The ACTS of a follower!

The acts of a follower section is related to what we are doing as followers: Are we praying? fasting? Are we striving to not sin? ARE we using the self-control POWER given to us through JESUS? Are we connecting with GOD and prophesying? Are we helping one another? Are we studying to not perish for lack of knowledge? Are we being a good witnesses of God’s love and justice in our daily lives?

We are called to pray for one another, to love one another by telling them the TRUTH! They might hate us for this and they will, for Jesus said they would! It might hurt us in the beginning when hatred and discrimination hits us in our own home, but with time such things  start not to matter.

ACTS will accompany a follower of Christ. A prayer is an act, silence before the trial is an act, self-control is an act, helping others is an act. Such acts are not seen as important any longer in modern society, as people seem to be raised to do what they want and be who they want to be. SO, preaching the good news and speaking of the impending judgement might not be too popular! BUT, we must not worry!

remember 2 timothy 2:9

And because I preach this Good News, I am suffering and have been chained like a criminal. But the word of God cannot be chained.