Water Source


For hundreds of years, the sacred Shioisha spring here has provided water for drinking and irrigation in this village in the shadow of Mount Aso. But the…

NASA Maps Every Eclipse That Will Occur For The Next 1,000 Years

How’s this for a long-range forecast? NASA knows that on January 27, in the year 2837, a total solar eclipse will pass over southern Mexico. If the…

Astronomers Discover Tailless Comet, First Of Its Kind

Astronomers have found a first-of-its-kind tailless comet whose composition may offer clues into long-standing questions about the solar system’s formation and evolution, according to research published on…

Drone Flights Spotted Over Sub Bases Could Be ‘Threat To National Security’

Sightings of unauthorized drones flying over Naval Base Kitsap have prompted a request from the Navy to local residents to say something if they see something flying…

Zika Virus Spreads To Second Species Of Mosquito, 400 News Cases Reported

For the first time in the Western Hemisphere, researchers have detected the Zika virus in Aedes albopictus, the mosquito species known as the “Asian tiger,” a finding…

DISTRESS OF NATIONS: EU Military Police Carry Out Civil Unrest Crisis Training

A Miltary police unit has carried out European Union-funded special training, ready to be deployed in the event of civil

Choose your gender… aged four

A council has written to thousands of parents asking them to help their four-year-old children to choose the gender “they most identify with” before starting school.

Brighton and Hove City Council has written has urged them to support their child’s choice of “gender identity” in a letter confirming primary school places this week, the Sun reports. continue


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One world Religion, Mark of the Beast, Pestilences and more signs of Jesus soon return ( 5 & 6 of february 2016)

Iran Seeks To Dump Dollar In Crude Trade

Iran wants post-sanctions’ oil contracts denominated in dollars and have buyers pay in euros, Reuters reported. Tehran is also keen to receive money owed to it since…

Kenneth Copeland Declares That Ted Cruz Has Been ‘Called And Anointed’ By God To Be The Next President

Earlier this year, Ted Cruz’s father and primary presidential campaign surrogate, Rafael, spoke at Pastor Kenneth Copeland’s church in Texas, where Copeland declared that Ted Cruz has…

Trump Promises “Forward Motion” On Gay Issues

The frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination today promised “forward motion” on gay and lesbian equality if he is elected.  In an interview with NECN’s Sue O’Connell just days…

New Blood Test To Spot Five Deadly Cancers Could Prevent Thousands Of Deaths

A simple blood test which detects five of the most deadly types of cancer is being developed by scientists. Researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute…

Active Zika Found In Saliva And Urine

Active Zika virus has been detected in saliva and urine, Brazilian scientists say. The finding does not mean the virus can be readily transmitted through these bodily…

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, BfV, says the Islamic State group “slipped in” with the 1.1 million migrants Chancellor Angela Merkel invited into the country last year. BfV…

The nation’s trade deficit rose 2.7% in December as exports fell again, capping the first year since 2009 in which U.S. exports have declined. The U.S. trade…

Chicago Stock Exchange Being Sold To Chinese

The Chicago Stock Exchange said a Chinese investor group agreed to acquire it, giving the buyer entry into the intensely competitive U.S. equity market. Chongqing Casin Enterprise…

(Michael Snyder) As bad as the month of January was for the global economy, the truth is that the rest of 2016 promises to be much worse….

About 40 Starlings were found dead on a street and in a neighborhood in West Wichita on Wednesday. “It’s kind of weird,” said Seth Dugan, who works…

Multiple sources have reported seeing some sort of fireball or meteor over the skies of southern Wisconsin Monday evening. The Muscoda Police Department caught video of the…

One of Japan’s most active volcanos erupted spectacularly Friday evening with a fiery blast that sent lava rolling down its slope. Japan’s Meteorological Agency said Sakurajima on…


Money raised to design Israel’s THIRD TEMPLE/Moscow slams US’ recent nuclear bomb test as ‘irresponsible’ & ‘openly provocative’/Greek bailout package reached and more signs f JESUS’ soon return

Submerged volcano cluster found off Sydney

A submerged volcano cluster has been found 250 kilometres off the coast of Sydney. Australia’s new ocean-going research vessel Investigator discovered…


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Australia Cattle trade slashed

Australia joins call for UN criminal tribunal to prosecute MH17 suspects

Pentagon to announce plans this week to lift ban on transgender troops

Police report on pilots ‘radicalised by ISIS’/Evacuations as Mexico’s ‘Volcano of Fire’ erupts and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

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300 Tons of Tilapia Suddenly Die Off In Inderalaya/CERN’s Large Hadron Collider to Resume Smashing Particles In Hunt for Dark Matter/Airstrikes rain down on Houthi HQ in Yemeni Taiz and more signs of Jesus’ soon return

Thync: company launches mood-changing wearable that zaps brains

A newly-released headset hopes to wake people up or calm them down by manipulating the electricity in their brain.

Thync costs $299 and has just been released to the public. It provides “calm or energy on demand”, the company says, by using “neurosignalling” to activate nerves and change people’s state of mind. cont

ISIS seems to be gaining ground and expanding beyond Syria and Iraq. CBS senior national security analyst Juan Zarate joins CBSN with more on what the U.S. and European countries are doing to ramp up security.


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Mysterious turquoise light shaped UFO appears over Holland

South Korea Two deaths from MERS, 750 Quarantined

Moscow holds biggest ever military parade on Red Square/German ships rescue more migrants in Mediterranean and more signs of JESUS’ soon return




NATO launches massive war drills on Russia’s doorstep/Tornado ravages northern Germany and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


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